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Creating a will can seem overwhelming, and the cost can be prohibitive for many people. Willful is here to help guide you through the process of creating legal documents while avoiding the high costs associated with a visit to an estate lawyer. Create your will and power of attorney documents easily and quickly from the comfort of your own home.

Willful knows that every person is unique, and so is every last will and testament. Their website and the process to acquire your will has been designed with that in mind, to ensure that you receive the customized documents that are right for you.

Create the peace of mind that you and your family deserve and let Willful help with your estate planning needs.


  • Easy and fast – The Willful platform provides customers with simplified estate planning services. Create your will and power of attorney in as little as twenty minutes.
  • No lawyer or notary required – Willful guides you through the process of creating your legal documents and then provides instructions on how to make it legally binding.
  • Here to help – Willful wants you to know they have a team dedicated to customer satisfaction; real people to talk to when you have questions. In addition to being reachable by phone, email and by the website’s chat function, the website also features a fully searchable support database.

How it Works

Willful allows its customers to create a last will and testament and power of attorney quickly and easily, online.

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After answering some basic questions like your name, age and location, you will be prompted to make an account. Select the plan you think is best suited to meeting your needs, and Willful’s specialized estate planning software will walk you through all of the steps in creating your legal documents.

Name your beneficiaries, appoint an executor and designate guardians for any dependants you may have, and have confidence that your final wishes will be carried out should the unexpected occur. When you are finished filling out all of the details, Willful generates your documents automatically for you.

In order to make your last will and testament and power of attorney documents legally binding, you must sign them in the presence of two witnesses. The two witnesses will then sign the documents. The witnesses can be any two adults who are not a beneficiary or a spouse of a beneficiary.

Now that the document is printed out and signed by you and your witnesses, it has officially become your last will and testament. It’s that simple.


Willful offers three affordable packages designed to suit nearly every need. Each plan gives you the power to create your legal and valid will at an affordable price.

Essentials Premium Family
$99 $149 $125 per plan
One personalized, legal will.

Appoint guardians, executor and beneficiaries.

Free updates as your life circumstances change.
The Essentials, plus Power of Attorney for both
property & healthcare and a free will registry.
Save on the Premium plan
when you purchase 2-6 plans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Willful

What is a last will and testament?

A last will and testament is a legal document that communicates a person’s final wishes. In it, you outline how you wish your assets, such as money and property, to be distributed, as well as appointing the care of any minor children, in the event of your death. A will can also direct some or all of your assets to a charity or organization if you wish.

Why do I need a will?

Some people believe that you only need a will if you are wealthy, but this is untrue. In fact, a will is important for every adult. Life is unpredictable but having a will in place will help your family in the event that the unexpected occurs. Some reasons to make or update a will include getting married, getting divorced, if you have children, if you have valuable possessions, or you own a business.

What happens if I die without a will?

If you die with no will in place, your assets are divided according to the laws of the province or territory that you lived in. This is most often based off a formula and may not in any way resemble how you wished your assets to be divided. The courts will decide the custody arrangements of any children. There may be undue hardship caused to your family, as the time it will take to close your affairs will be a much longer process.

Don’t I need a lawyer to create a will?

The laws and regulations in Canada do not require you to use a lawyer when creating your last will and testament. Most people have relatively straightforward estates that should not require the advice of a lawyer. There are many ways to create a will, and however you choose to create it is completely your choice, as long as you meet the requirements necessary to make it a legal and valid document.

What do I do after I’ve created my will?

It is important to remember to keep your will updated as your life circumstances change. Willful suggests setting a reminder to check your will on an annual basis to make sure it still reflects your wishes. It is important to notify the person you designated as executor, so that they are not taken by surprise. Also, make sure you tell someone where your will is located.

For more information on Willful and their services, please visit: https://smarter.loans/company/willful/

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