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I Applied for a new loan after my previous loan is done, all paid with no missed payments nor problems, got declined but got no specific reason to why it was declined, I think it’s every customer’s right to know whatever the reasons may be...which will be a help also.

Speak to a Manager

Service is bad, uninformative, and often wrong information communicated. Managers are good . They are swift, efficient and knowledgeable. So, speak to a manager if you need something done right.

Steve Meijer

I am writing this review in hopes that no one deals with this company. i recently got a loan from them not knowing that the world was going to stop and that i was going to lose my job because of covid-19. I immediately phone them and asked what kind of action plan can be done and practically begged for some assistance from them. I got absolutely nothing. I was told that there was nothing they could do and that i was legally binded to pay the loan. There hands were tied and that they had to follow government regulations. They said that they would be taking the payments out as per the agreement and that if anything comes back nsf(which would incur a 48 dollar nsf fee from my bank) then their collection department would contact me. i asked to speak to manager or owner but she said that there was no one higher up to speak to. She kept saying "I understand, I understand". I then asked her to send me confirmation of our phone call and that was not done.


I have been financed with Eden park just over a month and in that short time they have shown they are the #1 Auto financer. Speaking directly with their manager, Latifah, insured me this company goes above and beyond to make sure they are keeping their customers more than satisfied. I will never finance through another company and suggest everyone makes the switch. EdenPark is great!

Lack of care

I have been trying for over a week to get a hold of someone to help answer questions, I have sent emails, I have tried calling and I got one response from someone asking me a question which i replied to right away and have never heard back. For a company that says customers are important they have a bad way of showing it
I just want an answers to my questions, that all.

Mike Rodger
prompt and smooth

Very good customer service. True to their words.

Owner of Ancaster Laser Medispa

I can't thank enough your wonderful employee ALONA KORNUKH! She was very helpful and very understanding about unfortunate situation we as small business owner are now in due to COVID-19. I wish the were more customer representatives and companies like that.

Vilia Nekrasas
Edith Bedard - Mortgage Broker Extraordinaire

I am currently working with Edith Bedard as a first time home buyer. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in guiding me through the process. I appreciate her communication skills and her ability to facilitate (what can sometimes be) a complicated vocabulary. She is professional and courteous and I highly recommend her!

Christina Groom
prompt and smooth

Very good customer service. True to their words.

Excellent Service

I met with Terrina O'Donnell at the Fairstone location in west side Saint John New Brunswick. She was very pleasant to talk to. She made it feel like a friend helping a friend rather than it being "just business".

Nicole Seamone