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Happy with my experience

I've been a client for 6 months now and I am very happy with my experience so far. I was able to get more inventory for the spring summer season because of the financing I got.

Tomas D
Awesome people

I had a great experience with Fast Cash Auto. Used my 2018 RAM as collateral to get 5K in cash. The entire experience was easy and good. Would recommend.

Amazing service!

I had such an amazing experience with Tianna at Nuborrow. Very knowledgeable and helpful with my personal needs. Tianna has put me on track to a better future. My credit score is already soaring in a short amount of time. Tianna is an essential part of this company. I will definitely recommend Tianna personally to family and friends in needing any financial help. Thank you Tianna and Nuborrow for helping me achieve great success!

Kimberly Kelly
First impressions

From day one when I made my initial phone to NuBorrow call I was guided by Aeesha and successfully helped with my needs. What a great company and always follows up with you. You are never left out in the cold. Its not just a conversation its a relationship. Amazing people who listen.

Grace Atienza-Bernal
Help when needed

Thanks again Alessandra for answering our questions even after work hours! And we had a lot ! Would I recommend Nuborrow , absolutely

Excellent service!!!

I had such an amazing experience with Tianna. She was so helpful in getting me back on track. Professional and knowledgeable. My credit score has greatly improved in a short amount of time. I would definitely recommend Nuborrow to family and friends. I would mostly definitely recommend Tianna. She has made me feel so comfortable in the process, I couldn’t do it without her. Thank you Tianna for holding my hand through this.

Kimberly Kelly
Came through

I got denied at a few places but at the end MoneyMart came through and got me approved for 3K.

Marie Ann
My biggest mistake-borrowing fro money mart

I was eligible to borrow 12.000$, which was great and got me out of a hole with other debts. Biggest mistake I ever made, my downfall is now I owe double what I borrowed due to their 46% interest rate. In my opinion, Money mart is not about helping people but rather about profit and greed. I learned a big and costly lesson here and once I pay this 26.000$ debt, I will never borrow from them again. All my other bills are paid but now I owe more than what I did in the first place. Very stupid decision of my part.


Simple to use and really awesome experience with addy so far.

Exceptional Service

My experience was nothing short of amazing. They were fast, efficient, informative, and they completely saved me from a very negative financial situation. Thank you Nuborrow!


Kevin M