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A fast and easy way to get cash for your next vehicle is an auto loan in Manitoba. Whether you need financing to pay for a new car, truck, sports vehicle, trailer, or RV, an auto loan is excellent financing solution to consider. If you are someone that despises long line ups and filling out long forms of paperwork, an auto loan typically requires only a quick online application from most lenders in Manitoba. When you’ve completed your application, you can expect to have your loan in just a few days. At Smarter Loans, we’ve taken the liberty to do groundwork for you by providing a list of credible auto loan providers in Manitoba that you can choose from. Review your options in the

table below by picking a lender that takes care of the pricing, products, terms and level of customer support you are looking for in an auto loan. When you’ve made up your mind about a particular lender, simply, click “Apply Now” next to their listing and you will be directed to their online application. You can also pre-apply for an auto loan with Smarter Loans. We are happy to connect you with a experienced lender in Manitoba that will look after your auto financing needs. One of our partners will give you a call within the next 24-48 hours to process your online loan request.

How do I get a car loan in Manitoba?

The first step to getting a car loan in Manitoba is deciding which lender to get one from. There are a few types of lenders you can choose from.

The first option you will come across is simply getting a loan at your dealership. Car companies and even small used car dealerships typically help you get a loan. The largest companies even have in-house lending services. So, getting a car loan at your dealership is the most convenient option.

If you’d prefer, you can get a loan from your bank. Your bank might be able to offer you better rates. Also, they have access to your financial accounts and can help you come up with a payment plan. When it comes to personal service, banks are usually the best option. However, credit unions will usually beat the banks at providing low rates.

Lastly, many alternative lenders provide car loans in Manitoba. These lenders are very convenient as well and can be found online. They will offer car loans to drivers with bad credit, but their rates will be higher in exchange.


How do I get approved for a car loan in Manitoba?

Approval for a car loan in Manitoba will require a few things. First of all, you need to be 18 years old to get a car loan in Canada. Apart from that, you will need to possess the following paperwork for a lender to approve you:

  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of insurance

Once you have all of the following, you are ready to apply for a car loan in Manitoba. The last thing you will need to qualify for a loan is a credit score that the lender deems acceptable.


Can I get a car loan with bad credit or no credit in Manitoba?

Yes, you can get a no credit or bad credit loan in Manitoba. These loans will come with higher interest rates. In many cases, they will also come with a collateral requirement.

You can find a bad credit loan from alternative lenders. Many alternative lenders will care more about your proof of income than they will about your credit score. Regardless, you can still expect higher rates if your credit history is bad or simply not built up yet.


What are the average car loan rates in Manitoba?

Car loan rates will depend on several factors. The most important factors are your credit score and the age of the car. For new cars, you should usually receive the following rates based on your credit score.

  • Excellent: 0%-3%
  • Very good: 3%-5%
  • Good: 4%-6%
  • Fair: 6%-13%
  • Poor: 10%-19.9%

The maximum interest rate allowed for a loan in Canada is 60%. Car loan interest rates seldom go that high. If your car is older, however, expect these rates to go up a few percentage points. Most Canadian lenders will not finance a car over 7 years old.


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