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Armada Credit Group on equipment financing: borrow early to stay flexible

Businesses considering taking on additional debt due to increasing interest rates might be interested in equipment financing options. Instead of paying a substantial upfront sum, businesses can turn to lenders like Armada Credit Group to acquire equipment such as production lines, trucks, or heavy machinery. This approach can lead to quick productivity gains. Armada Credit Group, led by CEO Danny Lebovics, provides fixed-rate term financing for equipment, typically spanning 48 to 72 months for repayment.

Best Business Bank Accounts in Canada

When you use a business bank account, it can help the business you run build its own credit profile, which can be useful down the road. So how easy is it to open a business account? We’ll go through the process and help you understand how much the fees are for every given business bank account.

Top Small Business Grants in Canada 2023

Government grants are available to support small business owners across the country, with variations depending on the province and specific region, and can help promote business and services in isolated areas. These non-repayable grants can assist in the growth and recovery of your business for long-term stability.

What is Merchant Cash Stacking & Why Should You Avoid It?

It may be tempting, but merchant cash advance stacking can put your small business at risk. In this post, we’ll explore what MCA stacking is, why MCA stacking is dangerous, albeit tempting, and alternative funding options to stacking merchant cash advances.

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When Should a Business NOT Take Out a Business Loan?

Not all businesses are ready for a loan, and it takes specifics before applying. You must be in good financial health and for example, not seeking funds to pay for staff before applying for a business loan. Learn more about if you’re ready to apply for business loan.

When Should a Small Business Borrow Money?

You have to have a vision and be confident that an additional investment will generate new profits for you to increase your business growth, but that’s not the only indicator required to apply for a business loan. Check out this prime example when it’s a good idea that a small business owner borrows money in this post.

How Small Businesses Can Combat Staffing Shortages with Merchant Cash Advance Funding

Merchant cash advances offer small businesses a quick and simple way to leverage working capital. Because MCAs are repaid from a portion of your daily or weekly sales, hiring employees to help grow your business can allow you to repay your funding faster than other small business loans like Canada Small Business Financing Program loans.

Why Is It Difficult For a Business to Get a Business Loan?

Low revenue is one of the reasons why businesses have a hard time getting a loan, but in this post, we share what lenders look at and things you can work on to ensure you get approved.

How Law Firms Can Use Merchant Cash Advances to Fuel Growth

There are no restrictions on how merchant cash advance funding can be used, so law firms can use MCAs however they see fit. In this post, we’ll explore 7 ways law firms can use merchant cash advance funding to fuel their growth.

Do Banks And Lenders Check What You Spend Your Loan On?

It’s important to know the conditions of a loan before finalizing your application, and this includes whether what you spend your loan on will be visible by the lender in the bank or not. Find out in this blog post!