The ultimate toolkit for anyone who runs a website

Most businesses display their services on the internet. This is where your target audience easily finds you and the services you offer. Setting up a website on your own may seem a bit difficult or even impossible because you have no coding or design knowledge. But, there are various companies with tools that allow you to design your website in a few minutes with no prior knowledge required. Below, we’ve listed the 10 best website service providers in Canada. Click on any tool you like to learn more and start using them.

Square Website Builder, Ecommerce software,
Membership: Free - $85/month.
Per transaction: 2.6% - 2.9% + 30¢
5-stars Worldwide Get Started
Shopify Ecommerce software, Website Builder,
POS, Payments, Shipping
$29 - $299 USD/month 5-stars Worldwide Start Free Trial
Content Marketing Platform for SEO,
Advertising, and SMM
3 plans ranging from $83.28/month
- $333.28/month
5-stars Worldwide Try for Free
AWeber Email Marketing solutions, Landing Pages,
Marketing Automation
Free plan for 0-500 subscribers,
Pro Plans Start at $16.15/month
5-stars Worldwide Try Now
Unbounce Marketing Platform, Landing Pages for E-commerce
& Website
4 different plans ranging from $80 USD/month
- $300 USD/month
5-stars Worldwide Get Started
Grammarly Online Writing Assistant for Individuals
& Teams
3 plans ranging from free -
$12.50/member/month for business
5-stars Worldwide Get Started for FREE
Weebly Hosting, Website Builder, Blogging, Marketing,
Email, Domains, E-commerce
4 plans ranging from Free
- $30/month
5-stars Worldwide Start for Free
Fiverr Online Marketplace for Freelance Services Prices vary by freelancer
& product chosen
5-stars Worldwide Get Started
WIX Website Builder, Domains, Mailboxes,
Personal & Business Website solutions
4 plans ranging from $5 USD/month
- $29 USD/month
5-stars Worldwide Get Started


Want to take your business online? Square makes this possible by providing various personal and business website solutions. This software has been helpful to thousands of entrepreneurs. They provide tools to sell online, create checkout links, make a contactless payment, and keep all your customer, sales, and inventory information in one place. You could also offer to ship/deliver products to your customers, utilizing the point of sale feature. Square is a very versatile software providing various website solutions for business owners.

We’ve also put together a list of other great e-commerce platforms like Square that any business owner should know about!


Shopify is the home for any entrepreneur into e-commerce. Millions of people around Canada and in other countries across the world have built their e-commerce stores with Shopify. This company makes selling online very easy. Building your store and going live with your products takes only a few minutes. With the drag-and-drop builder and built-in templates, people with no design or coding experience create professional-looking stores and sell their products. Shopify also supports over 100 external payment gateways, so you never encounter problems with customer payments. Shopify is a superb e-commerce platform providing you with website building, payment, and even marketing features to grow your business.


SEMrush provides various website owners with marketing solutions. On the platform, you can see how your competitors are ranking and what keywords they are ranking for. You can also use it to find new keywords to rank for, and eventually outrank your competition. Over 6 million marketers and business owners use SEMrush for research to determine the type of content to put out on their blogs, website, and social media.


As you sell goods or services to your customers, one of the most important things to do is collect their emails. By doing so, you ensure that you always have your contacts even whenever your online platform goes down. AWeber is a powerful email marketing software. You can collect emails on your website and send your customers emails occasionally. Other features of AWeber include a landing page builder, sign-up form builder, and drag-and-drop creator among others. All these features help you collect the email addresses of customers and keep in touch with them.


Businesses offer products or services to either customers or other businesses. As long as you’re a business owner in the online space, you need a landing page for your services. Your landing page helps customers understand your product better and convinces them that it is right for them. One of the ways to build your landing page is by using Unbounce. Using the Unbounce drag-and-drop builder and over 100 templates available, you can design a beautiful landing page with better conversion rates. Unbounce has been used by various eCommerce brands, websites, and SaaS companies.

Setting up your own successful website can seem a little overwhelming, especially if you are not tech-savvy. Luckily, here are a plethora of companies available like Unbounce to help you with whatever type of online assistance you need!


After building your website, you have to fill it with content. You need landing pages for your products or services, and you may want to include a blog on your website. If you’re not looking to hire extra hands to help you with writing on your website and sending emails, you need Grammarly. This is a free writing app that corrects the grammatical mistakes in your writing. So, your final work is more engaging and has better readability. By having clear writing, your message becomes more effective than if it were riddled with errors.


Weebly is another platform that makes it easy to build a website, online store, or blog. You can buy a domain name for your brand, get access to customizable web designs and tools for building your site, and get it done in minutes. Weebly also comes with e-commerce tools so you can easily display your products, manage payments and shipping, and market your products with integrated marketing tools including email campaigns and Facebook ad tools.


Earlier on, we mentioned that you may decide to hire other people to handle some services for your company. One of the best places to find freelancers offering various services is on Fiverr. Services they offer on the site range from website design to content creation and lead generation. Fiverr serves as the bridge between you and the freelancers, ensuring they provide you with quality work and get paid for it.


Wix is another free website builder for designing an online home for your business. You can manage your site in any way you want with the various tools available on the site. After building your site, you can add other features like an online store, blog, and even accept bookings on your site. To help with SEO and marketing, Wix asks a few questions about your website, keywords, and location. Then, you get a personalized SEO plan for your site to rank on search engines. Wix sites are highly responsive on mobile phones and PCs. You can create a free website on Wix today and start sharing it with your audience.


Sellfy is an e-commerce platform for creators. On Sellfy, you can display both digital and physical products for sale. You can sell everything you make from one place. Within a couple of clicks, your store is up and ready. All you have to do is sign up for an account, add your products, and then, customize. On Sellfy, you get 24/7 support, so there’s always help whenever you need it.

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