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What is an Installment Loan?

An installment loan is a type of loan where you borrow a fixed amount of money and repay it, along with interest, over a specified period. The interest rate is determined based on your creditworthiness. Installment loans provide predictability with fixed monthly payments until the loan is fully repaid. These loans can be secured, with collateral like a car, or unsecured, relying on your creditworthiness. Borrowers are advised to borrow only what they need, calculate affordability, and compare loan terms to make informed borrowing decisions.

AimFinance aims for installment loans in 3 new provinces in 2024

AimFinance, a digital installment lender, is set to expand its loan offerings to borrowers outside of Ontario in 2024, aiming to enter Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec. The company provides installment loans ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, primarily serving the “underbanked or unbanked” market segment.

Canadians think inflation is twice as high as it actually is, new BoC survey finds

Canadians perceive inflation to be double the actual rate, with young consumers estimating it even higher. Rising mortgage payments and increased food prices contribute to this perception, impacting consumer choices and leading to reduced spending as many anticipate a potential recession in the near future.

The Bank of Canada Has Been On a Rate-Hiking Tear. Is That About to Change?

The Bank of Canada, once focused on raising interest rates, may now be considering a pause due to changing economic conditions. In response to high inflation, the central bank had aggressively increased rates in 2022, but the economy has shown signs of deceleration. If the economy continues to weaken, the Bank of Canada could reverse its rate-hiking strategy and lower interest rates in early 2024. This potential shift could impact various financial aspects, including mortgage rates and savings account returns, making it important for individuals to stay informed about the changing economic landscape.

Greener Homes Grants: making the most of new home energy retrofit programs

Canadian homeowners can access government programs for greener home retrofits, including interest-free loans of up to $40,000 over ten years (Canada Greener Homes Loan), grants of up to $5,000 (Canada Greener Homes Grant), and a 25% mortgage insurance premium reduction (CMHC Eco Plus). These retrofits help improve energy efficiency and can lead to significant long-term savings, with potential reductions of up to 78% in energy costs over ten years, making them a wise investment amid rising energy prices.

What Is Line 10100 (Or 101) On Your Tax Return?

A fundamental section of your tax return to complete accurately is Line 10100 (formerly specified as 101), which deals with your employment income. Let’s take a look at the details to help you navigate your way around the form.

Top 7 Paid Surveys Sites in Canada

We’ll let you know about the top 7 paid survey sites for Canadians. These have been vetted as legitimate, well-established paid survey sites. They all have different incentives that can include cash, gift cards, a point system, sweepstakes, and free products.

How to Spot and Avoid E-Transfer Scams

One of the main ways you can be scammed is through e-Transfers. Unfortunately, there are many ways that you can be scammed if you’re not cautious. We’ll let you know what to look out for and how to prevent scams from happening to you.

When can I file my taxes in 2023

The tax season runs from March through to the end of April. If you owe, you need to pay by the end of April so it’s always good to prepare before March and then hand it in as soon as possible. The deadline can vary depending on a few things. It’s important to understand when exactly you need to file your taxes as you don’t want any late fees like interest.

The 30 Cheapest Places to Live in Canada for 2023

If you’re currently living in one of the areas in Canada that are inflated, you may want to consider looking for a new place. There are plenty of affordable towns and cities in Canada to get in on owning a home. There are some mortgages you may not currently be able to access because you don’t qualify. If you have the freedom to move, you may want to consider it. There are a lot of Canadians that are working remotely now. If you don’t need to live in one of the expensive cities like Vancouver or Toronto, it’s a great opportunity to explore this incredible country.