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What is inflation and what does it mean for the average Canadian?

With inflation near a 40 year high in Canada, I’m sure you’ve felt the pain when you went to the grocery store or filled up your car like a lot of Canadians. Let’s look at what inflation is and what it means for the average Canadian.

3 Signs a real estate market correction may or may not be happening

A favourite watercooler topic of the Canadian media is whether a real estate correction is upon us. In this article we look at three signs that a real estate market correction may or may not be happening.

How to Protect Your HELOC from Rising Rates in 2022

If you have a HELOC, it’s most likely tied to Prime Rate. This means when Prime Rate is low, you benefit from a lower cost of borrowing and lower payments. However, when Prime Rate starts to increase, your cost of borrowing and payments will get higher as a result. And that looks to be happening this year in 2022.

How to Get Money from the Canadian Government

While getting free money sounds a bit scammy, the money from the Canadian government takes away the stigma. Both federal and provincial governments offer cash incentives, whether you need money for education or for upgrading the energy efficiency in your home. Unclaimed money also awaits taxpayers who do not know they have the funds available. You just need to know where to look. Here are some of the top ways you can receive government money.

Onlia Saves Ontarians Time and Money With Self-service Insurance Options

One insurance provider is following the self-service trend, providing Ontario residents with an opportunity to save on home and car insurance by cutting out the broker and doing it themselves. Founded in Toronto in 2018, Onlia provides a more affordable and more flexible insurance option for Canadians who want to avoid the added hassle and expense of dealing with a broker.

Gary Schwartz, President of the CLA, Is On a Mission to Bring “Open Banking” to Canada

Canada’s lending ecosystem is often viewed through a fragmented lens, where FinTech companies, financial institutions, and “alternative lenders” each play a unique and distinct role. Gary Schwartz, the president of the Canadian Lenders Association (CLA), however, doesn’t quite see it that way.

Shaken, but Not Shattered – The Outlook for VC Funding in Canada in 2021

But it is not all doom and gloom in the Canadian startup scene, thanks to a quite mature and well-developed VC ecosystem. This article will take an early look at the state of the Canadian VC landscape in 2021, coming on the heels of a year unlike any in living memory.

Canada Immigration for Entrepreneurs – The Startup Visa Program in 2021 for High Caliber Entrepreneurs

Canada has emerged as a top destination for immigrants, particularly entrepreneurs in recent years. Government initiatives like the Startup Visa program actively encourage talented and driven individuals to consider setting up their business in Canada. That is just the icing on the proverbial cake – Canada also has a lot going for it elsewhere making it a top destination for immigrants.

Canada Retail Trends in 2021 – A Story of Hope and Despair

COVID 19 dealt a body blow to the Canadian retail sector in 2020. This is the “new normal” and it will continue to influence retail trends across Canada (and much of the globe) for the foreseeable future. Here are the top retail trends to look forward to in Canada in 2021.

How to protect yourself from online financial fraud

As consumers turn to the internet for online shopping, video conferencing, and managing transactions online, there is a high possibility of falling victim to cybercrime. Luckily, you can protect yourself from online fraud by taking certain actions.