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How to Optimize Your Listing on Smarter Loans: A Guide for Lenders

If you’re a lender, you know how tough it can be to stand out in a crowded market. That’s why it’s crucial to optimize your listing on Smarter Loans, the leading loan comparison platform. By strategically creating a robust profile and incorporating video and media, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and attract more customers. Our article offers valuable tips and strategies to help you optimize your listing and reduce costs, so you can stay ahead in the game.

The State of Alternative Lending in Canada 2018 Study

Canadians are warming up to alternative lenders, but remain skeptical. When they’re in need of a loan, a majority of Canadians now look to online lenders as a viable alternative to traditional financial institutions, according to the State of Alternative Lending in Canada 2018 study conducted by online comparison service Smarter Loans.

Alternative Lending in Canada 2018 – Insights for Lenders

Interest in alternative lending products is growing steadily in Canada, and as more consumers explore available options they are generally finding the information, products and level of service they are looking for, according to the State of Alternative Lending in Canada 2018 study published by Smarter Loans.