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Can you use a business loan for anything?

Business loan funds can be used for new equipment, marketing, expansion, etc. We share some ways you can use your business loan funds to make more money and why it’s important to have an idea in place before you apply for a loan.

What is the cost of a $10,000 loan?

You can expect to pay around $83.33 per month if you have a $10,000 loan with a 10% annual interest rate, but this is an interest calculation. We share how to determine your monthly payment on the type and amount of loan you’re seeking with our business loan calculator here!

What is the average business loan amount?

Business loan amounts depend on the type of business you’re in, but there are averages that we see business owners seek and we share them in this blog post, plus give you connections to top lenders in Canada to easily apply for a loan online yourself.

Business Loans

Comparing Short-term Business Loans vs. Long-term Loans

Today, we’ll talk about short-term loans vs long-term loans to help you choose the best option for your small business. Let’s get started.

Money Line Capital: Providing businesses the tools to grow, 10 years and counting

For 10 years, Money Line Capital has operated on the premise of a simple but powerful idea: businesses need the right tools to succeed. That is why Hardeep Ghatehorde, the company’s founder and vice president of sales, launched Money Line Capital in the first place. “My background is in real estate and mortgages. When I...
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Capital Hands, a one-stop shop for businesses and consumers in need of financing

“Coming to us is a one-stop shop. We have access to over 40 lenders and that’s across all levels: from the top banks to private lenders. So, with us it’s one application, one set of documents, working with one person.”

Top Farm & Agriculture Equipment Manufacturers

Top 6 Farm & Agriculture Equipment Brands in Canada 2023

We’ve listed out the top six Canadian farming and agriculture equipment brands for the upcoming year so you know who to keep an eye on and what you can expect from each in 2023.

Econolease has solutions to fit every food service business in Canada

After 14 years supporting restaurants and food service providers in Canada, and with a wide range of products to choose from, Econolease’s sales staff is able to determine what lease, loan or rental product best fits each customer’s unique situation.

Searching for a Loan Online

Searching for financing and banking products, such as loans, is a breeze for anyone with online access. Borrowers whiz through the process of finding a lender, applying for a loan, approval, and cash-in-hand -sometimes in a 24-hour period. Online lenders are alternative providers of secured and unsecured loans. And they have become stiff competition for…

Bigger is Better: How Peel Financial Uses Its Dominating Size to Fight For Its Customers

Being the country’s oldest and largest equipment finance broker has its advantages. Founded over 15-years ago, Brampton, Ontario-based Peel Financial has the largest group of credit analysts in the country, offering a wide range of equipment financing options primarily to the trucking and transportation industry.