Smarter Loans Quality Badge

The Smarter Loans Quality Badge is awarded to the select financial companies with an established track record that have consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellent product offerings, customer service, responsible lending practices, transparency and safety for all Canadians.

A Symbol Of Quality

People all over Canada use Smarter Loans to discover & compare many of Canada’s top loan providers and financial products. We make it simple and safe to apply for all types of financing by featuring only the most reputable financial companies from all over Canada in one place.


Over 30 professional journalists nation-wide help us research, review and qualify all companies that are featured on Smarter Loans. Only after this thorough review, these select companies are awarded the Smarter Loans Quality Badge.


Look for the Quality Badge as you explore different loan company websites.

Quality Badge Requirements

We only highlight financial companies that comply with responsible lending practices and have demonstrated high quality standards in the following areas:

Solid Track Record

Financial companies that are listed on Smarter Loans are fully licensed in every province that they operate in. They have been in business for at least 2 years and have a proven track-record of helping Canadians get the financing that they need.

Responsible Lending

Our lending members comply with Canadian underwriting & collection practices and would NEVER ask for an upfront payment or loan insurance of any kind, as this practice is illegal.

Customer Service

Financial companies that are promoted on Smarter Loans have shown a strong dedication to customer service. From having an easy way to reach their support teams via phone, email or chat to having a hundreds of satisfied customers & positive reviews about their financial products.


Financial companies listed on Smarter Loans are clear and transparent about their rates, fees, and any other costs associated with their products. They have made a commitment to not mislead, manipulate or fraudulently influence their clients.

Safety and Security

Our lender members take all reasonable measures to protect customer data and personal information. The application process is conducted in a highly secured environment.

Community Involvement

Financial companies listed on Smarter Loans are actively involved and interested in moving the Lending industry forward in Canada. They participate in industry associations, events and positively contribute to both the lending and consumer communities in Canada. 

Recognized Companies

Smarter Loans is proud to recognize our financing partners as trusted companies that Canadians can feel safe to deal with.

When applying for a loan or financial product online, look for the Smarter Loans Quality Badge on the company’s website as a vote of confidence that the commitments stated above will be upheld by that company.

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