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We help people from any background build a better financial reputation — especially those who might not be treated well elsewhere.Our goal is to help Canadians take control of their finances. We do that by providing programs that help people to build credit safely. We choose to focus on credit, because it is a key part of financial freedom.


Why We Do It


We Respect People — Respect is at the core of why we do what we do. This means all people, no matter what their history may be. We believe in doing our best to take care of others, no matter their circumstances.

We Make Transformation Possible — We believe in the power of change. We believe that anyone is capable of change, if it is something they truly want. Our goal is to help as many people as possible on the road to self-improvement.

We Serve with Compassion — We know there are a variety of reasons someone may find Refresh; we promise to do our best to understand and empathize with the unique situation of every client.

We are Champions of Time, Talent, and Treasure — We believe in respecting people’s time (we know that it’s limited), making the most of individual talents (we don’t squander them), and celebrating the wins along the way (big or small).

Success For The Long Term – If you become a Refresh client, we’ll be happy when you leave… but only if you leave better equipped to deal with the banking system.


Refresh Financial is a member of the Canadian Lenders Association:



  • TIME IN BUSINESS: Since 2013
  • # OF CUSTOMERS: Over 65,000
  • TOTAL FUNDED: Over $100M
  • LOANS OFFERED: Savings Loan (Credit Repair), Credit Cards
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1-800-746-4840 230-1628 Dickson Ave, Kelowna BC
Call Center: Mon-Fri - 7:00am PST - 6:00pm PST
Support Offered:
  • Web Chat
  • Help Center/Blog
  • Call Center
  • Email Support
Availability: All of Canada except Saskatchewan

Products Offered

Below are all the products offered by this company.

Conditions & Rates

Interest rate7.26% – 29.95%Amount$1,600 – $10,000 Term36 – 60 Months

Eligibility & Documents

Who is eligible

  • Age of Majority
  • Verified ID
  • Minimum $1,000/month Income
  • No Credit Check

What you need to provide

  • Valid ID
  • Valid Banking Verification

Repayment & Issuance

How fast can you get the moneySame DayFunding methodThe Loan proceeds are held until the end of the loan. The client will receive the funds via EFT directly to their bank accountHow does repayment workWeekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly

Conditions & Rates

Interest rate17.99%Amount$1,600 – $10,000 TermCredit Card

Eligibility & Documents

Who is eligible

  • Age of Majority
  • Verified ID
  • Minimum $1,000/month Income
  • No Credit Check

What you need to provide

  • Valid ID
  • Valid Banking Verification
  • $200 Minimum Security Deposit

Repayment & Issuance

How fast can you get the moneySame DayFunding methodCredit CardHow does repayment workRegular Payments

Frequently Asked Questions About Refresh Financial

What is Refresh Financial?

Refresh Financial aims to help people improve their credit scores through multiple credit-building programs.

Is Refresh Financial Safe?

Refresh Financial has helped over 100,000 Canadians build a better credit score. Its programs are designed to help you rebuild your credit score. Refresh Financial is also a member of the Canadian Lenders Association, has been in business since 2013 and funded over 100 million dollars worth of loans.

What Products and Services Does Refresh Financial Offer?

Refresh Financial offers two credit-building programs, including a Credit Builder Loan and a Secured Visa Card. A Credit Builder Loan isn't a typical loan but a credit-building program. You do not receive funds up front; instead, your payments are deposited into a secure account, which can be withdrawn at the end of the loan term. Refresh Financial reports these repayments (or contributions) to the credit bureaus, which in turn, helps in building your credit score. Refresh Financial's secured credit card involves an upfront deposit of $200. You can boost your credit limit up to $10,000 by increasing your security deposit. Refresh Financial reports your repayments to credit bureaus, which helps you improve your credit score.

How Much Can I Borrow from Refresh Financial?

The Credit Builder Loan comes with different loan amounts, including $1,250, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, and $25,000. However, you must note that you don't receive these funds up front; instead, you work towards saving this amount and withdraw it at the end of the loan term. Their savings loan (improve credit) ranges from $1,250 to $25,00 and their secure credit card ranges from $200 to $10,000.

What Is the Interest Rate on a Refresh Financial Loan?

The interest rate for Refresh Financial's Credit Builder Loan is set at 19.99%. Its Secured Visa Card comes with an interest rate of 17.99%, along with an annual fee of $12.95 and maintenance fees of $3 per month.

What Is the Term Length for a Refresh Financial Loan?

The term length on the savings loan from Refresh Financial ranges from 36 to 60 months.

How to Qualify for a Refresh Financial Loan?

Since Refresh Financial is a credit-building program, there are no minimum credit score requirements. However, to qualify for their savings loan, you'll need to be age of majority, verify identification, make a minimum of $1000/monthly and provide valid banking information. To qualify for their secured credit card, you'll need to be age of majority, verify identification, make a minimum of $1000/monthly and provide valid banking information and a $200 minimum security deposit.

Can I Apply Online for a Refresh Financial Loan?

You can apply for a Refresh Financial loan online by filling out their contact form with some personal details. Refresh Financial's representative will contact you for the next steps.

How Fast Can I Get a Loan from Refresh Financial?

Applying for a loan takes less than 10 minutes, but it isn't a traditional loan, so you can get started and receive your loan deposit the same day. .

How Will Refresh Financial Send Me the Loan?

Once you complete the loan term and deposit your target equity, you can apply for withdrawal. It takes up to 15 business days to process the transfer.

How Does Loan Repayment Work at Refresh Financial?

Refresh Financial sets up automatic payments through your account. Your payments are deposited in a secured account with a financial institution.

Which Provinces Is Refresh Financial Available in?

Refresh Financial offers its credit building programs throughout Canada, with the exception of Saskatchewan.

What Kind of Customer Support Does Refresh Financial Offer?

You can call Refresh Financial's customer support, send them an email, chat online, call a representative or view their help centre and blog for more information.

What are Refresh Financial's Working Hours?

You can reach out to Refresh Financial between Monday and Friday, with operating hours of 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (EST), and 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EST).

Refresh Financial Reviews

Avg. Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
Thanks Refresh!

Since signing up with Refresh I have improved my credit score. I was able to sign up for a new credit card and have gotten my finances back on track. Thank you Refresh!

Perfect 10 for Claudia

Claudia I want to thank you
You very professional
You help me to understood the process
You have patience with you
You had gave me the best customer service ever
I appreciate alot
Because of you I change my mind about your company
You are the best.
You doing amazing Job
God bless


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