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Welcome to Smarter Loans Company Registration page. This is the starting point of showcasing your company, products and services to a highly engaged and relevant audience.

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Audience Segments

People from all over Canada rely on Smarter Loans to do their research and decide which company and product is right for them. Below are some of our most popular audiences and in-demand B2C and B2B categories. 

Loans and Financing

Debt Relief


Banking Services

E-Commerce Platforms

Accounting and Invoicing Software

Business Services

POS Point of Sale Solutions

Money Transfers


CRM Software

Solutions for Lenders


Marketing Solutions

Communication Tools

Financial Apps

Website Services

Venture Capital

Wealth Management

Mutual Funds & ETFs

Membership vs. Free Listing

To create a company profile on Smarter Loans you can either purchase a membership, or choose a Free Listing option. It does not cost anything to create a company profile on Smarter Loans, however there are significant benefits that are available exclusively to our members.

Membership fee is $250 per month, with no long term commitments required and can be downgraded to Free Listing anytime.

Membership Listing Features:


+ Profile Page on Smarter Loans

+ Products and services listed

+ Profile featured in Company Charts on Smarter Loans

+ Customer reviews enabled

+ Lead Capture enabled with email notifications

+ Dedicated Phone Number and “Call Now” Button

+ Always listed above non-members in Company Charts

+ Active link to your website

+ Contact Now button on profile and Company Charts

+ Feature a video in profile

+ Our journalists will write articles featuring your company (

+ Access to Publisher Program: contribute a guest article once a month to Smarter Loans

+ Inclusion in newsletters to Smarter Loans email database

+ Discounts on marketing campaigns including our popular video content and YouTube channel

Free Listing Features:


+ Profile Page on Smarter Loans

+ Products and services listed

+ Profile featured in Company Charts on Smarter Loans

+ Customer reviews enabled

– Lead Capture disabled

– Dedicated phone number and “Call Now” functionality disabled

– Always listed below full members in Company Charts

– No link to website

– No Contact Now button on profile or Company Charts

– Cannot feature a video in profile

– No PR or journalist coverage

– No guest posting on Smarter Loans

– Not included in newsletters to Smarter Loans email database

– No discounts on marketing campaigns

Sample Company Profiles (click logo to view profile):

score-up logo smarter loans

Company Registration Form

Please use the form below to tell us about your company, products and services. After we receive this form, we will start working on your profile right away. We may reach out with additional questions if necessary. Otherwise we will be in touch once the profile draft is ready within 24 to 48 hours.

Benefits of Being Listed On Smarter.Loans

  • High quality brand exposure and targeted awareness
  • Referral traffic and phone calls
  • Capture high quality leads
  • Dedicated phone number
  • Gain new customers
  • Regular journalist coverage and PR
  • Full company profile with product information, reviews, articles, video and more.
  • Contact Now calls to action
  • Listing in popular Vendor Charts
  • Improve your online reputation with reviews and star ratings
  • Improve your website’s search engine ranking and online visibility
  • Improve trust and credibility
  • Become an industry publisher (NEW!) Contribute guest articles to Smarter Loans
  • Gain access to our exclusive marketing campaigns including our popular video channel on YouTube
  • Join Canada’s top brands and companies already listed on Smarter Loans!

Elite Trusted Partners

These companies are recognized for their excellent service, product offering and financial literacy education for all Canadians.