Top 6 Farm & Agriculture Equipment Brands in Canada 2024

Top Farm & Agriculture Equipment Manufacturers

With innovation at the heart of the Canadian agricultural industry, it’s no wonder that top brands are stepping up to the plate when it comes to quality and efficiency. 2024 is set to be a big year for agriculture equipment.

The agricultural industry in Canada is crucial to the success of the nation. In 2016, agriculture and other machinery-intensive industries accounted for 30% of Canada’s GDP

Farming is a powerful force, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t obstacles to continued growth. Changing global demand and economic conditions have created challenges. Due to higher operating costs and international trade concerns, fewer farmers have been working more land. And as the average farm size increases, demand for more powerful and more efficient agriculture equipment grows, too. If you are staring a farming business make sure to check out our “How to Start a Business” guide. 

Farming Equipment Canada

In response, equipment providers have been making big changes, focusing on international reach, data-driven technology and environmental protection. The top farm and agricultural equipment manufacturers this year have all made strides to increase productivity and technological prowess.

We’ve listed out the top six Canadian farming and agriculture equipment brands for the upcoming year so you know who to keep an eye on and what you can expect from each in 2023 and beyond. If you are looking to see equipment financing rates, try out our equipment financing calculator. 

Caterpillar (CAT) Equipment Manufacturer


Caterpillar is a world leader when it comes to manufacturing equipment, so it’s no surprise that they’re one of the top brands to look out for in the agricultural sector in 2024. What really sets them apart right now is both their international influence and emphasis on technological solutions.

The global company’s extensive line of equipment includes: 

  • loaders
  • excavators
  • telehandlers and more. 

They’re known for their reliability and efficiency when it comes to farmer-focused maintenance and tech solutions – some of their equipment even allowing for multitasking.

Caterpillar’s 90+ years in the industry have set them up for success in a world with fewer farmers and rising costs. While other companies are now realizing the need for international market appeal and accessible technology initiatives, Caterpillar has built its foundation around both.

John Deere - Agricultural Equipment

John Deere

John Deere farmers are known as some of the most brand-loyal in the industry. Perhaps this is due to their wide-ranging customer base, with farmers earning an annual revenue both above and below $1M proving almost equally as loyal when purchasing new equipment

In 2023, the company is updated its popular 6M tractor series for improved quality, comfort and overall performance with features customizable to farmer needs.

Given John Deere’s reputation for trustworthy yet innovative agricultural equipment, this series revamp is expected to be a 2023 highlight for the brand. New products arriving in 2019, the 8R and 7R tractors, are set to carry them into the new year – adding to their line of tractors and loaders, utility vehicles, harvest equipment and more.

Kubota Farm Equipment


The Kubota brand speaks to farmers and residential equipment users alike through its wide range of products and international appeal. The “for Earth, for life” company’s value of sustainability only adds to the power they bring to the agricultural industry.

Kubota has seen 2019 headlines regarding their “Geared to Give” veteran program that honored 5 veterans with new tractors. The company has always been active in military initiatives, having even been one of the first movers in agricultural mechanization post-World War II.

Their existing lines of tractors, utility vehicles and loaders are set up for 2020 success in Canada through the brand’s partnership with Buhler Industries Inc. The two partners are launching a new M8 tractor series that’s expected to grow off the success of the M7 with additional horsepower and physical size.

Case IH Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer

Case IH

Case IH, designers of beloved farm mall products, have experienced vast growth in recent years. Selling a variety of harvesting equipment, windrowers, mowers and more, Case IH has built a following among large-scale farmers globally. 

Targeting international markets has been a key part of their strategy since 1999, and their innovative capabilities were proven with the 2016 release of the first self-driving tractor.

They appeal to farmer needs for highly efficient, sustainable solutions with selective catalytic reduction technology – allowing for more equipment horsepower achieved and less diesel fuel used.

The brand has no plans of slowing down with its new AFS Connect Magnum series of tractors, demonstrating their ability to lead data-driven agricultural technologies, actively providing support solutions for farm management.

New Holland Agriculture - Agricultural Machinery Company

New Holland Agriculture

New Holland agricultural technology hasn’t just valued sustainability, it’s strived to create it on North American farms. The agricultural machinery company launched a ‘Clean Energy Leader’ strategy in 2007 and was one of the first ag brands to embrace biodiesel fuel. This forward-thinking energy strategy is incredibly influential in 2019 and set to grow even further in 2020.

Highlights regarding new 2023 equipment include the CR series of combines that feature stage V emission certified engines, boosted efficiency and steady quality that’s designed to help farmers focus on growing profits each day of use.

In recent years, the company has also undergone notable changes in employee management and dealer strategy. If their success in 2019 is any indication of the impact of those changes, 2020 is bound to impress.

AGCO Agricultural Equipment Company


AGCO is unique in the number of brands they manage – Massey Ferguson, Fendt and Challenger to name a few – and their responsive strategy to global needs and changes. They’re established as agricultural leaders globally with their combine harvesters, hay and forage equipment, tractors and more. Appealing to farmers needing a full line of products, AGCO shows a lot of potential in 2024.

The brand plans to continue its status as a smart farming pioneer this upcoming year with the introduction of its Fendt 900 series tractors. This series is designed to minimize fuel output while maximizing productivity. The new Massey Ferguson 5700 series introduction sets ACGO up for global success in the realm of speed efficiency.

As part of their variety of global initiatives, AGCO is active in its communities worldwide, supporting solutions to large-scale issues like world hunger and unemployment. In 2020, these community-based actions are more valued by consumers than ever. When coupled with its increasingly efficient equipment, AGCO has certainly found a modern recipe for success.

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