Articles About Credit Cards

The Credit Card Rewards Game

Gone are the days when just carrying a credit card was enough to satisfy consumers. Customer appreciation incentives have advanced far past giving out toasters and calendars. There’s now a “what have you done for me lately” mentality among people who pack plastic in their wallets to buy goods and services. Credit card companies are in constant competition to reel in customers, which translates into greater profits with each new card issued.

Credit Cards Guide – How Credit Cards Really Work

A credit card is an unsecured revolving line of credit in the form of a plastic card that is used to purchase goods, services, and to draw cash advances. Credit card statements are sent every month; the cardholder must make a minimum payment by the due date. Although these facts seem simple enough, how credit cards work includes other issues that can make them an expensive and complicated form of credit if not used properly.

Ways to Use Credit Cards Wisely

Credit cards come with advantages and disadvantages just like all other forms of credit such as bank loans, mortgages, and personal loans. Having a credit card was primarily a sign of status many decades ago. Today, it can be a necessity in some circumstances in addition to the convenience of its use.

Prepaid Debit vs. Credit

You like the convenience of online shopping but don’t have a credit card? Or maybe you have a credit card but don’t like using it to make online purchases. Not to worry. Prepaid debit cards are a great alternative and, in many ways, even preferable to using credit cards online.