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Is There a Minimum Credit Score for Renting an Apartment in Canada in 2022?

Most landlords and rental companies check the credit scores of potential tenants as part of their application process. But is there a minimum credit score requirement for renting an apartment in Canada? Here’s what you need to know about credit scores and renting in 2022.

What is a Good Credit Score in Canada in 2022?

A good credit score can go a long way in Canada when it comes to getting approved for a credit card, line of credit, or loan. So if you’re planning to borrow funds or apply for any type of credit in 2022, you should know what a good credit score looks like.

How to Use a Home Equity Loan for an Investment Property

There are varying reasons that a homeowner will choose to take out a home equity loan. It may be to purchase another property or it could be used for improvements. Another loan type is a HELOC, which is a line of credit secured by your home. You can withdraw funds whenever you need them so it offers a bit more freedom than a home. We’ll give you more insight on how to use your home equity loan to buy an investment property.

4 Best Uses for Home Equity Financing

Do you have a lot of home equity and you’re looking to put it to good use? Here are 4 of the best uses for home equity financing.

Alternatives to PayDay Loans

PayDay loans were once very popular throughout many communities, and they still might be where you’re from. However, they might not be the most practical way to borrow money. If you are in need of extra cash but are unsure of where to turn that is not a PayDay loan, we’ve come up with some solutions for you.

Where Does My Credit Score Need to Be for a Personal Loan?

We’ve compiled all of the information you need to find out if you qualify for a personal loan based on the credit profile that you have. Not just that, but you can learn more about the other requirements you might have to meet in order to qualify for the personal loan that you’re looking to obtain.

Explanation of Mortgages in Canada

If you’re considering a mortgage in Canada to purchase a home, learning more about the mortgages available, as well as pre-approval can help you get in the best position to purchase the home of your dreams.

Want to Know Your Credit Score? Check it in 2 and a half minutes

Whatever the need to know your credit score, or even if you don’t have a need; knowing the number and how to make it better is going to help you with many things throughout life. Find out more about credit scores and how to check it in just two and a half minutes or less.

Why Did My Credit Score Drop and How to Fix it?

Credit scores can drop for any reason, at any time and if you’re not sure why then it might be time to do some checking to find out what happened. Once you know, you’ll have a better way of knowing what to do about it.

We will go over some of the more common reasons why your credit score dropped and ways you can go about being able to fix it.

Obtaining a Personal Loan in Canada

Personal loans have a lot that go into them, so understanding more about them can put you in the best position to borrow. We’ve gathered information about personal loans, so you can make the most informed decision on whether to get these loans or not.