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The Business of Creative Financing

There used to be a mere few options available to get financing for major ventures. The choices were traditional borrowing from a financial institution or from family and friends. Today, there are unlimited ways to get financing for any purpose. Creative financing has opened the doors for consumers who want or need an innovative way to get money to fulfill their dreams.

The Credit Card Rewards Game

Gone are the days when just carrying a credit card was enough to satisfy consumers. Customer appreciation incentives have advanced far past giving out toasters and calendars. There’s now a “what have you done for me lately” mentality among people who pack plastic in their wallets to buy goods and services. Credit card companies are in constant competition to reel in customers, which translates into greater profits with each new card issued.

Smarter Loans Identity Theft Series (Part 3 of 3) – Theft Prevention Advice for Credit Protection

In this third installment of our Identity Theft Series will provide practical prevention suggestions and outline what is being done to combat this illegal activity.

Smarter Loans Identity Theft Series (Part 2 of 3) – How Child Identity Theft Affects Credit

In Part 1 of the Smarter.Loans Identity Theft Series, the ways in which people are robbed of their identity, signs of identity theft, and actions that victims can take were explored. In this second installment, the financial crime of child identity theft will be covered. As with adults, thieves steal identity from children to get credit like auto loans, mortgages and charge cards in the child’s name, among other reasons. They have no intention to repay, which ruins a child’s credit before it even gets started.

Smarter Loans Identity Theft Series (Part 1 of 3) – How Identity Theft Can Ruin Credit and Finances

This is the first in the Smarter.Loans series of articles on the topic of a real 21st century threat to credit and finances; namely, identity theft. Night and day, news reports worldwide broadcast the devastating consequences of this crime such as bad credit, lost time and money, stress and much more.

Guide to Getting a No Credit Check Loan

Misfortunes such as sudden job loss, poor health, and the death or illness of a spouse do happen, oftentimes quite suddenly. At times like these, monthly bills continue to come in the mail; food and other necessities won’t wait either.  When these problems arise, even someone with good credit for many years can find their finances in shambles. These types of scenarios present the need for a loan without a credit check.

Credit Cards Guide – How Credit Cards Really Work

A credit card is an unsecured revolving line of credit in the form of a plastic card that is used to purchase goods, services, and to draw cash advances. Credit card statements are sent every month; the cardholder must make a minimum payment by the due date. Although these facts seem simple enough, how credit cards work includes other issues that can make them an expensive and complicated form of credit if not used properly.

Qualifying for a Mortgage in Canada and the U.S.

Buying a home is a major expense; for most consumers it is the largest financial investment they will make in a lifetime. People that paid for their homes with cash make up the minority of homeowners. Simply put, having ready money to purchase a home is an ideal situation but is out of reach for most people. The path to owning a home more commonly involves qualifying for a mortgage.

Inside the World of Merchant Cash Advances

After being denied six business loans, Rhonda realized that because her business was new, most banks would not offer her enough financing to start her new venture. However, she had heard about an alternative to traditional lending known as a merchant cash advance, or MCA. Encouraged, she took off in the direction of getting funding via an MCA. And she is not alone; millions of start-ups and established businesses take advantage of the benefits of this type of financing. But before they do, they must understand the ins and outs of merchant cash advances.

Searching for a Loan Online

Searching for financing and banking products, such as loans, is a breeze for anyone with online access. Borrowers whiz through the process of finding a lender, applying for a loan, approval, and cash-in-hand -sometimes in a 24-hour period. Online lenders are alternative providers of secured and unsecured loans. And they have become stiff competition for…