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What Does It Cost to Raise a Child in Canada?

The cost of parenting is expensive. While Canadians can take advantage of parental incentives, such as maternity leave and parental leave, they also get a shock when they start spending money on formula, diapers, baby gear, and accessories. Moreover, the costs climb over time, with the major expenses assumed when a child is 15 to 17 years old. The following information will give you more details about the costs assumed by Canadians who raise children in Canada.

Canadian Auto Loan Rates Expected in 2022

Investing in a vehicle is a great thing to do, and if you can get a low interest rate on the vehicle; you’ll be in a better position because of it. Learning more about the available interest rates, as well as types of vehicle loans is going to help you make a more informed decision on where to obtain the financing from and what to look out for. Learn more about the interest rates of vehicle loans and what to expect in the coming year 2022.

A Mortgage Gift Letter: When Do You Need One?

One way to keep the financing low in Canada is to use a mortgage gift letter to buy a home. To make full use of the letter, you need to follow some basic rules to proceed with financing.

Do You Need Good Credit to Get a Small Business Loan in Canada?

Ultimately, how good your credit needs to be comes down to the type of funding you’re seeking and the lender you’re working with. For example, government-funded and traditional lenders typically require high credit scores, while alternative lenders put less emphasis on credit score and will consider additional factors, such as the health and potential of your business.

Alternatives to PayDay Loans

PayDay loans were once very popular throughout many communities, and they still might be where you’re from. However, they might not be the most practical way to borrow money. If you are in need of extra cash but are unsure of where to turn that is not a PayDay loan, we’ve come up with some solutions for you.

Where Does My Credit Score Need to Be for a Personal Loan?

We’ve compiled all of the information you need to find out if you qualify for a personal loan based on the credit profile that you have. Not just that, but you can learn more about the other requirements you might have to meet in order to qualify for the personal loan that you’re looking to obtain.

How to Get Money from the Canadian Government

While getting free money sounds a bit scammy, the money from the Canadian government takes away the stigma. Both federal and provincial governments offer cash incentives, whether you need money for education or for upgrading the energy efficiency in your home. Unclaimed money also awaits taxpayers who do not know they have the funds available. You just need to know where to look. Here are some of the top ways you can receive government money.

Canada Small Business Financing Loans vs. Merchant Cash Advances

In this post, we’ll compare Canada Small Business Financing Loans (CSBFLs) to merchant cash advances (MCAs) to help you understand the differences between these two popular but very different funding options.

Reverse Mortgages: A Post-Retirement Option to Access Your Wealth

Reverse mortgages are becoming a more popular option for older Canadians looking to preserve their purchasing power or bulk up their retirement savings in a red-hot Canadian real estate market — without leaving their home.

Banking: How to e-Transfer Safely and avoid fraud

Having the option of an e-transfer is becoming more and more common in many financial institutions throughout Canada. Learn more about staying safe and protecting against fraud when using this e-transfer function.