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Financing Equipment vs Leasing Equipment

A broad spectrum of customers either finance or lease equipment for business or personal use. And the list of the variety of equipment available is seemingly endless. The determining factors of whether to lease or finance equipment include a) who is the customer b) what the equipment is needed for and c) how long or how often it will be used.

Need New Equipment? Equipment Financing is the Answer!

Business owners seek to accomplish as much as possible while maintaining the greatest amount of capital possible. When the time comes to replace aging computers, delivery vehicles, or any other type of equipment, there are financing decisions to make. One solution that works well for many owners is the equipment loan.   This article will…

Truck Loans: Comparing the Merits of Fixed Versus Variable Rates

Vehicle loans are the one of the most common forms of financing. Terms may be as short as a couple of years or last for as long as six years. One of the decisions the buyer must make has to do with the type of interest rate. While a fixed rate installment loan is more well-known, it’s possible to secure a truck loan with a variable interest rate.

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Vehicle Loan Guide

Vehicle loans are a type of secured credit, meaning the vehicle is collateral to secure payment. Nevertheless, vehicle loans are extremely common in Canada.