The 30 Cheapest Places to Live in Canada for 2023

If you’re currently living in one of the areas in Canada that are inflated, you may want to consider looking for a new place. There are plenty of affordable towns and cities in Canada to get in on owning a home. There are some mortgages you may not currently be able to access because you don’t qualify. If you have the freedom to move, you may want to consider it. There are a lot of Canadians that are working remotely now. If you don’t need to live in one of the expensive cities like Vancouver or Toronto, it’s a great opportunity to explore this incredible country.

Prices Throughout Canada

Generally, British Columbia has the most expensive real estate even in the smaller towns. Vancouver has been one of the most expensive, unaffordable cities for years. Toronto is another city that costs a lot to live in. There are some excellent opportunities in either city but for most, it’s not feasible to own. Alberta offers a few areas that make it possible to get into the housing market and there are smaller cities that offer an economical option for living.

As you move through the prairies, you can also find small cities in Saskatchewan. However, do be aware that the minimum wage is less than that of Alberta. There are some beautiful places to live in Quebec and the Maritime provinces like New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia. Investing in these areas and settling down allows you to stretch your paychecks out and start saving for your future. It’s a lot easier to get out personal loans once you have a mortgage. While you may have to change your lifestyle, it may be worth it as you build capital and can afford to go on vacations or do home improvements.

Provincial Taxes Breakdown

It’s important to consider how much each province requires you to pay in income taxes. The cities in Alberta on this list may be more than another province but the fact they only have a 5% tax rate can make a huge difference over a year. There are quite a few cities listed in New Brunswick but the tax rate is 15% HST. The same tax rate applies to Newfoundland and Labrador. The province of Quebec has a high tax rate sitting just under 15%.

Total Taxes   
New Brunswick   
Newfoundland   and Labrador   
N.W   Territories   
Nova Scotia   

Housing Prices in 2023

Royal LePage was asked by Global TV is they forecasted a dramatic drop in real estate. The real estate agency forecasts a 1% drop in their new market survey. The price of a home in Canada is likely to drop from $772,900 to $765,171. Despite the higher interest rates, there isn’t much of a decrease in the forecast. The demand to buy homes has fallen and so has the buyer’s market so you’re not seeing the same drop in real estate prices. With that in mind, there are many cities around Canada that still have cheap real estate.

Quality of Living and Cost of Living

Living in Vancouver or Victoria in beautiful British Columbia may be the dream but with such high inflation, it’s hard to get in on the market. The nice thing about Canada is that there are beautiful places that are affordable. If you’re flexible, you can consider moving to a beachside community on the Atlanta Ocean or live in a community by one of the many rivers Canada offers. There are quaint cities with a lot of character. When it comes to job opportunities, most of the cities with reasonable real estate lacks. However, if you’re working remotely or are willing to commute, there are opportunities available. Our list of the cheapest places in Canada include cheap real estate with a high quality of living. That means low crime, decent annual earnings, and nice landscapes. Not only that, you may have always wanted to own your own business. In a cheaper city, it’s possible to do this and you’re far more likely to get business loans to increase viability in the place you live.

Thetford Mines, Quebec

Thetford Mines in the province of Quebec has historical routes and was once the globe’s biggest regions for producing asbestos. The last asbestos mine closed its door in 2012 with no foreseeable plans of re-opening as sales of asbestos was banned in 2018. Now, it’s one of the cheapest places to rent or buy a home with amenities also being cheap. The town merged with neighboring towns Robertsonville, Black Lake, Thetford-Sud, and Pontbriand, making it a city with plenty of amenities for residents.

If you can handle cold winters and even enjoy the outdoor activities like skating on lakes, this could be a great place for you to live. Summers have great weather and residents here enjoy snowmobiling and cross country skiing. It’s also an area where they produce maple syrup.

During spring, you can enjoy things like sugar camps and events that revolve around this famous sweet syrup. There are plenty of lakes and rivers so during the summer months, it’s a perfect place to be and there are plenty of activities like festivals and outdoor concerts.

Another bonus to the town of Thetford Mines is that they have a regional airport. There are two incredible research centers as well. The main industries are exporting goods, which creates employment in many fields. It is possible to gain employment here, which makes it an attractive opportunity when looking for a cheap place to live in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, Thetford Mines gets an A rating with housing being 81% less than the national average.

  • One bedroom: $500 – $700
  • Lowest cost for a home: $59, 900
  • Average salary: $61, 670

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Moose Jaw has a lot of positive things going for it. It’s been deemed the Friendly City, which is important for many. If you’ve been living in an expensive city for awhile, you may have forgotten how nice it is to have people smile and say hello to you. That’s what you’ll get here. Being totally transparent, Moose Jaw is notorious because Al Capone spent a lot of time in hiding here. There are underground tunnels that he used to hide in. This little piece of history brings tourists here to see where he hid.

The Snowbirds train here because the Canadian Forces Snowbirds Air Demonstration Squadron is located here at the military base. There are 36,000 residents living in Moose Jaw with many economic sectors including:

  • Agriculture
  • Potash Mining
  • Transportation
  • Tourism
  • Healthcare

Downtown Moose Jaw is where you’ll find the tunnels. As this is such a tourist attraction, there are plenty of lovely places to hang out in downtown. Maybe that’s why it was awarded to be one of the top ten coolest downtown areas in Canada by It’s a cheap place to live with a charming feel to it and a friendly vibe. It’s also worth noting that Moose Jaw is one of the sunniest places in Canada so if you’re tired of the gloom and doom or a West Coast winter, this might be the right spot for you.

  • One-bedroom rental: $550 – $800
  • Lowest real estate price: $62,900
  • Average salary: $61,571

Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan. The name stands for “Queen” in Latin and was named in honor or Queen Victoria. Prior to its royal name, it was called Pile O’ Bones thanks to hunters leaving their bones in the area long ago. That’s the nice thing about Regina and the surrounding area, it’s got a lot of history.

Presently, the main economy is natural gas and potash along with agriculture. It’s a decent sized city with over 200,000 people. It’s a university city, which can potentially mean you can Airbnb your property if you’re just looking for a cheap place to invest in. However, you may find that you fall in love with the city and want to enjoy the reasonable mortgage you can acquire here. The city is home to the First Nations University of Canada as well, offering academic programs that are centered around First Nations.

Regina is quite an exciting city with a lot of attractions. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have their main training grounds here. You can enjoy seeing them ride horses, which is a huge part of Canadian heritage. There are stadiums to support large events and concerts with a few professional and semi professional sports teams playing here. You can enjoy watching the CFL live while cheering on the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

  • One-bedroom rental cost: $500 – $800
  • Cost of purchasing a home: $95,000 – $200,000
  • Average salary: $65,600

St. Johns, Newfoundland

St. John’s is another capital city. It is the capital of Newfoundland with a claim to fame as being one of the oldest cities in all of North America. It’s a popular destination that’s close to the Atlantic Ocean and one of the cheapest cities in Canada. Weatherwise, St. John’s has a humid client and tends to see a lot of rain. There’s often fog as well but this is almost part of the charm.

The main industry is fishing, which has been part of the economy for a long time. There was a collapse in the industry in the 1990’s, which turned the economic focus to oil and gas found in the ocean. There are quite a few oil and gas companies that have operations in the ciry including ExxonMobil Canada, Husky Energy, Suncor, and Statoil. There are offshore oil developments going on in St. Johns as well, which is why some of the richest Canadians live in the area. This also means fantastic places to dine and great entertainment. It’s a sustainable city with many incentives for going green. There’s a variety of parks and trails for walking. If you’re into arts and culture, there’s a thriving community of people who share your passion. You can enjoy a variety of events and festivals and if you like to keep active, there is a full recreation program with facilities.

A major attaction is Signal Hill, which has been photographed many times to showcase the city. This is where you’ll see all the colorful wooden houses along the cliffs. Cabot Tower is here, which looks much like a castle and commemortates the 400-year anniversary of Cabot’s voyage to the province of Newfoundland.

  • One-bedroom rental: $795 – $1,200
  • Cheapest house prices: $18,999 – $69,900
  • Average salary: $63,396

Quebec City, Quebec

Firstly, it’s important to understand just how beautiful Quebec City is. There is an old City, which includes a fort. The old city looks over the St. Lawrence River and has retained its beauty with old buildings. It feels like a European city with cobblestone and narrow, winding streets. There’s an excellent quality of living to be had here whether you’re young, starting a family, or heading into retirement. It’s one of the cheapest places to live and offers affordable tuition fees at one of the junior colleges. Laval University is also located in Quebec City so if you happen to buy a home that has an extra bedroom, there’s potential to rent it out to a student. That decreases your monthly bills even further.

Yes, primarily people speak French here but many residents are bilingual as it’s a pretty large city. There’s a thriving economy here with potential to find a job in your field if you’re having to leave your job to come live here. Sectors include Biopharmaceuticals, IT and interactive entertainment, manufacturing, financial services, hospitality and tourism

Again, going back to the old city of Quebec. This part of the city attracts many people as it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s the only walled city in Canada with some incredible old buildings. You can enjoy a classy dinner and drinks at the stunning Fairmont Chateau Frontenac as well as Place Royale, and Petit-Champlain. Many people will come to see the falling of the leaves in the Autumn where you’ll witness dramatically, bright colors of leaves changing. The summers are often hot with cold winters that are snowy with bright skies. Spring and Fall don’t last long but are very obvious. If you haven’t lived in a place with four distinct seasons, it can be a real treat.

  • One bedroom rental: $650 – $850
  • Cheapest house we found: $97,000 – $250,000
  • Average salary: $60,239

Lévis, Quebec

Lévis isn’t a huge city but it’s a quick jaunt over to Quebec City by ferry. You can see this smaller city if you look over the south shore of St. Lawrence, literally making it a stones throw. There are also two bridges that connect you to Quebec City. While it’s smaller, it tends to cost less but you’re still pretty much in Quebec City, which offers a lot to residents. There is one of the largest refineries in Canada located in Lévis. Desjardins Group and Desjardins Financial Security is also located here along with some other large companies. Other industries that can be found here are development centers, business research, and agriculture.

The weather is much like Quebec City so you’re getting the four distinct seasons. If you’re looking to rent, it’s a little bit cheaper here. Purchasing a home may cost you a bit more though.

  • One-bedroom rental: $605
  • Cheapest house: $119,000 or as low as $10 per square foot
  • Average salary: $63,759

Trois-Rivières, Quebec

In Trois-Rivières, the cost of buying a house is 75% lower than the national average. Not only is there cheap houses to purchase but it’s also a beautiful location with quite a bit of opportunity in terms of career. The cost of living is also quite low at 29% less than national average in Canada. Even despite the higher provincial taxes, it’s still affordable in every way. There are over 140,000 people living in Trois-Rivières and it’s a halfway point between Montreal and Quebec City.

When it comes to industry, there are three pulp and paper mills here along with technology parks. Marmen Incorporated is located here and they manufacture wind turbine towers. As such, there are over 1,000 people employed here.

If you like winter, you’ll enjoy Trois-Rivières as they get a true North winter. You’ll enjoy long, warm summers with a variety of outdoor cultural events. One of the main features in the city is Boulevard des Forges, which is several blocks long. There are stunning heritage buildings with cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops. It’s very quaint here and many of the time, it’s closed to traffic as this is where they host the many festivals and events. The Universite du Quebec a Trois Rivers is located in the city as well as a satellite campus of the University of Montreal for the faculty of Medicine. With this in mind, you may be able to rent out one of your extra rooms to a student to help pay off your already reasonable mortgage.

  • One-bedroom rental: $535
  • Cheapest house for purchase: $139,900
  • Average salary: $31,200

Sherbrooke, Quebec

Sherbrooke is the sixth-largest city in Quebec with over 161,000 residents. There are many cultural activities to enjoy in Sherbrooke all year long. If you enjoy culture, you’ll love the fact they have art galleries, museums, and their own symphony orchestra that offers regular events.

Perhaps the reason Sherbrooke is so rich in culture is due to the fact they have eight academic institutions. This brings 40,000 students to the city along with 11,000 professionals that work in the system including professors, teachers, and researchers. As the tuition fees are some of the lowest in North America, it does attract many students to study here. Universities offer home owners here a unique opportunity to rent out a room in their home. This is something to consider when you’re looking to purchase a cheap home here.

There are mountains outside of the city as well as lakes and rivers so it’s perfect for outdoor lovers. There’s a ski hill as well conveniently located in a park right downtown. You can enjoy well over 100 parks and green spaces along with a plethora of mountain trails that are easy to access from the city.

  • One-bedroom rental we found: $639
  • Cheapest house for purchase: $65,000 – $119,000
  • Average salary: $61,670

Victoriaville, Quebec

Victoriaville is a smaller city with about 48,000 residents. The main industries include the Lactania factory, which produces butter, cheese, and other dairy products. The city is well-known for making hardwood products like hockey sticks and furniture. Victoriaville is one of Canada’s most affordable places to buy a house and live in.

It also boasts a good quality of life with many outdoor activities thanks to the mountains and lakes nearby. There are mountain bike trails to enjoy as well. As a tourist destination, there are many cultural events that occur throughout the year. The city is nestled under the Mont Arthabaska and you can enjoy the Réservoir Beaudet walkway bridge. Enjoy many green spaces that are designed for walking enthusiasts. There are golf courses, museums, cultural events, and sports. There’s a lot o heritage in the area that reflects the Victorian era, transporting you back to a different time.  As it’s such a small city, you’ll find that you get to know your neighbors in this friendly city.

  • One-bedroom rental: $430
  • Cheapest house for purchase: $139,900
  • Average salary: $61,670

Longueuil, Quebec

Longueuil is a decent size, offering residents many resources. There are over 240,000 residents here that mainly commute into Montreal. That being said, there are jobs available in Longueuil. For example, there are over 5,000 employees working in the aerospace sector due to two companies that have offices here. The Canadian Space Agency is located here and you’ll find some large companies that have also made it home including Agropur, Innergex Renewable Energy, and the Canadian subsidiary of Hasbro.

Longueuil is a suburb of Montreal that nicely located on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. It’s a historic city, dating back to the late 1600’s. Today, the city is a commercial, residential, and industrial area. It has a lot of outdoor attractions that people can enjoy like the Parc Michel-Chartrand, a 1,850,000 sq meter outdoor space. There are three lakes, a garden, and a playground here. It also has a well laid out skiing trail, a sled slope, and an ice rink for winter adventures. In the summer, there are hiking trails and picnic areas. In July, there the International Percussion Festival that lasts for 6 days attracting over 500 musicians.

  • One-bedroom rental we found: $635
  • Cheapest house for purchase: $129,000
  • Average salary: $65,733

Surrey, British Columbia

Surrey is the only city in British Columbia to make this list. It is less than an hour to downtown Vancouver with light traffic and has long been a suburban city. It’s one of the cheapest places to live in Canada and certainly in BC. It boasts a bustling economy or health care, technology, and agriculture. You can experience a city feeling while enjoying farm lands nearby.

There are two major post-secondary institutions here, Simon Fraser University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University. There plenty of hustle and bustle here with a variety of attractions and events. Many people commute to Vancouver daily thanks to an easy train line that makes it possible. As the city is so expensive, many companies offer competitive wages compared to the rest of Canada. If you can find a cheap place to buy and have a good job, Surrey is a great city to consider.

  • One-bedroom rental: $650
  • Cheapest house for purchase: $129,000
  • Average salary: $73,006

Saint John, New Brunswick

Saint John is a lovely seaport town located right on the Bay of Fundy, the fastest tide in the world. Shipbuilding was once the bread and butter of this town and has one of the biggest dry docks in the world. Though shipbuilding has reduced over the years, Saint John became a hot tourism spot as you can whale watch or just enjoy hanging out by the sea.

Today, the economy relies on shipping, fishing, and some shipbuilding as well as tourism. There are some brewers here that have also helped with the economic boost. Moosehead Breweries is one of the brewers that have been here since 1867. They are the countries only independent brewery that distributes internationally. You’ll also see a lot of craft brewers in Saint John. If you’ve always dreamt of living by the ocean, this city is one of the most affordable places in Canada to do so.

  • One-bedroom rental: $775
  • Cheapest house for sale: $99,000
  • Average salary: $61,536

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

New Glasgow is a unique city in Nova Scotia. It’s actually quite small with just 9,000 residents here. The name is due to Scottish immigrants coming here on the famous ship, Hector. Despite the fact it’s small, it’s got some big city industries. The Michelin tire plant is here as well as the Aberdeen Hospital. It’s the headquarters of Sobey’s, Canada’s large grocery chain.

In recent years, they revitalized the downtown core and added a theatre. You can enjoy the many different shops and services in this area. The downtown areas has a riverfront, which has also seen upgraded. New Glasgow was named one of the best places to live in Nova Scotia and is part of six municipal units in Pictou County. While winters are rainy and dreary, the summer months are beautiful and warm.

  • One-bedroom rental: $850
  • Cheapest house for sale: $80,000
  • Average salary: $60,222

Medicine Hat, Alberta

Medicine Hat is a self sustainable city that sits along the South Saskatchewan River. There are just over 62,000 residents here. Many of the residents work in the natural gas industry and it’s known as the Gas City. Medicine Hat has a strong economy but you can still purchase a home for an affordable price. As a lot of people will come here for work, it’s possible to rent out your home for short or long term.

There are a lot of jobs here and much of the workforce is over 55. It’s expected that more jobs will become available throughout the next 20 years. When it comes to quality of life, Medicine Hat has you covered. There are dramatic landscapes, plenty of wildlife, and a lot of sun throughout the year. There are first-class amenities for residents like modern recreation and cultural centers, parks, and over 115 kms of paved trails.

  • One-bedroom rental: $650
  • Cheapest house we found: $149,900
  • Average salary: $67,407

Alma, Quebec

In 1962, there were four little villages that formed into one and they named it Alma. Currently, the population is 40,000. You can get to Quebec City in a few hours if you’re looking for a little excitement. However, if you’re happy with the quiet life, this is a great place to consider. It’s important to mention that most of the residents here are French speaking so you’ll want to brush up on the language. It’s worth it considering the cost of living here is 13% less than the provincial average and much more when we look to the national average.

In the 1920’s and 1930’s, Alma constructed a large paper mill, hydroelectric power station, and the Alcan aluminum smelting plant. All of them are still running and have a major contribution to the economic stability in the city. Alma is a friendly city with fine sandy beach and facilities for cycling like the Véloroute des Bleuets bike path. Here, you can cycle on an exciting journey through the valleys and rivers. In the downtown core, you can enjoy historic attractions as well as gourmet restaurants.

  • One-bedroom rental: $615
  • Cheapest house for sale: $159,000
  • Average salary: $63,214

Red Deer, Alberta

Red Deer sits at the halfway point between Edmonton and Calgary. There are over 100,000 residents here so you’ll see a lot of great infrastructure with plenty of city things to do. The area is build around the oil, agriculture, and cattle farming industry with a surrounding area that is the center for petrochemical production.

On our list, Red Deer is one of the places that has the most attractions. Not only is it cheap but there’s a lot going for it with opportunities to make quite good money if you’re willing to pivot. Enjoy the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame. There have been many great hockey players that have come out of Red Deer as they have an excellent hockey program.

Red Deer is one of Canada’s most entrepreneurial cities. This is worth noting if you’re considering opening up your own business. You’ll be well supported and as you’re paying very little in a mortgage, you can always opt for instalment loans to get you started. You have access to the major transportation routes and there’s a regional airport as well. You can enjoy amenities like good school systems, hospitals, and health centers.

  • One-bedroom rental: $650
  • Cheapest house for sale: $152,000
  • Average salary: $67,407

Moncton, New Brunswick

Moncton is the largest urban area in New Brunswick with about 79,000 residents. The economy has collapsed a few times but it’s always come back. It was once a place for shipbuilding in the 1860’s but that industry collapsed. Then there was the closure of the CNR locomotive shops in the 1980s, which caused another collapse.

This is why they have the motto, “I rise again.” Now, it’s a railway city and a university town with a stable economy. The city has the nickname “Hub City” due to the central inland location. It’s a friendly city and as well as being on the list for cheapest places to live, it’s also one of the best in Canada. There’s a thriving city where the beaches and parks aren’t far off. You won’t have to deal with big commutes and everyone is incredibly friendly. It’s worth noting that Moncton has seen tremendous growth over recent years.

  • One-bedroom rental: $850
  • Cheapest house for sale: $104,900
  • Average salary: $60,771

Drummondville, Quebec

Drummondville is in the middle of the province of Quebec with a population of nearly 70,000 residents. It’s a cheap place to live even compared to the rest of Quebec and is 10% less than the provincial average. The housing cost is what gives it this rating of being so low as other things cost the same as anywhere else in the province such as groceries and utilities.

You can get to Montreal and Quebec City daily through Via Rail. If you’re commuting to the bigger cities, it’s an advantage that there are up to five trains running per day. However, if you’re shopping for a home, you may want to consider buying away from the train tracks. The summers are warm with plenty to do, including some outdoor festivals. If you like snow, you’ll love the winters here.

  • One-bedroom rental we found: $490
  • Cheapest house for sale: $195,000
  • Average salary: $64,262

Granby, Quebec

Granby has a diverse economy with a commercial zone and a center for lumber, dairy, and textiles. Tourism is another industry that Granby thrives from. They have a famous zoo and the Fountain of Lac Boivin as well as boasting one of the largest dirt oval racing tracks. Here, you can enjoy watching professional racing events. There’s quite a few festivals as well with the Mascot Festival being on of them.

The city itself is quite beautiful and residents enjoy a high quality of life here. There’s plenty of employment and many fantastic parks. It’s also a good place to raise a family as it’s a family-oriented city. It was awarded 4 Fleurons by Les Fleurons du Québec, showcasing the pride this city has.

  • One-bedroom rental we found: $645
  • Cheapest house for sale: $169,900
  • Average salary: $61,670

Grand Prairie, Alberta

Grande Prairie Alberta had a major boom with the city growing exponentially from 2001-2006. This was mainly due to the oil boom. It’s known as the Swan City because of the amount of swans that nest here as part of their migration route. There’s also a very important museum that’s dedicated to dinosaurs. Many tourists are drawn to The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum where there have been many paleontology discoveries over the years.

Today, there is still a diverse economy that consists of oil and gas, forestry, agriculture, and food services. One of the largest employers is International Paper so the pulp and paper industry is also thriving here. It’s a college town with the Grande Prairie College offering trade and academic programs. The college also offers the community theatre events as well as other shows.

  • One-bedroom rental we found: $750
  • Cheapest house for sale: $148,700
  • Average salary: $69,602

Edmonton, Alberta

Many people are surprised when they go to Edmonton as it’s so diverse, honoring many different cultures around the world. While it might be cold in the winters and a bit out of the way, there’s a lot going for this city. It’s the capital city of the province with nearly 1.5 million residents. It’s a major part of the oil and gas industry and is home to many of the Canadian companies you know well like Boost Juice, Earl’s and Fountain Tire.

There are a lot of benefits to living in Edmonton beyond the fact that it’s really cheap to live here. There are plenty of jobs and low taxes with great infrastructure. The West Edmonton Mall is the 10th largest mall in the world and the largest in North America. It has an indoor theme park with a roller coaster and a massive waterslide park. There are many universities that call Edmonton home as well including The University of Alberta, MacEwan University, and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. If you have the space to rent out one of your rooms, there are plenty of students that would be interested.

  • One-bedroom rental we found: $675
  • Cheapest house for sale: $167,500
  • Average salary: $71,874

Dieppe, New Brunswick

Dieppe was deemed a city in 2003 and currently has just over 25,000 residents. It’s claimed to fame is that it has the largest single building shopping center in the Altantic region, Champlain Place. There’s a dynamic economy here that’s based around environmental consciousness. This is a breath of fresh air for those who care about the earth.

The city is a distribution hub for goods for those in the Atlantic region and Northeastern US. Most residents here are bilingual so if you can speak French and English, you’re going to have an easy time finding a job.

  • One-bedroom rental we found: $845
  • Cheapest house for sale: $134,900
  • Average salary: $60,771

Conception Bay, Newfoundland

Conception Bay is a special place on this list. It’s located on the southern shore of Conception Bay on the Avalon Peninsula. You may have remembered the show, Anne of Green Gables, who later became Anne of Avalon. Many Canadians fantasize about the kind of life we saw with Anne and if you’re flexible, you can enjoy the laid back life of being by the sea.

Not only is it reasonable but there are many islands in the area. It’s a beautiful spot where you can enjoy the sea. There are about 26,000 residents here and most people fish and trap lobster here. In the summer months, there are many tourists coming here to whale watch and enjoy the simplicity of life.

The College of the North Atlantic is in the area, offering many different programs. This can be an advantage for you if you’re looking to sublet a room or two to help you out with your low mortgage payments.

  • One-bedroom rental: $800
  • Cheapest house for sale: $149,900
  • Average salary: $61,950

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu is close to Montreal, being just 40 km away. There are nearly 100,000 residents here with industries of textiles, wood products, and sporting equipment. For residents, there are many locally-owned shops and restaurants, giving it a quaintness. The Area Support Unit of the Canadian Forces is stationed here. This is where Canadians are recruited and trained for the Canadian Forces.

The Royal Military College Saint-Jean is also here, which provides a one-year training program to prepare people for the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario.

  • One-bedroom rental: $685
  • Cheapest house for sale: $179,000
  • Average salary: $63,759

Magog, Quebec

Magog is well known for being a textile manufacturing town for generations. While the plant is still intact, it’s not as active as it once was. The main production is now pillows. This city is in Southeastern Quebec and sits about 120 km from Montreal. The Rivière aux Cerises and the Magog River is close and is what gave the city its name.

It’s a major centre in the Regional County of Memphremagog and is an industrial city. It’s also a resort area so there’s plenty of tourists here during the summer months. As it’s a tourist city, there are lovely boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants in the downtown core. There are plenty of activities throughout the year to keep you entertained as well. You can enjoy sporting events and cultural festivities. The Parc de la Baie-de-Magog attracts people with the walking paths, boat launch, and stunning beach.

  • One-bedroom rental we found: $535
  • Cheapest house for sale: $219,000
  • Average salary: $61,670

Rimouski, Quebec

Romouski is a small city with a population of just under 50,000 residents. While it’s small, there’s a lot going for it including the The Institut Maritime du Quebec, which has an exclusive marine-related program. The maritime sector is important to the community, and it shows in everyday life.

However, the largest employer is the regional hospital with over 2,000 employees. Patients come here for medical service from all over the region. If you love cold winters with plenty of snow and long, warm summers, you might love living in Rimouski. Do keep in mind that it’s primarily French speaking.

  • One-bedroom rental we found: $700
  • Cheapest house for sale: $179,000
  • Average salary: $61,670

Windsor, Ontario

Windsor is a vibrant university city in southwestern Ontario. It’s actually the most southern city in Canada with an economy that thrives from tourism, education, government services, and manufacturing. Today, the economy has grown in other economies like pharmaceutical, insurance, software development, and alternative energy. There is also a salt mine that’s open, which still employs residents of Windsor.

The Ford Motor Company (FCA) has its headquarters here as part of the manufacturing industry. The FDC Canada is mainly a minivan assembly plant and automotive parts manufacturers. There’s also tourism, which makes up a large part of the economy. The Caesars Windsor is located in Windsor and is one of the biggest casinos in Canada. The casino tends to attract US tourists that can cross over the border conveniently.

  • One-bedroom rental we found: $685
  • Cheapest house for sale: $189,900
  • Average salary: $68,689

Timmins, Ontario

Timmins is where Shania Twain is from but beyond that, there are many things this city has going for it. It’s the fourth largest city in the Northeast of Ontario. There are natural resources that are high in demand being mined here including gold, copper, nickel, silver, and zinc. It’s a university city with institutions like Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology and College Boreal are in Timmins.

Timmins has a variety of tourist attractions that include The Timmins Museum and National Exhibition Centre, and Kamiskotia Snow Resort. There’s a lot of snowmobile trails around Timmins as well, which attracts winter outdoor lovers.

  • One-bedroom rental: $900
  • Cheapest house for purchase: $145,000
  • Average salary: $66,885

Sault Ste. Marie

Sault Ste. Marie has over 73,000 residents with the largest employer being Algona Steel, employing well over 3,500 people. Another main employer to the city is the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). They not only employ many people, they make sure to give back to the city with some great spots. They have a stunning corporate office over the waterfront with 900 employees. This city is also close the Canada-US, attracting people from the neighboring country to come visit.

  • One-bedroom rental: $950
  • Cheapest house for sale: $125,500
  • Average salary: $66,885

Gatineau, Quebec

Gatineau is located in western Quebec and has over 265,000 people. It’s located right on the northern bank of the Ottawa River, across from Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. It’s possible to commute to where many of the government jobs in Canada are. Gatineau is home to the main hospitals and colleges in the region. Most of the jobs in the area are with the government but there’s also construction and service industries making up the economy.

There are many federal government departments located in Gatineau and plenty of government jobs available. It’s also where the Superior Court of the District of Gatineau is located, which employs many residents.

  • One-bedroom rental for sale: $720
  • Cheapest house for sale: $199,900
  • Average salary: $66,845

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