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Loraine Couturier is a Canadian that has been working as a freelance writer for the past ten years, specializing in topics that include personal finance, medical journals, and the online gaming industry. She is a published author, digital marketing expert and an authority in the fields in which she writes about.

Articles by Loraine Couturier

Why private mortgages are becoming so popular in Canada

As it becomes more difficult to secure a mortgage traditionally through a bank, Canadians are turning to the private mortgage option. Increasing more people are using private mortgage brokers to finance homes for various reasons. The high interest rates are putting pressure on homeowners and some people simply aren’t able to get a mortgage at their bank. Private mortgages in dollar value are at $22.4 billion in Ontario alone.

How to eliminate your mortgage payments with a reverse mortgage in Canada

Amidst the rising interest rates in Canada, homeowners, especially those with large loans like mortgages, are facing financial concerns. The unexpected hikes have resulted in higher monthly payments, posing challenges to stay in their homes. However, there are solutions to ease the burden during this economic climate. For eligible homeowners, a reverse mortgage offers a viable option, allowing them to eliminate mortgage payments and securely remain in their homes.

13.5 Tips on How to save on Auto and Home Insurance in Canada?

Discover 13.5 invaluable tips to save big on Auto and Home Insurance in Canada! Uncover province-specific strategies, understand how different factors influence your rates, and learn how to navigate public systems in British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. From shopping around to bundling options, this article holds the key to unlocking substantial savings on your insurance costs.

Student Loan Forgiveness in Canada

This article informs Canadians about relief and forgiveness options for student loans. It discusses the challenges of paying back loans due to high interest rates and financial constraints, and highlights the Repayment Assistance Plan as a possible solution. It also mentions that loan forgiveness is available and reassures students about other options available.

What Is Line 10100 (Or 101) On Your Tax Return?

A fundamental section of your tax return to complete accurately is Line 10100 (formerly specified as 101), which deals with your employment income. Let’s take a look at the details to help you navigate your way around the form.

Best Business Bank Accounts in Canada

When you use a business bank account, it can help the business you run build its own credit profile, which can be useful down the road. So how easy is it to open a business account? We’ll go through the process and help you understand how much the fees are for every given business bank account.

Top Small Business Grants in Canada 2023

Government grants are available to support small business owners across the country, with variations depending on the province and specific region, and can help promote business and services in isolated areas. These non-repayable grants can assist in the growth and recovery of your business for long-term stability.

How late payments impact your credit score and access to credit?

Even if you miss one bill payment, you can lose as much 150 points. While it’s not always so dramatic of a drop, it’s still essential that you pay things off before the deadlines. You may not qualify for prime credit cards, low-interest loans, and decent mortgage rates. This is because when your credit score is less because you’ve missed a payment or are late, this becomes a red flag to lenders. To keep your credit score healthy, make sure to pay your bills on time.

How to Secure Easy Financing through a Private Mortgage Lender in Canada

If you have bad credit, have irregular income, depend on foreign income, or are new to Canada and don’t have employment history, a private mortgage is well suited to you.

Are we in a buyer’s market? April 2023 Edition

While interest rates have gone up, there are some things that contribute to it being a good time to buy. Many Canadians know that home ownership is a great long-term investment. However, they also acknowledge the higher interest rates may have a negative effect on their ability to buy or sell a home. At this point, 67% of Canadians wouldn’t consider purchasing a home in the early part of 2023.