Using the 11 Sharpest Online Tools to Send Money

The need to send and receive money remotely was first addressed with the advent of wire transfers as early as the 19th century. Western Union was among the first telegraph service companies to supply customers with a way to transfer cash to other locations. Today it is still one of the largest wire transfer transmitters in the world. Why are these types of businesses in such high demand all over the world?

Traditional banking institutions have also offered customers wire transfers for decades, and still do so today. But online wire transfers are a much more convenient and less costly way to send money. In the early days, wire transfers from banks required customers to wait for days for the transfer to complete. And while banks today can transfer funds almost immediately, customers still have to make transactions during brick and mortar banking hours, compared to 24-hour service online.

This article provides an overview of 11 of the top online tools to use to send money under these topics:

  • How to Choose an Online Money Transfer Platform
  • Top 5 Tools to Send Money Online Domestically
  • Top 5 Tools to Send Money Online Internationally
  • Fees and Customer Service
  • Words of Caution

How to Choose an Online Money Transfer Platform

As time and technology marches on, the race is fierce to supply faster, cheaper, and safer ways to move money around the planet. Along with online banking, services to send money online is a competitive business that grows exponentially each and every day. These days, businesses and individuals send and receive money in seconds with Internet tools. They offer the convenience of taking care of everything from big-bucks business transactions to small cash gifts for friends and family anywhere on earth safely and quickly.

Thanks to technology growth, there are a multitude of options for sending money from which to choose. Although they may seem similar, there are differences between companies which make a difference in the outcome of the overall transaction. Among the primary matters to consider:

  • Where the money is being sent
  • To whom it is being sent
  • The purpose for sending money online
  • The cost of the cash transfer
  • What detailed personal information is required about the sender and/or recipient

Basically, choosing the right tool requires knowing what is needed for a successful transfer. Is the money being sent to seal the deal on a real estate transaction? Are parents sending a little money to assist a child in college with living expenses? The purpose, amount being sent, and if fees are affordable are some factors that the customer can use to choose the right fit for their circumstance.

Top 5 Tools to Send Money Online Domestically

With so many to choose from, it is impossible to list every online resource for transferring money. The online apps and websites listed in this article were chosen because they were consistently among the most popular during the research process. In no particular order, they are:


Smartphone users especially enjoy the convenience of the app for a quick way to send cash to friends and family. With a PayPal account, users can also make retail purchases online. Verified accounts can send up to $10,000 in a single transaction. The fact that recipients can transfer funds into their bank account in one business day is another among the tool’s many features.

Google Wallet

This is a free money transfer option that lets people use their debit card to transfer money to a recipient’s debit card. With this method, the cash is available in a few minutes. If bank accounts are used to send or receive, it can take up to four days for the money to clear.


A resource used by banks and credit unions, allowing money transfers between financial institutions within minutes. For people whose bank isn’t in the Zelle network, it is now available as a standalone app.

Square Cash 

This is a mobile money app used for both business and personal cash transfers. Businesses pay a percentage of each transaction, recipients and personal transactions are free. Square is popular with small businesses.


A highly rated money transfer app with IOS and Android users. Free to send or receive money (if linked to a bank account or debit card). Credit card transfers incur a fee. Venmo uses a social network type of interface.

Top 6 Tools to Send Money Online Internationally 

Avoid bank mark-ups and exchange money between 18 countries when traveling, living abroad, buying property overseas and more! Send in currency, take best available rate and best of all? Transfers are often received within a day.


Fees for using this app are among the least expensive. OFX is reported to offer low exchange rate markups. There is no same day delivery available and the app has set limits on transfer amounts.


Known for good exchange rates and low upfront fees. Transfers using debit cards process faster than those with bank accounts.

Western Union

This company still remains a go-to for money transfers with over half a million locations in 200 countries, including destinations that its competitors do not service. Although its mainstay is sending cash in person and pick-up money options, the organization does have an online presence with a website from which to transfer funds.


Options include money transfer, mobile wallet, and pick-up. This app has extra security features built in to prevent breaches.


For personal or business transfers. Offers exchange rates in real time and transfer tracking. App is available in several languages; it is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Fees and Customer Service

People who send money online should take the time to compare fees for the same or similar services. The amount of fees charged affects that bottom line that the recipient gets on the other end. Fees can vary from zero upfront to a percentage of the transfer, depending on the company. Likewise, customers should compare exchange rates, since they too fluctuate among money transfer businesses.

When using tools to send money, another point to consider is the customer service. Even online, how the transaction is handled indicates the quality of the company. The business should offer transparency throughout the entire transfer, such as tracking information as the money makes its way to the destination. Good customer service also means easy access to help 24/7 for users.

Use Caution 

In the United States, over $905 million was lost to wire transfer fraud in 2018.

Reportedly, there were almost three million Federal Trade Commission complaints related to online money scams. 

A huge number of them were phishing emails which asked for personal information to be used to steal identity. Among others were requests to wire money for loans, charities, and online dating or social sites where total strangers ask for money outright. The majority of unsolicited requests for money transfers of any type are fraudulent.

However, there are many options for consumers that are looking for a legitimate way to send money. This article provided an overview of some of the most popular systems and apps to send money online. As with any service, users should perform due diligence before making transactions with institutions outside of the traditional banking sector.

Online tools for sending money have diverse policies such as fees, transfer limits, and locations where money can be sent or received. There are pros and cons with each and every transfer service. Carefully reading and understanding the fine print saves time and money, resulting in enjoying the full benefit and convenience that online money transfers offer.

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