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Since 2006, Shopify has been one of Canada’s leading platforms in assisting businesses in starting up an online company or moving their company online.

More and more customers are turning to online shopping to fulfill their needs due to the convenience of 24/7 accessibility and the ease of being able to shop from the comfort of your own home while having your purchases delivered directly to your door. This rapidly increasing trend has created a need for a skilled and experienced platform that can assist vendors in all areas of online retail.


There are so many benefits about Shopify that it is difficult to break them all down. The main advantage of choosing Shopify to meet your online business needs is:

  • Everything in one place – Shopify is a one-stop-shop for all businesses. It allows you the access that you need to grow your business in all areas. Shopify eliminates the need to obtain different services from multiple suppliers. Whether you require webpage design, online point of sales assistance or marketing for your business, Shopify has it all, all in one place.

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Shopify offers a broad range of different services that can meet the needs of every type of online business from every industry. Some of the services that they provide include:

  • Management Tools – Shopify provides their customers with all of the tools required to manage their shipping and payment requirements in an easy to use method.
  • Create an online presence – Shopify is able to help you find a web address and create the perfect webpage to showcase your products and services.
  • E-Commerce Store – Through the use of their enhanced selling technology, Shopify can help you create a functioning e-commerce store that allows a safe and secure shopping experience for all users. Features such as a “Buy Button” can turn any existing web page or blog post into a potential online store.
  • Social Media Sales – Shopify can help you refine your social media accounts through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to reach millions of shoppers throughout the country and even the entire world. Their social media programs can help to boost sales and improve the reach of your business.
  • Mobile Apps – Shopify can help you create a custom mobile app for your business that will increase convenience and enhance the shopping experience for your customers and will help to boost the sales of your business.
  • Market your business – Having the right marketing strategy for your business is one of the most important factors in increasing visibility and boosting sales. Through the use of Shopify’s extensive marketing program, they can help you target the right customers using SEO content strategies, building blogs to attract and inform your audience and through e-mail marketing.
  • Branding – Shopify can help you develop and define your brand and can even help you to come up with the perfect name for your new business.
  • Shopify Ping – The Shopify Ping feature is an instant messaging chat that allows you to have instant and direct contact with your customers and other members of your team. This option makes answering questions fast and easy and keeps you in touch with potential clients, helping you close more sales.
  • Shopify Capital – Shopify Capital allows businesses the opportunity to apply for a loan. They use a simple and fast online application and don’t require any credit cheques. Funding can be provided in as little as a few days from the time of application and the loan is paid back on a flexible schedule, as a percentage of your total sales.


Shopify has three basic pricing models to fit the needs of every business. All levels include an online store, unlimited products, 24/7 support, website and social media sales channels, discount code capability and fraud analysis to name just a few of their included services.

Basic Shopify

  • $29.99 USD per month

The Basic Shopify will allow you all of the regular features listed, as well as two staff accounts, up to four retail store locations, a 45% shipping discount through Canada Post and specific credit and debit card rates.


  • $79.99 USD per month

Shopify will allow you all of the regular features listed, as well as five staff accounts, up to five retail store locations, a 50% shipping discount through Canada Post, professional reports, specific credit and debit card rates and international domains.

Advanced Shopify

  • $299 USD per month

Advanced Shopify will allow you all of the regular features listed, as well as fifteen staff accounts, up to eight retail store locations, a 52% shipping discount through Canada Post, specific credit and debit card rates, professional reports an advanced report builder and international domains.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopify

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes. If you have an existing domain name you can continue to use this or you can purchase a domain name through Shopify.

How long am I locked into a Shopify contract?

Most Shopify contracts are billed on a month to month basis and can be cancelled at any time.

Are any of Shopify’s plans discounted?

Yes. If you choose to lock into one of Shopify’s longer contract terms you can save 10% on an annual plan or 20% on a biennial plan.

Am I allowed to change my Shopify plan?

Yes. If you wish to change your Shopify plan, you may do so at any time.

What are the features of Shopify POS?

Shopify POS is a mobile application that allows business users the ability to manage your physical store or pop-up location. You are able to take orders, track inventory and sales, accept credit and debit card payments and generate customer receipts.

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