Ownr, The Easiest Way to Register a Business in Canada

Starting a business takes courage and quite a bit of problem solving. Ownr helps take some of the confusion out of it by giving business owners peace-of-mind and a process to follow, allowing them to quickly and affordably register a business.  It’s simple and affordable, pairing technology and customer service. Launched only two years ago in November 2017, Ownr has helped over 12,000 Canadian businesses come into the world.


“Ownr’s vision is to inspire and enable entrepreneurship by providing

a platform to launching a business in Canada.” – Shadi McIsaac, Co-Founder


Ownr is the brainchild of RBC Ventures, a division of RBC that goes beyond banking to create meaningful solutions that touch every Canadian.


Taking the First Steps

With a simple website and clear steps, first impressions of Ownr feel like a breath of fresh air. If you go online and search for steps on how to register a business in Canada, you’ll find the steps you need, but without much help on how to complete each step or how to obtain all the documentation needed. When you navigate over to ownr.co the first menu item listed on the top navigation is “Register your business.” Even without a deep look into the site, the solution to your problem is clearly marked. From there, Ownr provides an in-depth {but easy-to-follow} guide on how to determine if you should register as a Sole proprietorship or an Incorporation. Before even going through the list of details, they make it pretty clear from the start.


  • Sole proprietorship: This type of business is owned by one person who calls all the shots – and that’s you!
  • Incorporation: This type of business is a separate legal entity from its owner and it can be owned by one or more people.


“With Ownr, you register your business in a few easy steps and for a fraction of what you’d pay a lawyer. We’ve simplified the process of starting up, giving you more time to build your business, and saving you money along the way.” – Jacqueline De Sousa, Product Lead


You’ll probably know pretty quick which one describes your business, but if you need a little more confirmation, they provide additional information about each business structure. And if you’re still feeling a bit foggy by the time all has been explained, the bottom of the page has a nifty quiz to help determine your business structure, or chat, phone, and one-on-one support to guide you every step of the way.

One of Ownr’s philosophies is seamless customer service, and it shows based on this first step.


Register a Sole Proprietorship

Registering a sole proprietorship shouldn’t take longer than a few dedicated minutes, especially if you’ve thought through some of the steps ahead of time. With Ownr, you’ll get:


  • Up to 30 unique business name searches.
  • Sole proprietorship business registration number.
  • Sole proprietorship business registration documents.
  • Access to all the support listed above


Plus, there are detailed steps listed out that you can review before even getting started, basically providing users with an outline of what’s to come, i.e. – no surprises.



Incorporate a Business

Incorporating a business has different steps than registering a sole proprietorship. But, fear not! The steps are still laid out and easy to follow. Working with Ownr means forgoing a lawyer and all the fees that come with it, which is a major plus for anyone who is just getting started on a tight budget. Some of the support you’ll get with Ownr includes:


  • Up to 30 unique business name searches.
  • Name search report (NUANS® report).
  • Incorporation documents.
  • Formation documents (Digital minute book).


Support + Pricing

Even with all the steps laid out, Ownr knows that questions may still arise. Their Support page has a ton of FAQs to review that will most likely answer your common questions. But if you’d rather talk to someone, they have a toll-free number, email, and chat support you can utilize.


Pricing is based on the province you are registering your company in. Ownr operates in the following provinces:

Ownr’s pricing stays pretty similar regardless of the province, making it both fair and transparent. The government fees change, but Ownr provides the breakdown so it’s clear where your money is going.


Ownr Perks

In addition to helping you get started with registering your business and building a brand, Ownr also equips new businesses with exclusive partner offers post-registration. From accounting to business phones and plans, advertising, office supplies, and more – Ownr has you covered to save the most money when you start your business.


About Ownr + RBC

Ownr is an RBC Ventures company. RBC Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada, is going beyond banking to create meaningful solutions that touch every Canadian. We are building new ventures, acquiring growing firms, making investments and partnering with organizations that share our vision. For more information, visit RBCVentures.ca.




Ownr Makes it Easy to Register a Business in Canada.

Click here to Register Your Business with Ownr today.


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