How to market my business

If you want your business to succeed and stand out from its many competitors, then implementing a good marketing plan is essential. A strategic marketing plan will help to grow your business, drive customer traffic and increase sales.

What is marketing?

Marketing is any activity that helps to promote and grow your business. Advertising, branding and market research are all important aspects of marketing and when done correctly can help your business succeed.

Why is marketing important?

Having a proper marketing plan in place can mean the difference between success and failure for a business. Without proper marketing, no one will know that your business exists or will be unclear about the products and services that you offer and clients will end up taking their business to your competition. Some of the most important benefits of having a good marketing plan in place are:

  • Generate awareness of your business
  • Provides information on the goods and services that your business offers
  • Differentiates you from the competition
  • Increases sales
  • Identifies a need that consumers may not realize they have
  • Provides a solution to potential client’s problems
  • Builds a name for your business in the community
  • Increases the credibility of your company

What are some of the best ways to market my business?

There are so many different things that you can do to market your business and choosing the right course of action will be determined by your individual business plan and the type of business or service that you offer. Some popular forms of marketing include:

Media Advertising

This includes advertising to your target audience on various media channels such as TV and Radio. In recent years, more of people’s attention has gone towards online media channels, such as YouTube and various social media platforms. Most of these platforms offer an ability to buy “air time” through media buys, just like TV networks and radio stations.

Online Classifieds

Advertising on an online classified site such as Kijiji or Craigslist, is a great way to reach local clients and build your business. In most cases it is free to post a basic ad or you can upgrade to a premium ad that will get more views, for a nominal charge. These sites will usually let you post pictures which is a great way to get your logo out there and is also an excellent place to put your before and after pictures.

Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to reach people of all ages. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are all great methods to let the public know about the goods and services that you are offering and to bring in new business.

The Local Newspaper

Your local newspaper is an inexpensive way to advertise your business. Placing an ad in the classifieds section or having a flyer printed and inserted inside for distribution are both excellent ways to inform the community of the services that you offer.


Flyers can easily be created and printed at your local print shop or from an online printing service. These flyers are a great way to highlight the main features of your business and drive clients to your business. They can be handed out at busy places like the local subway or train station, taken door-to-door and added to newspapers or community magazines.

Logos and Branding

Having a logo, a slogan and proper branding that is clear, concise and accurately depicts your business and what you offer will go a long way to increasing business. If your branding is confusing or doesn’t make sense, customers may be unsure what of who you are or how your company can help to fulfill their needs.

SEO Content

Search engine optimization (also known as SEO) is a great way to build your customer base and spread the word about your business. Social media and blog posts use SEO to drive business to your sites based on keyword searches. Having a knowledge of how search engines work and the algorithms that are used to determine which sites will appear when certain keywords are entered, will play a significant role in turning potential customers into paying customers.

Website Design

Having a website that is both comprehensive and easy to use is imperative for creating an optimal experience for customers. If your website is confusing or difficult to navigate then potential customers will be more likely to seek out your competition.

What marketing services are available?

Marketing your business can be a big task to take on and requires a great deal of knowledge about your customers and the industry. There are a wide variety of different services available that can make the task of promoting your business much easier. Some services that you may find useful include:

  • Website Creation – Companies such as WIX, Unbounce, Shopify and Weber all offer easy website creation
  • Graphic Design – A graphic designer can create your logo or any images that your business may need and can be hired on, Upwork, Fiverr or through a company such as Vistaprint or Simplee.
  • Customer Relationship Management – Also known as CRM, this service is provided by companies such as Hubspot and Zoho.

We’ve also put together a list of the top CRM software tools available on the market today. Take a look at the list and click any of the companies to see their in-depth profile.

There are many companies available that offer comprehensive marketing plans that will meet all of your marketing and advertising needs, all in one place, for a nominal fee. For more information on these companies and all of the services that they have to offer, click here!

Frequently asked questions about how to market my business

Do I have to market my business?

Yes. If you want your business to succeed, a proper marketing plan is imperative. In a competitive marketplace, like the ones we see today, in order for a company to stand out, attract customers and generate sales, some type of marketing strategy must be in place.

How much does a marketing service cost?

Depending on the type of services that your business requires a marketing service may charge anywhere from $20 to $5,000 per month. Large scale marketing solutions cost much more and can be tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Why is marketing considered the most important aspect of my business plan?

Marketing is the act of creating a brand and educating potential clients about the goods and services that you offer. Without this important step, clients will not be able to learn about your business and therefore won’t be compelled to purchase from you. It won’t matter how good the product you are selling is, if no one knows it exists. Marketing helps to get the word out and brings customers to you, growing your business and increasing sales.

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