Getting into investing has never been easier thanks to these platforms

Wealthsimple Robo-advisor, Investing, Savings 0.4% - 0.5% fee, plus 0.2% for
ETF purchases.
5-stars Canada,
United Kingdom
Start Investing
CI Direct Investing
0.35% - 0.6% based on the assets
under management
5-stars Canada Invest Now
Questrade Pre-Built Wealth Portfolios,
Self-Directed Investments
Self-Directed Investing: Stocks starting at
1 cent /share (min. $4.95 to max. $9.95).
Pre-built portfolio: Management fees
starting at 0.25%, 0.20%
after $100,000
5-stars Canada Start Investing
Silver Gold Bull Online Silver & Gold Bullion Seller Price Varies by the amount of
Gold/Silver You Buy
5-stars Worldwide Start Investing
Vaulted Buy, Sell, and Invest in Gold Online 0.4% annual maintenance fee.
Transaction fee: 1.8% of the
current wholesale market gold price
when buying or selling
5-stars Canada and USA Invest in Gold
goPeer Consumer Peer to Peer Lending, Investing Interest rates vary based
on the products
5-stars Canada Start Investing
Mylo Investing $3/month and $15/month plans 5-stars Canada Start Investing
Qtrade Investor Investing, Investor -Equities -
$8.75 Options - $8.75 + $1.25/contract
Investor Plus –
Equities - $6.95 Options
- $6.95 +
5-stars Canada Invest Now
TD Direct Investing WebBroker, Investing,
Trading, Money Management
Standard Rate: Stocks
- $9.99 flat
Options - $9.99 +
$1.25 per contract
Active Trader Pricing
Stocks - $7.00 flat
Options - $7.00 +
$1.25 per contract
5-stars Canada &
United States
Start Investing

Investing is putting your money into assets to get profits in the future. You could be doing this to save for your child’s education, retirement, or increase tax efficiency among other things. At first, investing may seem pretty difficult and confusing, because you might not know where to put your money, and you don’t want to lose it. However, some Canadian investment firms make investing easier than you know. We’ve compiled a list of 9 of these firms to help you invest easily. Click on any of the companies to learn more and start investing.


Wealthsimple has various financial tools for investing and growing your money in the long-term. On this platform, you may decide to invest on autopilot. They’ll help you create a portfolio based on your risk level and financial goals. By having various investments in your portfolio, you can maximize your returns while reducing the risks that would have been if you invested in only one thing. You could also trade on Wealthsimple with zero commission and invest in cryptocurrency, buying and selling crypto whenever you want. Join over 1.5 million people to grow your money on Wealthsimple today.

CI Direct Investing

CI Direct Investing is a Robo-advisor that helps you invest any amount you have very easily. Within minutes, you can get your professionally-handled portfolio. CI Direct Investing invests your money in various companies around the world with good stock. Their fees are less than most mutual funds, so you don’t have to worry about too much of your money going to them.

They also have certified financial planners that offer advice, so you can make better decisions when managing your money. CI Directing also has an app where you can check your investment and get financial advice when you need it.


On Questrade, you can invest yourself, building your investment portfolio from scratch with a self-directed account. You can also choose to get a pre-built portfolio designed by experts. The former helps you save money on fees, while the latter helps you achieve your goals faster. When experts design your portfolio, you are charged annual fees starting from 0.25% (drops to 0.20% after you pass the $100,000 mark). Questrade has no opening or closing fees or RRSP and TFSA account fees. You can also buy your ETFs with no commission. They help you save lots of money and put this into your investments to get returns.

Silver Gold Bull

If you’re looking for a way to invest in gold, silver, and platinum, Silver Gold Bull is a great place you can try. They provide you with a fantastic bullion buying experience, staying in touch with you throughout the process. Silver Gold Bull receives their products from reliable and reputable suppliers such as the Royal Canadian mint. They also ensure that you get authentic products. To place an order, you can either call them or do it online in a few minutes.


This is another option for investors looking to buy gold. Apart from providing Canadians with affordable gold, the process of buying gold at Vaulted is also very transparent. All you have to do is log on to the online mobile web app and purchase whatever amount of gold you want. Your gold bars are real and stored at the Royal Canadian Mint where it was manufactured. You can decide to take it out of the Mint whenever you want. It will be delivered to your location via FedEx within a week of request. To convert your gold back to money, you can sell it on Vaulted and transfer the money to wherever you want.


goPeer is a peer-to-peer lending company based in Toronto that helps people looking for loans to get it by linking them with people who want to invest. The investors on the platform could give either the full amount a borrower is looking for or pay part of the full sum. Investors get profit on the money they give out, while borrowers get the amount they need when they need it. The interest rate on personal loans ranges from 7.5% – 31.5% APR to be paid between 36 and 60 months.


Mylo (now known as Moka) encourages people to spend less and invest more. To use Moka, you only have to download the app on your phone, create an account, and link your bank. When you spend on your credit or debit card, Moka rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the change in a diversified portfolio. You get all Moka essential features for a flat fee of $3 monthly, with no hidden charges. You can also create goals on the app and save towards them. It is a great personal finance app.

Qtrade Investor

Qtrade Investor gives you everything you need to invest and trade. This online and mobile investment broker boosts your confidence in investing. They answer investment questions in their FAQ section, and you can also place calls to their client support to ask questions you haven’t found answers to. You also get investment tips delivered right to your inbox. Qtrade Investor is easy to use, has low commissions and fees, and provides you with good research tools and expert advice to help you trade better.

TD Direct Investing

This is another online trading and investment platform with various offers you can take advantage of. They’ve been around for over 30 years, advising and providing other services to investors across Canada. On the TD Direct Investing platform, you get access to various trading platforms such as the WebBroker. TD app, Advanced Dashboard, or Thinkorswim, based on whether you’re into investment or trading. They also have money-management tools. You can deposit using your phone or via other methods, invest automatically, transfer your account, and withdraw your money.

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