Comparing the Best Ecommerce Platform for Online Stores

Do you sell products to customers and would like to go online? You need a reliable e-commerce software then. With the software, you will be able to list your products on your website, take orders, set different prices, and even provides good customer service to retain your customers. Choosing the right e-commerce software from the hundreds available online may be a bit difficult.

So, here, we put together a list of the best e-commerce platforms for Canadians who want to create stores online. Click any of the links to get started on a platform.

Square E-commerce software, Website Builder, POS Membership: Free - $85/month.
Per transaction: $2.6% -2.9% + 30¢
5-stars Worldwide Start Now
Shopify E-commerce software, Website Builder,
POS, Payments, Shipping.
$29 - $299 USD/month 5-stars Worldwide Start Free Trial
WIX Website Builder, Domains, Personal & Business Solutions 4 plans ranging from $5 USD/month -
$29 USD/month
5-stars Worldwide Create Your Website
Sellfy E-commerce platform. Sell digital and physical products,
goods, and subscriptions
3 plans ranging from $19/month - $89/month 5-stars Worldwide Start Free Trial
WooCommerce E-commerce solution, Subscription, Payment,
Shipping, Marketing
No setup fees.
Transaction fees: 2.9% + $0.30
5-stars Worldwide Get Started
BigCommerce E-commerce platform 4 plans ranging from $29.95/month - $299.95/month 4.5-stars 150+ countries
including Canada
Get Started
Squarespace Website builder, Domain, Web Solutions Free trial.
Paid plans ranging from $12/month to $40/month
5-stars Worldwide Start for Free
Volusion E-commerce Website Store, Shopping Cart Software Four plans ranging from $29/month to $299/month 5-stars Worldwide Get Started
Magento E-commerce platform built on open source technology Price varies based on business size 5-stars Canada,
the United States,
and over
30 other countries.
Get Started


Square is a popular e-commerce solution for business owners. With secure credit card processing and point of safe solution among other features, Square has been able to secure millions of sellers and help them run their businesses.

You can create a free online store, syncing it to your inventory and social media pages to sell more goods. This platform also gives you delivery, pickup, and shipping options, making it easier for customers to find you and shop your products.


You must have heard of Shopify lots of times but haven’t tried it yet. Don’t waste more time thinking about how to launch your e-commerce store or guessing how hard it will be and how much time you’ll spend on it. Instead of doing that, hop on Shopify and start selling today.

You can choose from over 70 store themes, customize your site with the drag-and-drop builders, list your items, and get started. You need no coding or design skills to do this.

Shopify doesn’t require third-party accounts for you to receive payments on your credit cards. You can get this right away. It also comes with marketing tools or SEO that will rank your store and keep customers coming in.


WIX is a platform for creating, managing, and designing your e-commerce website. You can pick any of the free or professional templates to customize your site, or answer some basic questions to get your website designed for you.
After designing your site, you can add a blog to gain more visibility and use other advanced features WIX offers.

WIX websites are highly responsive. It has a mobile editor for creating a mobile-friendly website. So, your customers can enjoy shopping from any device.


Sellfy is one of the easiest ways to list products for sale on your website or social media. It is the best tool for sellers who hate complex processes but want good results. Setup for your e-commerce site is completed in 5 minutes. Once you sign up, add your products, and customize in a few steps. Then, you can go live. Get started with the 14-day free trial and subscribe at $19/month if you like the features.


WooCommerce is an easily-customizable, open-source e-commerce platform built for WordPress CMS. With WordPress, you publish from a single dashboard, saving you lots of time. WooCommerce offers secure payments, shipping options, and various extensions for extra features. Run your store wherever you are, tracking your sales, and processing orders on your mobile phone through the WooCommerce Mobile App.


BigCommerce regards itself as the e-commerce platform of the new era. They provide various opportunities to build, innovate, and grow your business. In only a few minutes after signing up, your site is ready to go live with your products listed on the store. Whether you have some design experience or not, you can create a beautiful store with the design tools available. BigCommerce also allows third-party app integrations and uses powerful analytics to understand customer data and insights. Start selling internationally with BigCommerce.


Squarespace is an all-in-one website builder, providing you with domains for your e-commerce store, beautiful designs, analytics, and many more features. Over 300,000 companies use Squarespace to share details about their business and sell products to customers. Choose a template, get a custom domain, customize your website using the website builder to fit your style, list your products, and hit publish. If you want, you can also add a blog to your site to bring in more cold leads.


Volusion is an e-commerce website store and shopping cart software that companies like Intel, Slickwraps, and 3M use. This platform is not as easy to use as Shopify, but it has superior analytics and data tools, allowing you to create more products that customers are interested in. It also comes with lots of payment gateways and a mobile app for ease of use. But, you can’t publish a blog or sell digital products.

Try Volusion!


This e-commerce platform is built on open source technology. We like Magento because of its powerful marketing, catalog-management, and search engine optimization tools. Expanding your e-commerce business is easy with Magento. It offers a variety of themes and plug-ins for easy customization and to improve customer experience, and also provides over 50 secure payment gateways, so customers never have any problems with paying for their purchases. Magento is best for new sellers with no design experience. As your business grows, you’ll need developers to improve the functionality of your site.

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