20 Ways to Make Money Online and Offline in 2021

If you have resolved, for the New Year, to be more prosperous, the following tips can help you realize your goals. Who knows? They may even lead you to more money paths to increase your income stream.

1. Work as a Virtual Assistant

If you like to stay busy with a variety of tasks, you, no doubt, will like working as a virtual assistant or VA. This money-making opportunity can be done at home. Plus, you can set up a virtual address. Doing so will help you attract more business. You can also work as a virtual assistant for a company. This new-fashioned way of working gives you plenty of latitude with respect to opportunities. To work as a VA, you need to know how to –

  • Send out email blasts or answer various types of correspondence
  • Make phone calls and answer calls
  • Conduct Internet research
  • Enter data on specific spreadsheets or forms
  • Write blog posts or articles
  • Schedule appointments or make travel reservations
  • Plan events
  • Perform various marketing tasks

Setting Up a Virtual Office Space

If you work from home, you need to set up your home office so it contains the following equipment or applications:

  • Scheduling software
  • Word and Excel
  • A Printer
  • A PC and a Laptop (if you need to work at a different location)
  • A Scanner
  • A Smartphone
  • Bookkeeping and tax software

As you can see, if you are well-organized and have the proper tools, you can begin earning money almost immediately. Seek work, to begin, on platforms, such as UpWork or sites designed for VAs, such as MY BUTLER.

2. Become a Tasker – Assemble Furniture, Offer Contactless Delivery, or Plant a Garden

You can put your mechanical skills to use by working as a furniture assembler, assembling beds, tables, and chairs for people who order furniture online or off-line. Sign up with TaskRabbit to display your specialized skill. You can also use the platform to advertise handyperson and moving and delivery services.
When you join the site, you become a Tasker. You can expand your reach as well by offering shopping services or featuring home assistance in the form of lawn or plant care, fence installations, or installations of outside fixtures, such as LED or solar lights.

3. Organize Homes and Offices or Provide Various Repair Services through HomeStars

If you consider yourself good at organizing, you might want to consider working as a professional residential or home business organizer and consultant. Besides transforming the interiors of closets, you can also use your organizational ability to revamp the arrangement of a home office or declutter a home or apartment.

Tip: You can get leads through the platform, HomeStars in Canada. You can also use the platform to advertise plumbing, heating and cooling repairs, appliance repairs, and moving services. If you need start-up capital, you can find resources for business loans that offer reasonable interest rates online. Apply for the funding to keep going while marketing your services online.

4. Sell Insurance Products

If you want to sell insurance in Canada, you can only sell the product in the province in which you are licensed. Therefore, if you wish to sell in another province, you also need to obtain licensing in that province.

To begin the process, you need to be sponsored by an insurance provider. Therefore, you should first contact companies or answer ads that hold an interest for you. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Get employed by a company who will sponsor you. You can find listings at brokerages, financial agencies, and insurance companies.
  • Find out what training you need to complete to sell insurance in your province. You can do this by contacting your provincial department of finance or an insurance ministry in your province to learn more about licensing courses.
  • Apply for an insurance license in your province of residence, providing documented proof that you completed the necessary courses.
  • Pass the provincial licensing exam, if required.
  • Pass a criminal background check, if necessary.

You should renew your license, once you receive it, every 2 years. If the license expires or your employer terminates you, you will have to reapply for the license as if you were a new agent.

5. Offer Bookkeeping Services

You can also get a remote job or job in a company performing bookkeeping services. If you have not worked as a bookkeeper before, you can get training quickly through a distance learning company, such as ICS Canada. The ICS program takes about 6 months, and is recognized by the Canadian Bookkeepers Association (CBA). If you love to crunch numbers and enjoy details, this is the job for you.

6. Work as a Virtual Researcher

If you love to research a variety of topics and like detail, then working as a virtual researcher may be a job you’ll love. You can find virtual research jobs in all sorts of fields, including the legal, medical, and science areas. Some jobs are platform-based, such as the listings on sites, such as Wonder, while other jobs may include helping a client write a research paper or finding answers for the author or publisher of a book or online publication.

7. Become a Social Media Manager or Influencer

The idea of working as a Social Media Manager (SMM) is to protect your client’s reputation on social media platforms and drive sales for your client from the sites. You can get Facebook Blueprint certification in several areas. These certifications can assist you in getting business and developing a social media influence online.

6. Provide English Tutoring Services Online

If you have a web cam, personal computer or laptop, and a quiet space at home, you can tutor students in English. Platforms that hire English tutors may require a university degree or TEFL, although these prerequisites are not always necessary. Most of the students you will be tutoring will usually be based in China. VIPKid is an example of a popular English learning platform.

9. Publish a Kindle eBook

Do you love to write recipes or do you want to tell a story? If so, you can also earn money by writing a Kindle eBook. You can create a book in your spare time that will allow you to make a future income. The key is to provide an eye-capturing cover and content that will hold your reader’s interest. Popular topics today include the following:

  • Health, fitness, and dieting
  • Relationships and parenting
  • Cookbooks
  • Politics
  • Money and business
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Biographies and memoirs
  • Self-help

Find a genre in which you want to write and write a series of books on the topics. Develop of following to earn a passive income from the Kindle e-books you sell.

10. Translate Documents

If you can speak or write in more than one language, you may want to consider offering translation services. The most popular, or high-demand, languages include Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Korean.

11. Become a Freelance Proofreader

If you like detail and want to work on your own, you will like working as a proofreader. As a proofreader, you only need to check a final “proof” before a text is published. You do not have to rewrite anything or make revisions to the copy. You are the final check before the content is published. Revising or making grammatical corrections is the job of the copyeditor.

One way to make proofing easier is to download an app, such as iAnnotate. That way, you can work just about anywhere at any time. Advertise proofreading services on platforms, such as CraigsList. or include the services in a menu of freelance writing services.

12. Feature Cooking Videos and Classes Online

If you love to cook, why not feature online cooking tips on YouTube? You can be the next Julia Childs on the Internet. Create specialty cuisine, such as Italian recipes, Asian dishes, or American favorites. Besides presenting videos, you might think about hosting digital cooking classes as well.

13. Write Newsletters or Supply Newsletter Content

You can make money, as well, by offering to write newsletters or provide the material for newsletters for companies or niche organizations.

For example, you can provide written material for newsletters for niche institutions such as hospitals or organizations, such as non-profits. By providing specialty writing services, you can narrow down your audience and make researching and adding content an easier undertaking.

14. Walk Dogs

If you love dogs, dog walking can become quite lucrative, especially if you walk several dogs each day at a rate of $15.00 per hour. You can advertise your services by printing flyers or apply to a site, such as Rover.com. You can also connect with Rover and offer pet-sitting services.

15. Work as a Copyeditor

Although a copyeditor is often mistaken as a proofreader, you must have different skills to do this type of work. The copyeditor checks for grammar mistakes, and punctuation, spelling, or style issues before a manuscript is prepared for a proofreader. You can offer this service as part of a freelance writing and editing package.

16. Get Involved in Multi-level Marketing

If you want to get involved in direct sales, but also want to be part of a supportive network of marketers, you may want to check out the popular MLM opportunities offered in Canada today. The top companies include the following:

  • Avon (Cosmetics)
  • Herbalife (Health)
  • Vorwerk (Household)
  • Mary Kay (Cosmetics)
  • Infinitus (Health)
  • Tupperware (Kitchen)
  • Nu Skin (Skin Care)
  • Primerica (Financial and Insurance)

Find the product that interests you the most and follow the marketing guidelines. You can make as much as you want, provided you are willing to set aside time to work on the program.

17. Design and Sell Logos

If you consider yourself creative, logo design may provide a good way to make money. To begin, use a program, such as Photoshop, and see what you can create. You can find jobs for logo designers on sites, such as UpWork, or sell your creations on platforms such as Brandcrowd.

18. Write Content

If you believe you have a way with words, you can produce content for websites, blogs, landing pages, and eBooks. You can often find work on sites, such as UpWork, or check out listings on CraigsList or sites such as ProBlogger.

19. Become an SEO Consultant

You will also attract work and money by offering skills as an SEO consultant. People want their sites to rank high in the search results, so they want to find someone who offers the services to make it happen. You can get SEO training by enrolling online at the SEMRush Academy. The virtual training is free. Yoast Academy also offers a free course for beginners. To access all the academy courses on the Yoast, you have to pay $89 for the year.

20. Sell Videos

In addition, you can make money by producing video content. The best way to begin is to set up an account with YouTube. To become a content creator through the channel, you need a view time of 4,000 hours and have a subscriber base of 1,000 people. By sharing your video through a variety of platforms, you can get noticed faster than what you might imagine. While waiting to make money on YouTube, you might also sell your videos on popular platforms such as Vimeo and Uscreen.

In Conclusion

The above listing is a small sampling of the ways you can make money in 2021. Online technologies and platforms give you plenty of ways to produce an income through social media channels, sites like Shopify or Etsy, or through your own resources via online ads.

Whether you are seeking to make a passive income or invest in MLM, you can find a way to generate an income quickly or gradually. You can also reap monetary rewards by investing in stocks or by day trading. The world is your oyster today, as you can find ways to make money by applying online, saving what your make, buying a business, starting a business, or increasing your wealth online.

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