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The Canadian city of Clarenville, Newfoundland is home to the deepest, best sheltered, ice-free port on Newfoundland’s east coast, making it well suited for commercial shipping and recreational boating. With both commercial shipping and recreational boating being dependant on having the proper equipment, it’s essential for the citizens of Clarenville to be aware of the various options for equipment financing or leasing that are available to them. Different kinds of equipment are accessible through equipment loans such as trucks and trailers, heavy machinery equipment, buses and coaches, manufacturing equipment, agricultural and farm equipment, construction equipment, transportation equipment and more. All of the most reputable loan providers based out of Clarenville, Newfoundland are a part of Smarter Loans, an online catalogue of equipment financing providers.

With Smarter Loans, you can get any type of equipment that you may need in Clarenville, since the process has been simplified to no more than an online application. Just think of all of the trucks and trailers loans, medical equipment loans, manufacturing equipment loans, transportation equipment loans, golf equipment loans, bus and coach loans and more that are now within your reach. You’ll find a specific section for equipment financing providers based out of Clarenville, Newfoundland by scrolling down. Each company has an “Apply Now” button next to their name along with their rates, terms and products displayed alongside them. Although they are all prepared to help you, you’ll have to narrow it down to one. Once you’ve done so, you’ll just need to complete a quick online application that includes just a few simple qualifying questions. You can also pre-apply through Smarter Loans if you’d prefer to skip the research. In that case, we’ll select a loan provider from Clarenville, Newfoundland based on your unique circumstances.

Clarenville By the Numbers

  • Clarenville’s average household income is $93,700.
  • Based on the latest stats, on the average, employment income in Clarenville is at $51,500 per month.
  • The employment rate in Clarenville is 60%.
  • Clarenville, incorporated in 1951, is a municipality in Eastern Newfoundland. The recent estimates put Clarenville’s population at 6,300.
  • Clarenville’s key hiring industries are utilities, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction, management of companies and enterprises.
This data was researched in 2019 and uses various information resources, including Canada’s National Statistics Agency, etc., where the information can be as of an older date. The facts above may change as new information becomes available. We do our best to keep the information up to date.

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