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As one of Quebec’s larger cities, Laval offers all the benefits of a large city while still giving its residents access to a lake and beautiful scenery. As home to thousands, Laval is home to both individuals and families in every financial bracket and stage of their career. If your credit score isn’t as good as it could be, getting approved for a loan in Laval with one of the major banks or lending institutions can be difficult, as most only work with a small range of credit scores. At Smarter Loans, we understand that you are looking for fast and simple approval, and to see the funds in your bank account as quickly as possible. Though finding a loan on the traditional route can be nearly impossible if your score isn’t ideal, there are solutions available to you.Don’t let the lack of support from the big lenders stop you from working with a reputable company that offers the support you need.

There are actually a variety of financing solutions available around Laval. One of the best solutions to finding a bad credit loan in Laval is the online installment loan. These loans usually work with a larger variety of credit scores, and come with interest rates and payment terms that won’t break your bank. Don’t let a low credit score stop you from moving forward. Applying for an online loan in Laval is simple. If you are interested in applying online for a bad credit loan in Laval, check out the list of lending institutions below to see what each one is currently offering. You can apply to any of the lenders with a simple application from their profile pages, or submit a form right here on Smarter Loans to let us help you connect with the right lender for your circumstances.


Laval at a Glance

  • Average HI is $85,900.
  • Based on the most recent independent research, on the average each resident of Laval makes $41,500 per month.
  • Based on the latest stats, an average consumer debt in Laval is at $30,000. For this benchmark Laval is below Quebec’s average.
  • Laval’s biggest hiring industries are construction, finance and insurance, administrative and support, waste management and remediation services.
  • Laval year of incorporation: 1965 is positioned in Southwestern Quebec. According to the latest Census the population of Laval amounts to 423,000.
This data was researched in 2019 and uses various information resources, including Canada’s National Statistics Agency, etc., where the information can be as of an older date. The facts above may change as new information becomes available. We do our best to keep the information up to date.

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Bad Credit Loans are usually utilized for the following goals (including but not limited to)

  • gaining medium to relatively large sums of cash almost immediately
  • obtaining a loan with minimal documentation
  • obtaining a loan with poor credit
  • consolidating and paying off debts with higher weighted average interest rates
  • paying off higher interest loans like credit cards

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