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Online Loans in Ontario

Online loans offer people in Ontario a new way to seek out financing. Whether you need money to pay for unexpected expenses, fix your car, go on vacation, or expand your business, online loans in Ontario can be a quick financing solution for your immediate needs. The approval process for an online loan in Ontario is quick and simple. You can finally avoid long line-ups and filling out tons of paperwork. Upon completing a simple online application, you can expect to receive the funds you applied for in a matter of days. Here at Smarter Loans, we’ve saved you time by doing the heavy lifting for you.

Outlined in the list below, you will see a list of credible lenders that offer online loans in Ontario. Take some time to look at what each lender has to offer by comparing their different interest rates, products offered, payment terms, key qualifications, and customer reviews. Once you’ve found the loan plan you’re interested in. simply click “Apply Now” next to your preferred lender. You will then be redirected to their website to start the online application. You also have the option to pre-apply right here with Smarter Loans. We will help you find the right lender that will process your Ontario online loan request immediately. Your lender will be in touch with you shortly to process your loan request in as little as 24 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions About Online Loans in Ontario

How do I apply for an online loan in Ontario?

If you live in Ontario, applying for an online loan is convenient and easy. The first thing you’ll need to do is collect your supporting paperwork. Each loan provider requires slightly different documentation, but at a minimum you should have ready your:

  • ID
  • Proof of address
  • Income or employment information (such as pay stubs or bank statements)

With this information, you’ll be able to fill in an online loan application form and submit it for review. If successful, you’ll receive a loan offer, which you need to sign to accept. Your loan funds will be released shortly after this.

Where in Ontario can I get an online loan from?

There are dozens of online loan options for Ontario’s 14.5 million residents, and sorting the wheat from the chaff may seem like a big task – but it needn’t be. We’ve got you started by curating the list above; the companies named here are vetted to be reputable and reliable. This is a big hurdle out of the way, as some online lenders can be predatory or untrustworthy. You’re still left with plenty of choice though, and online loans can come from a variety of sources – banks, credit unions, online-only financial institutions, alternative lenders, specialty lenders, and more. The right lender for you will depend on your exact needs and circumstances.

What’s the best interest rate I can get with an Ontario online loan?

Interest rates on online loans can be very variable, with some as low as 5%, and some as high as 50%. The rate you’ll get depends on the lender you go to, your loan details, and your personal circumstances. For example, Ontario’s most financially secure borrowers will be charged the lowest interest rates, as they are considered a ‘safer bet’. Those with poor credit or low income will be charged more.

How much can I borrow with an online loan in Ontario?

This depends on the lender you go to and your circumstances. Online loans are available for up to $50,000 for Ontarians who qualify, but most people borrow around $10,000 with an online loan. You’ll be able to borrow more if you have high income, good credit, or assets to secure your loan against.

What are some alternatives to an online loan?

Online loans are popular across Ontario because they offer fast cash and are extremely convenient, but you should know that you have other options that may be better suited to your particular needs. Other loan types that may work for you and that are available throughout the province include:

  • Secured personal loan
  • Installment loan
  • Auto loan
  • Title loan
  • Line of credit
  • Debt consolidation loan
  • Home equity loan
  • Credit card
  • Peer-to-peer loan
  • Guaranteed loan

I’m new to Ontario; can I get an online loan?

Most online loan providers perform a credit check when considering a loan application, and this can present a challenge to those who are new to Canada. If you don’t have a credit history in the country, you won’t have a credit report yet! However this obstacle can be overcome if you can provide other financial documentation to support your loan application. You may also want to consider a no-credit check loan as an alternative, or until you have built up your credit history in the country. If you’ve moved to Ontario from another province, then your credit history will follow you across the country, so you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

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