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There are hundreds of banks, credit unions, insurance companies, institutional mortgage lenders, private mortgage lenders, and an unknown number of individual private mortgage lenders. As a result, there are countless mortgage solutions, each with its specific interest rate, fees, terms, and conditions.

We couple all of the possible options with our ‘outside the box’ thinking to provide investors with unique solutions for their specific financing needs. Inquire to see if you qualify for one of our zero down payment solutions.

  • TIME IN BUSINESS: Since 2007
  • # OF CUSTOMERS: Over 1,000
  • TOTAL FUNDED: Over $100M
  • LOANS OFFERED: Mortgages
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Conditions & Rates

Interest rate Varies Amount$50,000 – $100M Term Varies

Eligibilty & Documents

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Repayment & Issuance

How fast can you get the money Within 2-4 weeks How Fast to get approved Under 48 hours How does repayment work Inquire

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Avg. Rating: 5.0 (1 review)
Great service

The people at REICO are very knowledgeable about all things real estate in Canada. I would highly recommend!

Bethany W.

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