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Fast Access Financial
Fast Access Financial: 10 Years of Treating Customers Like People, Not Numbers
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
Though they operate primarily through the Internet, Fast Access Financial is in many ways Canada’s anti-computer algorithm lender. The online lender opened its digital doors to the public in April 2008 from its headquarters in Pickering, Ontario with the goal of providing an alternative to Beacon Credit Score-based traditional lenders. Over the past decade they’ve loaned millions in personal, car title and closing cost loans as well as mortgages to thousands of Canadians based in the provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta.
Merchant Advance Capital
How Merchant Advance Capital is Doubling Down On Its Commitment to Canadian Businesses
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
As businesses grow from startups to success stories they often look to new markets where they can expand their operations. After eight years building a reputation as a reliable and friendly business lender in Canada, however, Merchant Advance Capital is instead growing the suite of products and services it offers its existing client base in the Great White North.
Fetch Auto
How Fetch Auto Brings Dealership-Level Services to Private Online Auto Sales
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
Private car sales often had to take place through unverified ads on online public forums; there was no financial assistance of any kind, nor any inspection of the vehicle by a licensed professional, and certainly no way to guarantee the safety and security of either buyer or seller.
Former Bank Executives Launch To Fill Canada’s Small Business Lending Gap
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
Rather than spending countless hours preparing applications and business plans only to wait weeks or even months to find out if they qualify for a bank loan, small businesses across Canada are now able to visit and get funded in as fast as 48 hours.
OnDeck's Success Story in Serving Small Businesses
Mashoka is a journalist for the London Press and the National Post, currently specializing in finance, business and technology.
One of the pioneers in Canada’s fintech lending space, OnDeck fills the financing gap to small businesses such as local hairdressers, restaurants and mom and pop shops – often underserved by the major banks.
Company Capital
Alternative Lender Company Capital Recognizes “Stuff Happens” To Every Small Business
Joel Schlesinger is an experienced Winnipeg-based freelance journalist specializing in personal finance and other subjects. Joel has been featured in top publications across Canada.
Unexpected stuff happens to every small businesses. It can be an unplanned opportunity or an unexpected emergency. And for alternative lender Company Capital, those are the stories they hear regularly from potential borrowers. One of the nation’s most successful fintech lenders, providing short-term loans to small businesses, its ability to scratch below the surface of a computer algorithm to understand its customers is what sets it apart.
Magical Credit
Making the Holidays Magical
Patti’s writing has been published in a range of Canadian magazines and newspapers, including the Globe and Mail, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun and Maclean’s. She has won a Canadian Association of Journalism (CAJ) award for investigative magazine journalism and has been a Gold Medal winner and Top 5 Finalist in the KRW Canadian Business Press awards.
The holiday season creates pressure to spend—but many people find themselves short of cash. Either way, the children still need their prezzies and people still want to make the holidays a special time for their families. With flexible short term loans, Magical Credit gives Canadians a better financial option to get through the spending-heavy holiday season.
Financial Literacy and Well-Being is a Year-Round Mission for Borrowell
Mashoka is a journalist for the London Press and the National Post, currently specializing in finance, business and technology.
One of the country’s leading fintech innovators, Borrowell is committed to helping their clients better understand their credit health by offering them the option to monitor their credit scores on a monthly basis – the first company in Canada to do so for free. They also provide free educational tools, such as a seven-week email course, to help customers learn and understand what they need to do to improve their score.
Why Canadians are Embracing a European FinTech Pioneer
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
Ferratum now offers customers micro loans from $100 to $1,000 for a term of up to 62 days to help Canadians get back on track financially.
Cashco Financial
Cashco Financial Offers Canadians a Better Alternative to Payday Loans
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
Cashco now offers customers installment or “flex” loans from $500 to $7,000 for a term of up to 60 months to help them make ends meet without having to turn to a payday loan provider.
Magical Credit
Magical Credit’s New Product Helps High Risk Borrowers Build Back Their Credit
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
Magical Credit, the short term lender known for helping its customers get out of the payday loan cycle through manageable low monthly payments, has added a new product to its offering for those farthest in the deep-end.
Borrowell is Commited to Helping Canadians Improve Their Credit Health
Joseph is an experienced writer in the fields of Business, Technology and Finance in Canada. Joseph has been featured in Betakit, National Post, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun, Regina Leader Post, Techvibes and BC Business Online.
Borrowell is a fintech startup based in Toronto that uses technology to make financial services fast, fair and friendly. Along with offering Canadians access to their credit scores for free, Borrowell believes Canadians deserve more choice and more transparency when it comes to their personal finances.
Evolocity Financial Group: Cash Advance or Small Business Loan
Michael Dautner is the editor-in-chief at, an international financial technology website. Based in New York, Michael is a FinTech expert, published in numerous top-tier publications in North America.
Evolocity has set out with one main goal in mind, to offer Canadian SMBs access to the working capital they so desperately need to sustain operations, and to offer it to them quickly and easily.
Lending Loop
Peer-to-Peer Lending Has Finally Arrived in Canada
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
After providing small businesses with impossibly low lending rates while bringing high returns to everyday investors in places like China, the United States and the UK, peer-to-peer lending has finally made its way to Canada.
Magical Credit
Subprime Loans Leading the Fintech Revolution
Joel Schlesinger is an experienced Winnipeg-based freelance journalist specializing in personal finance and other subjects. Joel has been featured in top publications across Canada.
There’s no magic behind the success of Toronto-based subprime lender Magical Credit. Rather its rise is largely tied to advent of what’s referred to as the fintech revolution. The upstart financial company has quickly established a niche in the Canada’s lending marketplace as online provider of medium-term, fixed loans to Canadians in a cash flow crunch often with nowhere else to turn.
Company Capital
Company Capital’s Midas Touch is its Personal Touch
Mashoka is a journalist for the London Press and the National Post, currently specializing in finance, business and technology.
Easy application and turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours means Canadian small business owners can have money in their hands sooner and easier than ever
Magical Credit
Installment Loans Explained by Magical Credit
Mashoka is a journalist for the London Press and the National Post, currently specializing in finance, business and technology.
More and more Canadians are turning to installment loans as high-interest payday loans continue to build a bad rap in the alternative financing world. In this feature, Magical Credit explains installment loans, a better alternative to the familiar payday loan.
Company Capital
How Fintech is Changing the Game for Canadian Small Businesses
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
The Fintech industry is changing the way Canadian small businesses are accessing growth capital. Lenders like Company Capital are able to help the small businesses that are rejected by the banks, by offering them a quick and easy alternative.
Magical Credit
Magical Credit Makes the Hectic Holiday Season a Little Easier
Michael Dautner is the editor-in-chief at, an international financial technology website. Based in New York, Michael is a FinTech expert, published in numerous top-tier publications in North America.
Unlike other Canadian lenders, Magical Credit does not make applicants jump through an unsightly amount of hoops in order to be approved for a simple quick cash loan. When it comes to the holiday season, this difference is paramount for consumers with apparent bad credit.
Magical Credit
Magical Credit Helps Canadians Break the Payday Loan Cycle
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
Those who have taken out a payday loan know how easy it is to get into a cycle of debt, and how difficult it is to break free. Magical Credit helps Canadians break the vicious payday loan cycle by offering a much more affordable and convenient option.
Company Capital
Company Capital is Changing the Traditional Loan Process for the Better
Michael Dautner is the editor-in-chief at, an international financial technology website. Based in New York, Michael is a FinTech expert, published in numerous top-tier publications in North America.
Company Capital is in the corner of the Canadian small business owner, offering an alternative to the traditional loan process—with a personable element to boot. Their structure is designed to get you and your business on its way to success, and they do that by making the loan application process as easy as striking up a conversation.
Evolocity Brings Speed and Efficiency to Small Business Lending
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
Today, small businesses looking for a loan or cash advance of $10,000 to $250,000 only need to spend about 8 minutes on the Evolocity website, and if approved will receive a loan within 48 hours, no pen or paper required. In fact, the entire process can be completed on a mobile device.
Customization and Partnerships Set Grow Financial Apart
Patti’s writing has been published in a range of Canadian magazines and newspapers, including the Globe and Mail, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun and Maclean’s. She has won a Canadian Association of Journalism (CAJ) award for investigative magazine journalism and has been a Gold Medal winner and Top 5 Finalist in the KRW Canadian Business Press awards.
Grow Financial is growing again: The Vancouver-based lending platform, which launched a partnership with Saskatchewan’s Conexus Credit Union in April, says another partnership is in the works for later this year with BC’s First West Credit Union.
BDC's Small Business Loan: Easy as Asking for a Credit Card
Suzanne is a Montreal based journalist, covering business for over 30 years. Her work has been featured on CBC, les affaires and other top tier publishers.
The Business Development Bank of Canada’s online small business loan program is simple, easy, flexible and quick. Edmonton-based online apparel retailer Gord Gable recently used it to upgrade his company’s website and called the experience ¨fanstastic¨.
Thinking Capital
Catching up with Canada’s oldest alternative lender
Ryan is the editor of AltFi News and an expert in the alternative finance space. He has been featured in the Guardian,, and is a regular guest on radio.
The recently published “Breaking New Ground: The Americas Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report” – spearheaded by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance – explores a market which produced $36.49 billion in funding volume in 2015. Of that total, Canada generated $206.96 million, up 240% from the $60.81 million that was recorded in 2014. The Cambridge report focused solely on the exchange-based platforms, i.e. marketplace lenders and a range of crowdfunders. Despite the somewhat limited scope of this report, it’s clear that Canada’s alternative finance space – while growing – is at an earlier stage in its growth trajectory than its neighbour the US (which has produced c. 99% of the funding that has to date been delivered by alternative financiers in the Americas).
easyfinancial offers borrowers more than cash – it offers a “second chance”
Mashoka is a journalist for the London Press and the National Post, currently specializing in finance, business and technology.
In a country that owns the bragging rights to having the highest household debt of any G7 nation – and with a glaring need for loan options, personal lender easyfinancial steps in to help those Canadians who have been turned away by big banks.
OnDeck to Expand Successful SMB Lending Platform in Canada
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
Since its first loan in 2007 OnDeck has received stellar reviews from third party rating systems, including an A+ rating from the New York Better Business Bureau, a Net Promoter Score of 73 and a rating of 9.5 out of 10 in customer reviews on TrustPilot. The company is also listed on the York Stock Exchange under the symbol ONDK, and market insight publication Seeking Alpha recently called OnDeck a “fast growing fintech with revenue growth projected at 30% for the next few years.”
Borrowell Finds Early Successes With All-Star Backers
Jared Lindzon is a regular contributor to top tier publications around the world, including Fortune Magazine, Fast Company, the Guardian, Rolling Stone, the Globe and Mail, and many more.
The startup’s star studded team of investors and advisors includes former Dragon on CBC’s Dragons’ Den and author of the Wealthy Barber David Chilton, former dean of the Rotman School of Management Roger Martin, and the president of the Ranson Group, Sharon Ranson. “They have to find the capital, and you know that anybody providing the capital, they have to be incredibly thorough in their due diligence to make sure the Borrowells of the world are well run, have the proper security in place, have a great management team and so on,” said Mr. Chilton. “They've done an excellent job in that and in establishing a lot of relationships.”
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Splash Auto Finance by Rifco
Great company
Very easy to deal with. Treat people with respect.
This is my second time I borrowed from this company they are very easy to deal with they very professional and help you what you needed done they immediately do it glad i found this company give them 101% ratings check them out !
Loan Away
Second loan
Second loan from loan Away and second time very happy. Thanks
Nora Horner
Loan Away
Quick online service
I leave far from money lending stores. Loan Away allowed me to apply online and I got my money. Overall process and support is good. Big thanks to Rose for explaining me everything in details over the phone.
Ammy Neal
Loan Away
Good company
Good company to take a personal loan from. Even though I had a bad payment history, my application for 3000$ was approved and I got money directly to my account. Recommend them to everyone.
Embe Roy
Loan Away
I have bad computer skills, so I called them for help and a very nice lady guided me through the application process. Got my money. Thanks
I got my 3rd loan from ferratum
I got my third loans from ferratum. The service is great and if you need to reloans just send them an email and they will reply right away. Compare to other lending company ferratum do not charge hidden fees and other BS service fees.
Ferratum Customer
Fast Access Financial
Happy Customer
Nancy was very nice! I've had a few loans with her and have been very pleased with the service.
Excellent lender
I was amazingly surprise on how fast they called me. And I was approved. Ther personnel is professional and friendly. I recommended Mogo to all my friends.
Fides Inarweze
Very quick service great customer … awesome team
Very quick service great customer service understood the customer needs got my application approved with very affordable terms of repayment. Keep up the great job.
Nice Customer Service
Nice customer service and easy & fast loan processing.
Fetch Auto
With Fetch, I was able to access the resources that I needed, when I needed them, all in an easy to use and FAST experience. Highly recommend!
Submitted for loan
Mahbub Hossain
Evolocity is a 5 star lender in my books!!
Canada Drives
pleasantly surprised
I was pleasantly surprised with the help I received. I wasn't judged for my current situation and all correspondence I had with your staff was a positive one. Thank you for helping me and I look forward in receiving more help in order to consolidate my debt.
Good Experience
Good experience, no problems, no hassles, easy to get the loan I needed.
Robert M
Credit 700
Best Service
Best service hands down for this type of loan. I have recommended to anyone short of cash for unforeseen expenses.
Richard Vance
Brilliant Company
Brilliant company, very easy and straightforward. Would certainly recommend 100%.
Guardian Leasing
Landscape equipment
These guys were outstanding in getting us a fast approval with a great lease rate. We were able to buy higher end equipment that will save us money in the long run. Nice to see they now service London (Ontario).
Mark Adams
Consolidated Credit
Thank you!
This has been the best decision of my life! The credit counsellors are quick with responses, they know their stuff and they have helped me with a kindness and consideration that I will never forget. Thanks Consolidated Credit!
Quick and Painless
Great service, fairly efficient.
Fresh Start Finance
Worked Great for Me
I applied and was called a couple minutes later. I actually ended up doing most of the application by text message which was super convenient. Got my loan the next day - couldn't be happier with the service. Thx Josh you really made it easy!
Sally Mantel
Company Capital
Quick and easy to deal with
Top notch, quick, respectful service. Easy and fast to apply and get approved. I have been very impressed with this company.
Angiola De Stefanis
Instant Loans Canada
Good service
I used my car as collateral to get a loan for $12,000. The process took a few days but at the end I got the money that I was looking for. Thanks!
Loan SOS
They came to the rescue when i needed them most. Had a tough 2 weeks and really needed to pay off some bills. I appreciate their help and will use them again if needed.
Loan or Credit
Only ones that helped
I tried getting a loan from about 5 different places and these guys were the only ones that actually helped me.
Keystone Finance
Credit recovery
When I first dealt with Keystone I remember the relief I felt in resolving the mistakes I had previously made. I have my self-esteem back and know there are people willing to help. Today I am able to deal with my bank again, and it’s all because Keystone showed me how.”
DMO Credit
They came through
I was in need of a quick $500 loan to pay some bills before my next paycheck. DMO credit was able to help me out with their payday loan.
Good to go
Needed $750 quickly. Credit2Go was bale to help me quickly. Overall great experience with them.
Payday King
Payday King helped save my fish
My fish tank sprang a leak six days before my next paycheque! PaydayKing was there so FAST with the emergency FUNDS. Thanks to PaydayKing, my fish can now swim stress free!
BHM Financial
Much appreciated
Lifesavers! They helped me when I went through a financial crisis. Not only was there customer service perfect but the terms and conditions actually helped me get a footing. They also helped me boost my credit history.
Red Payday
Good service
I needed a payday loan and these guys were able to fund me within 2 days.
Very Pleased
I've dealt with them 2 times and both times quick and easy service . Friendly staff .
514 Loans
My experience with 514 Loans
Since being with 514 loan my experience has been good. They offer a range of different loan amounts, keep in mind it will depend on a few factors, employment, income, they will offer you the best loan that will make it easier to payback. Once approved the funds will be deposited into your bank account right away.
Credit Club
Nothing but good things to say
I have used this service several times. Every time I have needed it it has been consistently quick to apply, quick to approve, and quick to receive the money. It was especially good that repeat customers are able to have an E transfer done of the funds within 2 to 3 hours of approval. The process is simple and neatly laid out. The integration of checking your bank makes everything easier. There's no messing around with paystubs and bank statements. When I have spoken to the people in customer service on the phone they have been nothing but helpful and polite and friendly. Responses to my emails have been prompt and they have always resolved any issues. They have a 24 hour money back guarantee. If you don't need it anymore you can return the money and at no charge. All in all, needing a payday loan is not something that people look forward to, but if you do, then this place is the place to go.
Pamela W
Fina Capitale
Very helpful
They do their best to help when you are in a tight spot and no one else will help.
Customer First Financing
Happy Customer
I just got a 2nd loan from them, I deal with Ruth, she is very helpful and does everything she can to help you. I will definitely continue to use them.
Drive Now Canada
Easy and quick
We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have Drive Now Canada prepare our Auto Loan Approval. We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they… handled the rest
The Payday Loans
Good service
Excellent customer service and reliable Canadian Company.
Red Leaf Loans
Fast and Reliable
They did a great job of getting back to me once I submitted my application. Got funded within a day and they were upfront about everything. Great company.
Mr. Payday
Appreciate the service
I am very appreciative of the service and the assistance I got. I would have no issue recommending this company for a pay loan...Thank you for your help.
James A.
GE Capital
Helped my business
I was in need of some capital to expand my business and GE Capital was able to work out a great plan for me. Their help was intrumental in helping me scale my business. Would recommend.
Karl K
A personal loan is convenient — it just works for me. Whenever I come in to the branch or I’m on the phone, it’s always a positive experience. Good people, good surroundings, positive atmosphere. I would recommend this place to anybody.
John F
Focus Financial
Got what I wanted
The application process took a bit longer than expected but in the end I got the loan I was looking for.
Instant Payday Canada
Great Option
Happy with the service and offer that i got
Cash 4 You
Good model
They have convenient hours, lots of locations they have a low interest rate, you can refer friends and get money for doing it. They will cash any of your checks so that you have money till your next payday.
Cash Money
Good service
Awesome customer service! Cheque cashing and pay day loans are cheaper than with other payday lenders
Private Loan Shop
Super fast
Excellent online payday lender with low rates and easy loan form. I was especially content with how fast the process was.
James C
Loan Express
Got the money I needed quickly. Simple application process.
Speedy Cash
Treated well
They always treat me like a valued customer in store and over the phone. I'm happy that I found a new spot that actually explains every detail of the loan.
Northn Loans
Having tried the fast and professional service from North'n Loans, I was completely satisfied and pleasantly surprised to get the money the very next day already. Thanks, will apply again in case of need!
310 Loan
Quick Cash
Needed money quickly and these guys were able to help me out.
Very helpful with clear instructions
Very helpful, clear instructions and no pain on submitting documents.
My Canada Payday
These guys are great no problems what so ever. Everything worked exactly how they said it would and was very quick and efficient. Have used them three times and was a great experience everytime. 5 stars out of 5!
Jon R
Capital Trust Financial
Pleasure to deal with
I have been dealing with these guys for a long time and they are one of the most professional companies I have ever dealt with and the most reasonable payment options for clients.
Capital Cash
Helped in time of need
Capital Cash really saved me big time. I was short on cash and was worried about how to fix it. Thank you very much!
Diamond Financial
Good service
I needed to pay for a car repair and was able to get $1,000 quickly. They were helpful and friendly.
Got funded!
Needed some quick cash and was able to get a loan for $500 from Lamina.
Needed a car loan and applied with them. Got connected to a lender quick. Overall good service.
Good service
I reached out to them with a lot of questions about a mortgage. They answer every question and help connect me with a good lender. Happy with the service.
We Can Financial
Know their stuff
Their team is very knowledgeable and was very helpful. They take the team to understand your situation and really care to help you out.
Bridgewater Bank
Would recommend
I m happy with them, had a good broker working on behalf from dominion lending centre. Smooth closing no headaches, this is why i will be referring friends and family.
B2B Bank
Great experience with B2B
Everything went well. Was able to assist me with all my needs. Customer service was excellent! Would give 10/10.
Canada Car Loans
Helped me out
A lot of mainstream lenders had turned me down for car financing because my credit rating wasn't great. Canada Car Loans looked past that and offered me a fantastic deal.
Got approved
I applied at a couple of different places but Lend Direct was the one to approve and fund me. Happy to recommend them to other people that have problems getting a loan from other companies.
CWB Equipment Financing
Awesome company
They really helped me out and made the entire experience smooth. Would use them again.
Lease Direct
Got a loan
Got a loan to purchase a few forklifts for my business. Overall had a good experience with these guys.
Key Equipment Finance
Good exprience
Had a good experience getting an equipment loan from these guys. Would recommend.
Lift Capital
Happy with my loan
Got a construction loan for a company that I work with. The process was simple and easy.
CLE Capital
Helpful & Friendly
Needed to get some information about some machinery that I wanted to lease for my warehouse. These guys did a great job of walking me through the process and ensuring I had all the right paperwork to get approved for a loan. Would recommend.
Stephan D
Cashco Financial
very helpful
this is a company with a heart. They care and they are very helpful
Complete Satisfaction
I had taken out a loan with iCash and had family situations come up and I was not going to be able to make my loan repayment. I contacted them a few days before the payment was due and explained my situations to them. They rearranged my payment and were so friendly and helpful. It really helped take the stress off me. I would highly recommend using their service. It's not often you encounter businesses that are willing to work with you. Thank you iCash for your great service, compassion and understanding. CM Ontario
Constance Marino
Love easy financial
It was frustrating going back and fourth with getting documents set for the pre approved loan but once I got it I was super ecstatic. Easy financial gave me a second chance at bettering my creditscore when no other finance company would help me with a loan. I was in bad financial need and easy financial pulled through. Thank you easy financial you guys helped me out greatly. Your staff also were a great help
Alex lavoie
Guardian Leasing
Fantastic service! Guardian assisted us in obtaining the equipment we needed and at a rate that was lower than other leasing companies. Highly recommended.
Katharine Vogrona
Thank you for taking a chance on me
Progressa helped me pay off my BMO MasterCard and rebuild my credit. No one else would help me but progressa tool a chance. Thank you for the opportunity, i wont let you down!
The Finance Guys
Great guys !
I applied to a couple places and they were able to get me my vehicle! Highly recommended !
2nd Chance Automotive
Thank you
I was looking for a truck urgently for work. I felt so bad didn't have the cash to buy a truck outright, so I looked for a lending solution and 2nd chance automotive helped me tremendously. Thank you
Surprisingly easy process to find out credit score and results in less than 10 minutes! Trusted site, would recommend to others. Offered peace of mind knowing what my score was. Thanks Borrowell!
Thank you
I needed a quick and easy option for a loan and Borrowell seemed to fit that criteria, so I gave it a shot. Worked out perfectly!
Very satisfied
I was looking to buy a Honda Civic, but I was rejected for financing in several banks due to mine credit score. I found car loans 411 in Google in decided to try their services since I have nothing to lose. Eventually, I was approved for the car loan which I paid in two years, and just want to say thank you Car Loans 411 for help in getting the car I wanted.
Great Experience
Super staff and easy to apply. Helped me get a car even though my credit rating wasn't that good. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a car.
Cindy C
Dominion Lending Centres Edge Financial
Helped me out!
GTA Mortgage Pros were able to show me the hidden costs associated with mortgages that I never would have known about otherwise. They've been extremely helpful for someone like me who is completely new to the process, and are always willing to answer any and all of my questions. I'd recommend them to anyone looking to get a mortgage and feeling unsure where to start - these guys will be able to help you out for sure.
Emily Gilbert
Health Smart Financial
The service I received from Health Smart was incredible. The team is passionate about what they do, and they were able to answer all my questions. The payment plans are very affordable too! Thank you Health Smart!
S. Chan
Baron Finance
Helped my business grow
Thanks to Baron Finance, my company has seen very big growth over the last two years. I started with only 1 truck when I began Factoring with them and now I have 16! Thank you Baron Finance!
SNAP Financial
Helped pay for our furnace
We purchased a new furnace and water tank a few weeks ago and used SNAP to finance the purchase. We upgraded to a better model cause we got to pay monthly instead of writing a big check. Simple and Easy.
Credit 700
Called me quickly
They called me within minutes of my application. The person I spoke with was very nice and helpful.
Loan Away
Gave me a shot
Two years ago some bad decisions on my part left me with difficult credit. I even had a credit card application declined. Loan Away was able to approve my request, and I’m looking forward to using this loan to improve my situation.
Cash Bloom
Service was excellent
Service was excellent, Loan was funded very quickly as promised. There were no hidden fees. Everybody at Cashbloom was a pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend.
David M
Money Provider
Always Helpful
I like Money Provider they have helped me many times when I needed quick money to pay my bills. They are very quick to respond. I always get my money within the time stated or sooner.
Nice and Helpful
Super happy with the services these guys gave me! They really took the time to answer all my questions. I will definitely borrow from them again! Thanks a million.
Mandy Cooper
THINK Financial
Just excellent
Think Financial are an excellent company. Very professional, service is superb and I really appreciate their help with my first home. Many thanks to the team. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Karl T.
Great company!
Verico Financial is simply the best choice for brokers!
Mortgage Architects
Pleased with my experience
This was my first time using a broker for my mortgage. I couldn't be more pleased with the level of service, professionalism and end result. I highly recommend Ray and his team!
Cella C
Fisgard Asset Management
Great service
An important part of my financial planning. Polite and professional service. What else could you ask for.
George C
CMLS Financial
Great experience
My experience in working with CMLS on my mortgage has been nothing short of excellent. I first heard of CMLS Financial from a colleague who had a similar positive experience with the lender. The staff at CMLS Financial were very helpful along each step of the mortgage process and helped educate me on the legalities of my agreement.
Ian M.
CHIP Home Income Plan
CHIP saved us!
We are extremely blessed to have come across the CHIP reverse mortgage. It has not only relieved our anxiety but also gave us peace of mind during a tough time.
Canadiana Financial Corp
Work well and quick
Canadiana is a great lender to work with. Their rates are very competitive, they’re friendly, they take time to discuss the deal, and they offer a quick turnaround.
Jesusa Durana
ATB Financial
Helpful staff
Good people, easy to deal with. Very open and forthcoming. Answered all questions, gave a plenty of good info. Overall a very positive experience.
Invis was able to help
I was able to get a great rate and a flexible payment plan. Their consultants did a great job helping me evaluate different options. Highly recommended!
Hazel G.
Fresh Start Finance
I went through the initial call with one person. I was applying for a personal loan. I gave my consent to a credit check based on this. I then got put through to a 'senior' credit advisor. It turns out they are basically selling credit rebuild. The loan does not come initially. Its a pay money so they open a line on your bureau. If this had been pointed out initially I would not have consented to a bureau hard hit.
Affirm Financial
5 star
5 star
Prudent Financial Services
Great Experience!
Borrowing money from anywhere other than the bank was a tough pill for me to swallow as I earn what many would consider to be a high income...but with helping family and recent funeral expenses i found myself in desperate need for a quick loan...Prudent was quick and easy and I wasnt made to feel like i was desperate, when in fact i was. I would recommend Prudent to any one that needs a quick loan, regarless of your financial situation they seem prepared and able to help. Great experience!
Michael C.
Prudent Financial Services
Great Service.
Great and professional Service! Would recommend to anyone that has credit issues.
Easylease Corp.
Stepped up when we needed them
During the liquidity crisis we were engaging with a business finance provider to potentially fund us for equipment that is worth one million dollars. In a tough economic time we had been waiting for over 6 months for approval. Easylease stepped in and provided us with the full financing in less than a week. Easylease has access to large funding amounts and an impressive quick approval process.
Gavin G
Enjoying my car!
Thanks to, I got a car loan with bad credit. I'm now rebuilding my credit score and driving an awesome car! Thank you!
Mary Avelino
Good experience
I recently purchased a ATV through we loan money, the person that was taking care off my transaction was Jennifer Walton, she made this purchase so easy from start to finish , I what to say Thx for all your hard work on my behalf.
Shawn Walby
Auto Loan Solutions
Great team of people
Very impressed with Ron & Adrian. This was the best experience buying a vehicle. Stress free and so much help. We will definitely recommend this service and refer many people.
Charles D
Cash Depot
Fast & friendly
I applied online and got funded within 3 days. Had a few questions about the application and was able to get some great support from their staff.
Monique R
Prudent Financial Services
Great company to deal with...
Prudent went above and beyond. I thought the service was outstanding and the rates are better than any where else i have ever dealt with, based on my credit situation.
Saif sanjar
Loan & Go
Worked hard to help me
Thanks to the whole team for accepting my request and proposing different repayment options. This really helped me make payments with ease.
William G. Nicholas
The Finance Guys
Solid company & staff
I would recommend The Finance Guys to anyone ! They helped me get a car after I had a repo on my file awesome place. Thanks again
Mathew Scott
Knowledgeable Staff
XBankers helped me understand how I can manage my debts and helped me discover my possible options.
Markus E.
Way better than a payday loan
I had my share of bad experiences with payday lenders. Flexfi really helped me out. Would recommend them to others.
Victor D
Simple process and friendly staff
From the start of the process it was nothing but help and assistance along the way. I would highly recommend this to any business that doesn't want to go through the hassle of banks and yet can still operate in an entrepreneurial fashion
Scott Hickling
SkyCap Financial
Really helped me out
I had trouble getting a loan at many of the places I applied at. My credit is not great and these guys are the only ones that were kind enough to hear me out and help me when I needed financing. Thanks!
Rachel Storm
Eastern Loans
Got back to me within an hour
They were really fast at getting back to me. I applied online and got a call within the hour. Once all the paper work was checked I got the loan I was looking for in 3 days.
Fresh Start Finance
Good Experience
Used them for a personal loan to fix my car. My credit is fairly low, but they took a chance on me. Easy application and overall happy with my experience.
Darren B
Captain Cash
Called in twice, excellent customer service and got my money the day after. Top notch.
Meridian Credit Union
Have been dealing with meridian credit union for years, very happy with the service
overall great company
I bought there insurance plan on my loan and when I need it. It was like pulling teeth they blamed the insurance company mean while it was there fult long story short I had to do there job for them.
Lionhart Capital
Very good
I needed equipment financing for a new project and the guys at Lionhart took care of everything fast.
Calmont Group
Great place to get a car
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Thanks guys!
Yellowhead Equipment Finance
Thank you
They have competitive rates and work very fast
Michael E.
Specialty Truck Financing
Got the truck
They have all types of specialty trucks available and I got exactly what I needed.
Brian O.
Rise Asset Development
If it hadn’t been for Rise, I would not have been able to engage in the business. To finally be here, it feels absolutely fantastic.
Allison M.
Walker Financial Services
Great service!
Great customer service from start to finish. Thank you Walker Financial!
Walker T.
Dealerplan Financial
Great customer service. Thanks for the help!
Jason R
Got my loan!
My friend told me about Lendful when I needed a bit of extra cash to pay for car repairs. They were able to help the next day. Thanks Lendful!
John Deere
Always solid products
I've used John Deere equipment for years and it never failed me. Will keep coming back.
Chris J.
ALPHERA Financial Services
Very helpful
Has always been a pleasure dealing with their staff. Professional, friendly and caring. I would also highly recommend this company.
Daimler Truck Financial
Worked with our people
The folks at Daimler took the time to listen to my situation. We had a tight budget and they were able to work with us to find a solution that was fair and worthwhile for us.
Mark P
Toronto Truck Loan
Excellent Service
They have good customer service, nice local company to deal with.
Nishita P
Canadian Equipment Finance & Leasing
CEFL always solid
I was looking to get some equipment financed for my business and a friend recommended Canadian Equipment Finance & Leasing. They took care of everything from start to finish. Very pleased overall.
A One Financial Solutions
Very Knowledgeable
The account executives know a lot about the trucking industry. They know the right questions to ask to help you get started. Simple application and I got approved for a truck loan within a week.
Bryan W
National Leasing
The guys at National Leasing are knowledgeable and able to help out quickly with any equipment financing you need.
Brian K.
Very impressed
I am continually impressed by the excellent service that Leaseline provides. Our broker, Kari Robb, was wonderful! It is very refreshing to deal with a company that takes pride in providing a first class service. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help so far!
Patron West
Great job
If you need some equipment for your business, Patron West can get the job done. Would definitely recommend to other business owners.
Jordan S.
Alterna Savings
Happy so far!
Their customer service is good and their branch network is one of the better ones. Depending on their rates I would re-up with them when it expires.
Karl B
Guardian Leasing
Very prorofessional
The rep from Guardian Leasing was very helpful and professional. Happy with the experience
Lease Link
Great company
Had a great experience getting equipment financed from Lease Link. Will use again.
Billy J.
5 Star Dealers
Great service and selection
Nice selection on cars and trucks. The service was great and I got the car quickly. Would recommend for sure.
Rapid Auto Loan
Got the Car
They got me approved and I picked up the car.
Great experience
I got a great mortgage rate and am very happy to have chosen for this exciting time!
Canadian Equipment Financing
Good deals
I needed some computer equipment financing for my business and was able to get it from Canadian Equipment Financing. No complaints!
Canada Equipment and Truck Loan
Thanks for the truck!
Got a sweet truck financed through these guys and would definitely use them again.
Money in Motion
My transportation businesses needed a heavy truck and money in motion delivered exactly what I was looking for.
Essex Lease Financial Corporation
Great Crew
Essex puts just as much focus on relationships as on the products and the process. Very pleasant to deal with for equipment financing.
Anbros Financial Corporation
Anbros is a top notch real estate financing firm. If you want things done right, deal with Anbros.
Travelers Financial
Thank you
I was looking for a car loan and came across Travelers - they hooked me up. Thanks guys for the fast turnaround.
Jack W.
Onesta Leasing
Got the trailer!
I was looking to get a trailer and Onesta took care of me from start to finish. Nice job guys!
Crane and Rig Services
Thanks guys for the help! Awesome crew to deal with if you need some heavy machinery for your project.
ECN Capital
I was launching the project and use ECN Capital for financing. Excellent all-around experience.
Gamache Group
Thanks Gamache!
Great trucks, service and the entire process was very smooth. Highly recommended.
WAJAX Equipment
Very happy
Wajax offers a great selection for someone looking for heavy equipment financing. Very happy with the service and end results. Thank you!
Dynamic Capital
Lake Excavating Ltd gave Dynamic Capital a try on equipment 4 years ago. They are now our primary vendor for all our equipment purchases and our first call for any finance requirements. I highly recommend Dynamic Capital and their team of professionals for you financing requirements.
Lake Excavating Ltd.
Peel Financial
The best!
Great rates! Best service in town. Dhaliwal pajji is the best!
Easy process
Equilease is a pleasure to work with. They are extremely responsive with the ability to design financing solutions that flex to our shifting needs. In short, total professionals.
Schultz Frost
Cashco Financial
Would recommend
The women there are amazing to deal with they talk and treat you with respect. I would 100% refer someone to cashco and I will keep going back
Thanks FundThrough!
I was launching a new product and that meant additional costs. Instead of waiting 30 to 40 days for my largest customer to pay, with FundThrough I actually got the funds right then.
Justyna Kozlowska
Lending Loop
Loving it
Lending Loop is an easy way for me to invest my money with high returns, while also helping local business in my community. It's a win-win. Been using it for over a year and I have no complaints.
Captain Cash
Exactly as they say... if all your paperwork is in order and you meet the eligibility requirements there is no problem
Aaron Lake
Company Capital
Wow what a fantastic experience working with this company. I started a Custom Jewellery design business back in 2015 in Calgary using all my own investment and when it came time to grow my business the bank was nowhere to be found despite our substantial growth. Company Capital's rates were fair, and they supported my business based on our performance not my personal credit rating. The fast and professional service didn't hurt either! I will definitely be using them again!
Marlow M
Prefera Finance
I got a snowmobile financing approved in no time! Thanks Prefera!
John R.
Canada RV Finance
Decent Company
The fees were higher than I expected but they were able to help me get an RV. Very friendly
Very Happy
I can’t put into words how greatful I am to you regarding coordinating all of the activities in seeing my new mortgage go through.
Matrix Mortgage Global
Friendly staff!
The Matrix team goes above and beyond to find creative solutions for credit challenged clients
Josh B
Leisure Trailers
Great Trailers
If you're looking to finance a trailer, this is the place to go with. Large selection and affordable prices.
Stanley N.
Thank you!
Thank you so much for all your help! I never thought that I would be driving my own car so quickly, but here I am in my 2004 Sebring! I'm so excited and thankful that you were there to help! Thank you"
Approve Canada
Fast and easy
I was looking to get a boat loan and Approve Canada helped me out the next day. Very happy with the service
John T
Lightning Fast
Two rings is all it takes to get to the team at EdenPark. When they say "service-obsessed" they mean it!
AutoCapital Canada
Awesome company
Autocapital Canada, is one of the most reliable, trustworthy, honest, a very good company to work with. They will go above and beyond to make sure the client's are taken care of.
Joan Brown
ALPHERA Financial Services
Good staff
Alphera staff are very knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond. Would highly recommend
Credit River Capital
Good service
Credit River made the whole process very easy so I was able to get the car loan fast. Thanks very much
Thank you
Thanks to CTL I was able to get the car financing I needed in just a few days. Thank you!
Cars On Credit
Got the car
Thanks Cars on Credit for helping me out with a car loan. Keep up the good work!
Polaris Leasing
Pleasant to deal with
I need equipment financing and Polaris Leasing got me exactly the stuff I was looking for
Robert S.
Always great
Hi love the company been doing business with them now for three years… every time get what ask for on time.
Great experience
Always good service and willingness to help you get just what you are looking for
First National
Love it!
First National reps are very professional and knowledgeable. Definitely would recommend them to friends.
Andrew P
LMG Finance
Love LMG
LOVE LMG! Easy to deal with all around! Easy to apply for credit applications! Super fast processing! Always happy with their service! Super nice group of people too!
Monique Meade
Planet Financial
Gaurav went beyond his way to help me. What he did for me no one else would do. Thank you for helping me get back in business Gaurav!
Mike Trimble
Ontariowide Auto Credit
Thumbs Up
Was immediately impressed with their dedication towards my overall goal. Understands your needs, and works with you.
Canada Auto Finance
Could be better
They need to work on customer service but at the end of the day they were able to help me get a car loan I needed.
Ronald F
Thanks Centum!
My husband and I were shopping around for a mortgage and are very happy we came across Centum. They made the whole process quick and easy.
Amber W
Cash Loaner
Thanks Cash Loaner!
Home Renovations left me cash-strapped with big bills to pay. I was almost certain that my previous credit history would prevent me from getting a loan, even for $10,000. But to my pleasant surprise I was approved for $20,000 and my problems were solved. Thank you!
Derrick J
Good company
I was looking for a car loan and WeFinanceCars helped me out quickly! Would recommend them to others.
Fresh Auto Loans
Good service
Thanks for getting me the car when I needed it. Interest rates are a bit high but good service.
Rapid Auto Loan
Could be easier
I got the car loan I needed but found the process to be a bit complicated.
Robert S
Auto Loans Ontario
Thank You!
This has been a fantastic and easy experience. Thank you for everything.
Jason W
Auto Funds
Very professional, helpful and polite. Very friendly!!!
Flexiti Financial
Great team!
Very happy with my recent purchase at Friends Furniture and Mattress. The process was so easy and hassle free.
Annabelle Donelly
True North Mortgage
Great service
Laura Clarke at True North Mortgage did a great job. She is proactive and helpful. If the lender creates issues with the application process, Laura will help you through it and be on your side.
Ian Lavoie
Great relationship
I love the service and the human touch. Rifco is my only lender that really cares about my business, the dealership and my customers
Finser Mortgages
It was an honour working with Sheema. Her professionalism and knowledge greatly surpassed my expectations and it was an absolute pleasure. Her enthusiasm and passion shows in her efforts, and she made the experience of buying my first home a wonderful one.
Chenale R.
Dixie Auto Loans
Very thankful
I suspected I needed a bad credit car loan because of some credit card trouble in the past, so I applied for a loan through Dixie Auto Loans when it came time to purchase a car for work. I was able to secure a car loan at a reasonable interest rate compared to the other quotes I was receiving. Customer service was fantastic and I would definitely recommend Dixie auto loans to friends.
Jason R.
Fast and easy
I got a call back from carloans411 within just a few minutes of contacting them. Soon after they paired me up with a local dealer and i'm grateful for the service they've provided me.
Mark Lewis
Not bad
I had a decent experience...they don't have the best customer service. I never missed a payment so we never had any issues. So if you pay your bill on time you shouldn't have any issues with Carfinco.
Capital Direct
Pleasure to work with
We found Capital Direct more professional and easier to deal with than the banks. Macy and Greg were professional and a delight to work with.
CanWise Financial
Loving our first home
I started googling mortgage companies when my husband and I started looking for our first home and came across CanWise financial. I honestly didn't believe that the mortgage rates were true. Buying your first home with CanWise is a complete breeze and customer service is incredible! Thank you for everything!
Tavin Smith
Canada Drives
Happy with service
An advisor explained thoroughly the whole process and helped me get a car loan. My only problem is that I didn't get to see the car I wanted until I picked it up and it ends up having a little dent in the back. Overall, I will recommend Canada Drives to others. Thanks guys.
Prince Bankole
Alpine Credits
I have dealt with a few banks for financing and mortgages, and it is a painful process, but Alpine Credits has made everything so simple and easy for us.
Magical Credit
Awesome service
Magical Credit is a breeze to use. Approval is fast and money is disbursed within 2 business days. I loved the kind of service I received from them. And I will surely recommend them to all my friends.
Refresh Financial
Thanks Refresh!
Since signing up with Refresh I have improved my credit score. I was able to sign up for a new credit card and have gotten my finances back on track. Thank you Refresh!
Mortgage Alliance
Good mortgages
I was pretty happy with both the rate and level of service. Nice and friendly people. Thanks for the help!
Jason B.
I have been doing business with DUCA for many years. I still don't understand why people are using the big banks with their huge service and credit card fees...
Broker Financial Group
A professional group with excellent service who can handle your funding needs.
IOU Financial
Very professional
Every detail of transaction was presented very candidly and to the point!
Carl Cox
Capital Key
Capital Key helped me get the dough I needed to remodel and purchase new equipment when the banks just kept saying no.
Fast and easy
Capitalview was able to help me out when I was having a hard time getting business financing elsewhere. I would recommend them to other small business owners seeking working capital.
Great option
FinanceiT has been a great solution for many of our customers. Young people are loving it! Excellent rates and terms. The people at FinanceIt are fantastic to work with.
Gerry B.
Amber Financial
Great service
I never thought that applying for a loan online would be this easy. The Amber rep made it simple and fast. Customer service that I received was awesome! It was a pleasure doing business with Amber.
Dominion Lending Centres
Good service
The people at dominion lending are excellent, professional, and well connected people. Our broker did a good job, under tight deadlines to get us a deal.
Ralph C
Thank you
I had some financial situation and all the other banks rejected my application. I almost declared bankruptcy but then I found Progressa. Thank you for saving my behind!!!
Affirm Financial
Great service
Excellent loaning company! Customer service assistance quick to help and very friendly! Reminders were sent every month to me and I loved that! I would get another loan with affirm in the future.
Company Capital
Really easy and fast
Company Capital provides an excellent service. The process is really easy and fast. I had the funding I needed within a few days. Company Capital has helped me continue to grow and operate my business.
Magical Credit
Great Service!
I absolutely loved how fast it was to get approved for a loan and how kind, awesome, and efficient Ms. Dornett was. She made me feel comfortable and explained everything in detail. She also told me that I can call her back anytime if I had any questions in the future. I would definitely recommend them.
Thinking Capital
Very Happy
I was introduced to Thinking Capital at exactly the right time. I was opening another store and I was short on capital. Brian is who helped me and I found him to be kind, forth right and effecient. I got my funds the next business day. The whole experience a breeze. Thanks again Brian
You guys called me at just the right time to let me know I had funds available! Thanks Kitchener Forest Glen branch for your prompt and courteous service!
Magical Credit
Very Helpful
Very helpful and knowledgeable group of people. They helped answer my question regarding subsidy loans and helped to get me the right loan in a time of need. Thank you!
Magical Credit
Thank you!
Fast, easy and so helpful! Thanks for giving me a loan even though i get disability and government assistance. It was an emergency!
Lily Daniels
Beyond expectations!
Finally someone who understands your business potential. Their team has an amazing background in financing but besides just looking at numbers they take the time to learn a little bit more about you and about your business with the best intention to help... not exactly what we can say about banks ;)
Absolutely awesome Team #1
Very professional, amazingly quick response time. Fabulous teamwork and follow up. We have been in business for 40 years and On Deck is by far the most reliable financial team I ever dealt with. Thumbs Up
Good lender
Had a good experience with Mogo overall. Rates were reasonable and customer service was pretty helpful.
Hoyle Billy
Evolocity was good. At the end of the day we accomplished what we set out to undertake. Nothing was wow, but they were good and helped us, so thank you!
Good company
I needed a loan and wasn't able to get it at my regular bank. This company listened to my situation and really exceeded my expectations. I got the loan I needed in less than a week.
Prudent Financial Services
Fast, good service
Good overall experience, rep was helpful. Would use them again
James S
BC Loans
Could be faster
Overall the experience was good however there were a few back and forths that could be taken care of faster. Still, rep was very helpful. If you need financing, this is a good company to deal with.
Company Capital
Clean and simple
I got a loan for vehicle equipment from Company Capital, My experience was great. The relationship manager was experienced and helpful, he gave me a detailed report of how the process breakdown will occur. Will definitely recommend them to anyone in need!
Jack R
Reliable, fair and convenient
Fair rates. Fast Deposits. Easy to use. Good customer service. A great way to have automatic deposit from customers that write your business cheques.
Business Loan process was made so simple
The folks from GROW were very easy to deal with. The service and everything was digital, so it was very easy to set up. They were also very upfront, honest, and fast!
Val D.
Process is simple and easy
Money Mart provided me with a great experience. The process was efficient and I got the money fast. Customer service was good and the terms were very reasonable.
Emil R.
Trying to build my credit
Well like many others, I'm trying to rebuild my credit and don't have the best score about 545. I got a quick approval like they stated for the amount I asked. They even found equity in my beater commuter car, which was a pleasant surprise.
Frank S.
Affirm Financial
Good customer service… Fees are high though
Good to work with, but their fees and interest rates are a bit high. I also didn’t fully get their interest rate process. For the most part they’re pretty good.
Mel R
Company Capital
The fairest to deal with
Your company has been instrumental in assisting us with our cash flow. Of the many phone calls I’ve received from other companies with similar methodology in repayment, yours is by far the easiest and in my consideration, the fairest to deal with. Thanks for the help and we’ll be in touch again.
John Tames
representatives and customer service agents are most reliable and attentive.
norma davis
Company Capital
Really felxible...
We use Company Capital a few times every year to buy inventory. The process is really easy and fast – we usually get our cash within 24 hours. It’s also really flexible – they actually work with you to decide the rates and terms that suit your business.
Anil Jetely
Company Capital
Fast and efficient at a reasonable cost ...
Company Capital has been a large part of the continued success of our business. Often the process required in obtaining additional bank financing can take months. Company Capital allows us fast and efficient access to funds at a reasonable cost. This allows access to funds in a timely manner and allows us to continue to grow.
Evan T.
Merchant Advance Capital
Waiting for my loan now
I got a quick approval for the amount that I asked. I was expecting crazy high interest but it was not bad considering I don't have the best credit now. I'll receive my loan in a day hopefully. Thanks Merchant Advance Capital!
Amir Farhan
Life Savers!!!!!
I needed this help so badly, Im so glad I found Evolocity the process couldn't be simpler and the customer service couldn't be better!
Merchant Advance Capital
Customer service
Honestly the reason I want to give Merchant Advance Capital five stars is their great customer service. I got the funds, and while the application was similar to other loan providers, the customer service here was amazing.
If you need this,use them
I literally applied and it took me 10 minutes to do the application. I got a call from their representative 10 minutes later,got approved went over few things and got funded so quickly!
Easy process to consolidation loan application and approval. Good company to deal with and they really understood my position.
It was so simple to apply,got approved immediately.
Thinking Capital
Reliable, fair and convenient
Fair rates, fast deposits and easy to use. I was most impressed with with personal and friendly customer service I got from their staff. Would definitely recommend them to others.
This is why I HATE banks!
If I did this application at a bank,not only would they interrogate me,but the approval process would take forever.But these guys were so fast and easy to talk to and I got the money so fast.Now I can finally pay down my debt and start fresh soon.
Too bad I didn’t know about this before
Doing the paperwork and stuff was easy. borrowell made things pretty painless. Michael is a good person, he helped me step by step and explained things. Just wish the interest rate was better because I feel it’s too high, but I guess that’s part of this business.
Greg M
Approved so far...
I was skeptical at first, but the process was fairly simple actually. I was approved for $5,000, which is what I had asked for. They do call you right away after you finish your application just to verify a few things. I had a pretty good experience with Mogo.
Jonathan R
Referred by a friend
I mentioned to my friend that I needed more money to expand my business but I didn’t think I could get approved for a loan. He told me to research online for business non-bank loaners and I found Evolocity...customer service was on point, but the payment structure was a bit wacky.
Applied in the morning, funded in the evening!
I did not expect to get funded this fast. I applied, got a call and then they told me I got funded all in one day. Fast and convenient experience.
Robert D
Very happy
Honestly, I hate submitting sensitive information online, but after speaking to On-Deck, I felt assured that it was 100% secured and private. They walked me through the application process and I got approved within a few days.
Robert G.
Great service
I really needed help and Borrowell was so easy to deal with. I got cash in my account fast and without any hassle.
Thinking Capital
Amazing service!
I needed help with some emergency expenses and was having a hard time getting additional financing. Thinking Capital was able to process my application and get money in my account in less than 3 days. The service is fantastic!
Excellent service
When i applied for a loan at Borrowell they treated me with great respect and processed my application quickly. Im very happy to have dealt with this company. Highly recommended.
Quick and easy!
I had a great experience at easyfinancial. They are friendly and always helpful. Thank you for great advice!