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Salesforce is an online solution for customer relationship management, otherwise known as CRM. It brings customers and companies in all departments, including marketing, sales, etc. together to view a shared view of all customers. Using Salesforce, you can get insights, reports and customer activity all in one place to learn how to grow your business.

  • TIME IN BUSINESS: Since 1999
  • # OF CUSTOMERS: Over 150,000


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Products Offered

Below are all the products offered by this company.

Salesforce Services

Salesforce offers services that help businesses sell, serve customers, and build a business all in one place with their built-in apps.

Service Categories & Products

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Marketing
  • Commerce
  • Integration
  • Analytics and more



Depending on the solution chosen, it may follow a pricing plan, or cost per member, etc.

Most of their applications following a plan system:

  1. Essentials
  2. Professional
  3. Enterprise
  4. Unlimited

Frequently Asked Questions About Salesforce

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management service focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. Salesforce allows businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners, and potential customers.

Which industries use Salesforce?

Salesforce is widely used within the financial, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, government, etc. industries, however they are not industry specific, and instead tailor their needs by business type, by role and need. Therefore, if you are a business of any size and need a customer relationship management tool, Salesforce might be for you.

What does Salesforce offer?

Salesforce is a cloud computing service that offers applications for all aspects of business, including CRM sales, customer services, marketing automation, business analytics, mobile application building and much more.

How much does Salesforce cost?

Salesforce has three different plans! Their Essentials, which is the most affordable is $25USD/monthly for up to 10 users, their Professional plan serves a team of any size and is the most popular, costing $75USD/monthly, and last but not least, their Enterprise plan is $150USD/monthly and offers full customizable CRM for any business.

Who is Salesforce best for?

Salesforce is a multi-tenant cloud computing model and therefore can serve the needs of companies of all sizes, in any industry. Customers that require a shared main framework that want privacy would benefit from using Salesforce.

What kind of awards has Salesforce won?

Salesforce was named the Innovator of the Decade and Most Innovative Companies in the World, both in 2016 by Forbes, additionally they are one of TechCrunch Crunchies Winner in 2015.

Is Salesforce beneficial for non-profit businesses?

Yes, Salesforce is beneficial to non-profit businesses. In fact, they have a non-profit section on their website that shows non-profit’s use Salesforce to build and nurture life-long relationships. Non-profits use Salesforce to raise more awareness, interact with supporters, members and can offer nonprofits a discount on all Salesforce products too.

What is Salesforce most popular plan?

Salesforce’s most popular plan is their Professional plan that costs $75USD/per user/per month, and this is billed annually. It is a complete CRM for any size team. This plan offers multiple features that help cross-sell and upsell more easily, you can connect sales info to any app, configure, price, quote, and bill; additionally you can use this plan to forecast sales more accurately and sell from anywhere on any device. That’s not all either, check out their website to learn more.

Why is Salesforce good for sales?

Salesforce helps sales connect to service, marketing and beyond, so businesses can find selling opportunities from lead, to customer, to advocate. It’s through Salesforce’s artificial intelligence that it helps a businesses’ sales team act more productively.

Salesforce Reviews

Avg. Rating: 4.8 (3 reviews)
Lots of tools

They have some really great tools for business owners. Really an all in 1 solution.

Good service

I had some trouble in the beginning when I was transition from a previous CRM, but their team was very supportive and helped me make the transition smoothly.

Keeps getting better

They've really improved over the years and seem to always be on top of new trends. Can be complex at times, but great for business.

James D

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