Kevin Silver

Kevin Silver is the Chief Risk Officer at Magical Credit, which specializes in instalment lending throughout Canada. He has spent many years gaining deep financial insight in the lending industry and loves to help others increase their financial literacy in today’s world. With an MBA in Global Management as well as a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Kevin is able to synthesize knowledge and help educate others. He has written many blogs related to finance and has helped people take control of their lives.

Articles by Kevin Silver

Tips on How to Improve your Credit Score – Part 2

We will now focus on what exactly we can do to either maintain our good credit score or get out of a bad situation. Note that not all debt is created equally, and precedence should be given to those debts that will have a hefty effect on you and which will cost you more to haul.

Tips on How to Improve Your Credit Score – Part 1

Perhaps the most important variable which impacts your score is your payment history. In fact, according to many, your payment history comprises 35% of your total credit score and is considered to be the most fundamental factor when it comes to calculating your credit score.