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Kenworth Truck Financing and Leasing in Kitchener, Ontario

In Kitchener, a variety of industries rely on heavy-duty trucks that are well-maintained and ready for continuous work. Transportation and warehousing, construction, and wholesale trade businesses rely on trucks that are strong and reliable. When it comes to those two factors, Kenworth is one of the most highly demanded brands for trucks.

Buying a Kenworth truck in Kitchener is not difficult. Finding financing isn’t hard either thanks to the online resources that are available. That’s why more people are now looking for truck financing online before they even get to the dealership.

Smarter Loans has partnered up with some of the most trustworthy companies that offer Kenworth truck financing in Kitchener. Our business goal is to enable all types of Kenworth truck applicants the ability to afford the trucks they wish to buy regardless of their financial history.

Our team at Smarter Loans has made it simple for you to apply for financing. You can send off an application form to one of our providers in just a few minutes. Alternatively, you are eligible to pre-apply at Smarter Loans. We partnered with the best truck financing companies in Canada, we can help you get the best financing option. Our experts will connect you with the most fitting Kenworth truck financing providers that we have in Kitchener.

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Major Industry Sectors Serviced by Kenworth Trucks in Kitchener, ON

Kitchener has a mildly diverse pool of work for truck driving. Transportation and warehousing takes up the majority of truck driving positions.
The major industries serviced by truck drivers are:

  • Transportation and warehousing (70%)
  • Construction (6%)
  • Wholesale trade (5%)

The remainder of positions are in a wider variety of industries supporting Kitchener’s diverse local economy.
Kenworth trucks are used for a variety of purposes within these sectors. They are especially demanded when it comes to long hauls.

Kenworth Truck Models that are Popular in Kitchener, ON

Kenworth Trucks for Long Haul Transportation and Construction

The classic W900 line is still popular for its versatility. The newer W900L models are great for all kinds of hauls and construction purposes. They are often used for mixer trucks and high-capacity transportation.

Kenworth Trucks for Short Hauls

New Kenworth T370 trucks come with a wide range of costs. But their PACCAR PX-9 engines offer lower long-term operational costs. Their demand is driven by the short-haul and medium capacity transportation needs of the local Kitchener economy. While they’re not ideal for many more demanding positions, they handle local transportation and warehousing needs well.

Truck Driver Jobs in Kitchener, ON

Kitchener truck driver jobs are meant to serve the major local sectors. These needs create the demand for a variety of positions, including:

  • Ready mix drivers
  • Long haul truck drivers
  • Flatbed truck drivers
  • Tractor-trailer drivers
  • General transport drivers

You may be able to find other truck driving positions by monitoring online job postings. The jobs posted above are in higher demand in Kitchener and they should be easier sectors to find employment in.

Getting a Commercial Truck Drivers License in Kitchener, ON

Commercial truck licensing is governed by Ontario provincial laws. The Ontario Ministry of Transportation lays out the regulations surrounding licensing. To be able to drive any truck (including ones with air brakes), you need a Full Class A license.

The requirements for a Full Class A license are, in order:

  • Being 18 years old
  • Having a valid full drivers licence
  • Passing a vision test
  • Passing a medical test
  • Knowledge testing
  • Passing an entry-level trucking test
  • Passing the Class A road test

    You can apply for testing at any DriveTest Centre or the Service Ontario College Park Location. You’ll need to bring a valid ID.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Kenworth Trucks in Kitchener, ON

    Where can I buy a Kenworth truck in Kitchener, ON?

    There is one Kenworth dealership near Kitchener where you can buy new and used trucks. The nearest dealerships outside that location are in Hamilton, Mississauga, and London. Dealerships are a good option if you want to look at multiple Kenworth models and ask any questions on your mind.

    You can also buy new and used Kenworth trucks on online truck marketplaces. Used Kenworth semi-trucks are cheaper, but you’ll want to investigate listed trucks before buying them.

    Financing your Kenworth semi-truck purchase is possible for any truck.

    Are there specialized Kenworth truck service centres in Kitchener, ON?

    There is one Kenworth truck dealership near Kitchener. They can help you get any parts you need and offer truck maintenance services. They offer long-term specialized service plans if you want regular support or benefits. The three major plans are:

    • TruckTech + (maintenance and remote support)
    • PremierCare Gold Service (Fleet servicing and roadside support)
    • Kenworth Privileges (Discounts and rewards)

    What is the average price of a Kenworth truck in Kitchener, ON?

    To get a quote from the Kenworth dealership in Kitchener, you’ll have to request one online or call them. They do not list their prices for new models. The newest W900 or T800 heavy duty models cost $70,000 to $170,000.

    You can also buy used Kenworth trucks online. The Kenworth market for heavy-duty used Kenworth trucks is fairly large. Prices range from $35,000 to $151,000.

    What are the top Kenworth truck financing options in Kitchener, ON?

    Kenworth truck financing in Kitchener can be handled directly at the dealership. While this option is convenient, there is no way to guarantee you’ll be offered the best rates you can get. You can also try looking online to compare your options.

    Dealerships often work with a few lenders, including banks and other lenders. The rates they offer you will depend on the limited selection of lenders they work with.

    Online financing options are increasingly popular for the affordability and convenience they offer. You can compare options and make sure you’re getting the best rates you qualify for before you get to the dealer.

    Can I get financing for a fleet of several Kenworth Kitchener, ON?

    Financing for Kenworth trucks is easier and more affordable with a high credit score and stable income. But there are plenty of larger financing options available if you need more than one truck.

    There is no reason you can’t buy multiple Kenworth trucks with a loan. Discuss your plans with the financing company or Kenworth dealer. They’ll try to work with you and come to an agreeable financing arrangement.

    Can I get financing for a Kenworth truck with bad credit?

    Kenworth truck financing with bad credit is more difficult. Many lenders will still finance your purchase when you have bad credit. But your choices will be more limited. Perhaps more importantly, you can expect to be offered higher rates and terms if you have bad credit.

    How to qualify for Kenworth truck financing in Kitchener, ON?

    Kitchener truck financing requirements are the same as they are elsewhere in Canada. The absolute minimum requirements are:

    • Age above 18
    • Canadian resident
    • Valid driver’s license
    • Proof of monthly income

    While the above allows you to legally take a loan, lenders will have widely different requirements regarding:

    • Your credit score
    • Loan amount
    • Your current income

    Useful Resources for Kenworth Truck Buyers in Kitchener, ON

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