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Kenworth Truck Financing and Leasing in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The trucking industry in Winnipeg has recently surged in demand as there is a ton of neighbouring industries that require their services to deliver their goods. If you are looking to invest in a truck, chances are you might be looking at the Kenworth truck line. Founded in 1923, the Kenworth brand has been a familiar sight for many trucking companies as it is a symbol of reliability and performance.

Here at Smarter Loans, we have helped tons of folks in Winnipeg get the financing they need when buying a Kenworth truck. Our team has partnered up with some of the finest Kenworth truck financing providers in Winnipeg. Our duty at Smarter Loans has been to expedite the process for our applicants so that you can get on the road with your new truck as fast as possible. As a result, many of our applicants have picked up their new Kenworth trucks within a couple days of applying.

Dealerships have always been a convenient place to get your financing needs taken care of. But now you can get prequalified online before you get to the dealership. Our team at Smarter Loans has produced a seamless application process for you to experience.

Since it is entirely hosted on the web, you only need a computer and some Internet access to begin your application. To start off, you can decide whether to apply directly to one of our providers or pre-apply at Smarter Loans instead. The benefit of choosing to pre-apply at Smarter Loans is that one of our experts can handle the selection for you. They have assisted a number of truck drivers in Winnipeg with picking out reliable Kenworth truck financing providers that suit their specific set of needs.

To see which provider we have started working with in Winnipeg, check out the list below. Click on the “Apply Now” button when you would like to fill out an application form with one of our Kenworth truck loan providers. Otherwise, you are always eligible to pre-apply at Smarter Loans. We are confident in our team members’ ability to find you a sensible Kenworth truck loan provider located in Winnipeg.

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Major Industry Sectors Serviced by Kenworth Trucks in Winnipeg, MB

Winnipeg truck drivers serve a less diverse range of industries than they would in other major Canadian cities. But there are still thousands of drivers needed.
Winnipeg’s approximately 6,600 truck drivers service a few sectors:

  • 77% service the transportation and warehousing sector
  • 6% service the construction sector

The remaining industries are diverse but employ much smaller shares of the truck-driving community.

Kenworth Truck Models that are Popular in Winnipeg, MB

Kenworth Trucks for Long Hauls

Kenworth T800 trucks offer an interesting mix of benefits. These heavy trucks come with the standard CUMMINS X15 engine and sacrifice some of their W900 cousins’ luxuries for a lower price. They won’t have the same sleepers and wheelbases, but they offer similar horsepower and transmission. But where they excel is in fuel economy, making them a powerful and more economic long-distance transport option. Their power and reliability also makes them suitable for Winnipeg’s construction sector.

Kenworth Trucks for Short Hauls

If you need to carry lighter loads and have a lower budget, the T370 can handle your needs. The T370 trucks with a 300 horsepower PACCAR PX-7 engine are affordable and get the job done. They aren’t suited for the most demanding work, but are otherwise reliable and efficient.

Truck Driver Jobs in Winnipeg, MB

Winnipeg truck drivers are needed for a variety of important positions. You will find at least several employment opportunities if you’re a:

  • Fuel truck driver
  • Class 3 truck driver
  • Class 1 truck driver
  • Long haul truck driver
  • Hydrovac truck driver

These aren’t the only jobs available, they are just more common. Monitoring job posts for other positions is also recommended.

Getting a Commercial Truck Drivers License in Winnipeg, MB

You must get a Manitoba commercial drivers license to be able to drive trucks in Winnipeg. The licensing rules and processes are simple:

  1. Be eligible for licensing:
    • Be 21 years old or older
    • Have a valid full drivers licence
    • Be a Canadian permanent resident or citizen
  2. Pass commercial driving school
  3. Pass your road test
  4. Complete the written test

Keep in mind that while these steps seem similar to the process of getting a normal driver’s license, they are much harder. For example, the commercial driving written test includes hundreds of multiple choice questions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kenworth Trucks in Winnipeg, MB

Where can I buy a Kenworth truck in Winnipeg, MB?

You can buy new and used Kenworth semi-trucks at the Kenworth dealership in Winnipeg. Apart from that location, the only other Kenworth dealership in Manitoba is in Brandon. These locations also offer truck servicing.

More people are now buying used Kenworth trucks online. The most common places to find them are online vehicle trading platforms, where you can find both new and used trucks. But you can also use more generic online marketplaces to buy used Kenworth trucks. The best online options are typically truck marketplaces.

Are there specialized Kenworth truck service centres in Winnipeg, MB?

The Kenworth dealership in Winnipeg offers Kenworth servicing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t participate in the PremierCare program. You can still get the TruckTech+ package for remote support. TruckTech+ provides you with the technology to identify and solve problems with your truck.

PremierCare provides roadside assistance through phone support. If you can reach a participating location, you can also receive their maintenance benefits.

You can also look for other locations where they have the parts and expertise to support you. Winnipeg has several truck servicing stations.

What is the average price of a Kenworth truck in Winnipeg, MB?

The Kenworth prices for the Winnipeg market vary widely, but are on par with prices nationwide. That’s because the online marketplace has helped knock down regional price differences.

The newest top-quality heavy duty models like the T800 and W900 cost between $47,500 and $245,500.

If you want to save money, you can buy 5 to 10-year-old trucks of the same heavy-duty models for between $28,000 and $105,000.

What are the top Kenworth truck financing options in Winnipeg, MB?

The most common way to get financing for any truck is directly through the dealership. The same is true for Kenworth trucks. This option is convenient. But dealerships only offer a small selection of options based on the lenders they work with. They typically work with one or more banks or truck financing companies.

If you don’t want to be at the mercy of the dealership’s lenders, you’ll want to find financing elsewhere. That’s partly why online financing options are now more popular. You can get prequalified for the best rates available to you before you get to your dealer.

Can I get financing for a fleet of several Kenworth trucks?

Yes, if you qualify for a larger loan. Make sure you compare lenders based on loan sums and borrower requirements. If your credit score is high and you have a stable income, you will find Kenworth truck financing easier. Truck financing companies will work with you to come to an agreeable financing solution.

Can I get financing for a Kenworth truck with bad credit?

Yes you can. When your credit score dips into the ‘poor’ ranges, some truck financing companies may reject you. Others will just send you offers with higher rates.

You still have many options available. Bad credit shouldn’t stop you from getting the truck financing you need. Try comparing different financing companies and speaking with them about what they can offer you.

How to Qualify for Kenworth Truck Financing in Winnipeg, MB?

You must meet the minimum requirements for getting a loan in Canada. Those requirements are:

  • Age above 18
  • Canadian resident
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Proof of monthly income

The above allows you to legally apply for a loan. But truck financing companies have their own requirements for you to meet. Those requirements will be based on:

  • Your credit score
  • Loan amount
  • Your current income

Exact requirements will vary widely by lender.

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