Installment Loans in Oshawa, Ontario

Being located on Lake Ontario’s shoreline, Oshawa is a scenic city to live. Many residents of Oshawa are seeking information online about cash installment loans. These types of personal loans can be used for a variety of different reasons such as home and car repairs, debt consolidation, travel and leisure and medical expenses. There are countless expenses that you can use an installment loan to cover. It is important to make the right decision when choosing the provider for you.

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Oshawa Datasheet

  • On the average each Oshawa inhabitant carries a consumer debt of $34,500.
  • Oshawa’s key employment areas are retail trade, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction, management of companies and enterprises.
  • According to the most recent available information, there are 42,900 registered homeowners in Oshawa.
  • Oshawa year of incorporation: 1850 is situated in Southern Ontario. According to the latest Census the population of Oshawa is 159,000.
  • Average household income in Oshawa totals up to $85,200.
This data was researched in 2019 and uses various information resources, including Canada’s National Statistics Agency, etc., where the information can be as of an older date. The facts above may change as new information becomes available. We do our best to keep the information up to date.

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Among Installment Loans most frequent uses are:

  • pay for furniture of appliances
  • catch up on late and overdue bills that must be paid
  • pay off debt
  • pay for a medical emergency
  • invest in a home improvement project
  • consolidate other loans or credit cards

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