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Kenworth Truck Financing and Leasing in Langley, BC

Owning trucks in Langley, British Columbia is flourishing as an investment opportunity due to the constant demand that neighbouring industries engage with. This has caused many Langley businesses in the transportation sector to begin investing in additional trucks, namely Kenworth trucks. Kenworth trucks have become a household brand in the industry after proving their unmatched performance compared to other heavy-duty trucks.

Fortunately buying and financing a Kenworth truck in Langley is easy. This is where Smarter Loans can help. We work with the best truck financing companies in Canada to help match you with the best option.

At Smarter Loans you can find and compare the best interest rates for financing your new Kenworth trucks. Browse the lenders list below and click the “Apply Now” to move forward with your chosen Kenworth truck loan provider. You can also choose to pre-apply with Smarter Loans. We will make sure to find the best Kenworth truck loan provider in Langley for your specific needs.

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Major Industry Sectors Serviced by Kenworth Trucks in Langley, BC

Langley BC is home to many truck driving positions. There are now just over 24,100 positions in the city. Of these positions:

  • 70% are in transportation and warehousing
  • 7% are in construction
  • The remainder are used in a diverse range of industries

Kenworth Truck Models that are Popular in Langley, BC

Kenworth Trucks for Transportation and Warehousing

Langley transport truck drivers drive demand for Kenworth W900 model lines. The line, which is one of the oldest, is trusted for its robust performance and reliability. Their PACCAR MX engines are strong and robust, making them a safe choice for transport over any distance. They are particularly reliable for ongoing transportation.

Kenworth Trucks for Construction

The T880 was designed to provide maximum effort with more fuel economy. That makes it a highly-demanded truck for the long-distance transportation that many small businesses rely on. But it’s also a powerful model line that can service the construction industry. Look into T880 models in the Construction and Chrome program. These trucks offer the best specialized construction functions of any Kenworth line.

Truck Driver Jobs in Langley, BC

Langley has a high demand for several truck driving positions. In particular, long haul truck drivers are the most in-demand in the city.
Job openings in Langley include positions for:

  • Long haul truck drivers
  • Dump truck drivers
  • Short haul truck drivers
  • Delivery truck driver helpers
  • Class 3 truck drivers
  • Class 1 truck drivers

Getting a Commercial Truck Drivers License in Langley, BC

Langley truck drivers are licensed per BC law. To drive a truck in BC, you must get a commercial driver’s license. The requirements are:

  • 19 years of age for a Class 1, 2, or 4 license
  • 18 years of age for a Class 3 license
  • A full-privilege BC Class 5 or 6 driver’s licence or an out-of-province equivalent
  • A commercial driving license with under four penalty points in the last two years
  • All fines and debts to the ICBC paid for
  • No driving-related criminal convictions for the last 3 years

The steps to apply for a BC commercial driver’s license are:

  1. Getting a learner’s license after passing your:
    • Knowledge test
    • Road signs test
    • Medical standards test
  2. Getting your learner’s licence
  3. Getting your full license. Doing so requires you to:
    • Get a pre-trip inspection test
    • Pass your road test
    • Pass a commercial driver’s medical exam

Once you pass these steps, you can apply for a position as a truck driver in BC.
The ICBC also requires you to take a separate air brake knowledge test if you want to drive with air brakes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kenworth Trucks in Langley, BC

Where to buy a Kenworth truck in Langley, BC?

There are several places to buy a Kenworth truck in Langley. There is one Kenworth dealership in town. You can go there to see a wide selection of new and used Kenworth trucks in person.
Increasingly, BC drivers and business owners are also shopping for trucks online. You can buy Kenworth trucks online on many of the popular platforms people use to sell trucks. Online truck marketplaces may also have listings for new Kenworth trucks.

Are there specialized Kenworth truck service centres in Langley, BC?

Yes, there is one Kenworth truck service centre in Langley. The location is also a Kenworth dealership. So, you can receive regular care and/or buy a new truck there. There are other service centres throughout BC, with the closest alternative being in Vancouver.
There are other assistance plans available as well. If you need long-term truck care, Kenworth offers the following dedicated service plans:

  • TruckTech + (maintenance and remote support)
  • PremierCare Gold Service (Fleet servicing and roadside support)
  • Kenworth Privileges (Discounts and rewards)

The PremierCare plan allows you to go in for maintenance at select locations. Unfortunately, the Langley dealership isn’t one of them.
Lastly, you can find parts and services for Langley trucks at some other locations. Call your other local Langley truck repair shops to see if they have what you need.

What is the average price of a Kenworth truck in Langley, BC?

The Langley Inland Kenworth truck dealership doesn’t publicly list the prices on most of their semi-trucks. They only list prices for used Kenworth trucks.
Kenworth truck prices in Langley are comparable to national average prices. While dealerships don’t always charge the exact same prices, the rise of online truck shopping has helped even out prices.
Heavy duty new model Kenworth trucks (Like the T800 model line) are priced at $57,900 to $465,119. If you want to save money and buy a 5 to 10-year-old heavy duty Kenworth truck, prices start at $47,100 and top off at $209,500.

What are the top Kenworth truck financing options in Langley, BC?

There are several options for Kenworth truck financing in Langley. One option is just asking the dealer when you go into the dealership. They will work with some financing partners and can get you financing on-the-spot if you want to buy, as long as you qualify.
You can also get a business loan if you want to purchase or lease a Kenworth truck. Your bank is a simple place to start inquiring.
If traditional lending options are too slow or restrictive for you, there are many other financing providers. That’s why many people are looking into alternative lenders for truck financing. You can shop around and compare rates and terms on any truck financing options you qualify for.

Can I get financing for a fleet of several Kenworth trucks?

If you need to expand your fleet, or just buy a new one, financing is always a possibility. If your credit score is high and you have a stable income, you should have no problem being approved for a big enough loan (or loans) to buy multiple trucks. But if you’re less creditworthy, you still have plenty of options. You can work with truck financing companies to find the best solution for you.

Can I get financing for a Kenworth truck with bad credit?

Yes, you can find financing for a Kenworth truck with bad credit. But if your credit is very poor, you will have a much harder time.
If your credit score is low, you will still have a few options. Bad credit may restrict certain options, but it won’t stop you from getting your truck financing.

How to qualify for Kenworth truck financing in Langley, BC?

The basic requirements for truck financing in Langley are:

  • Age above 18
  • Canadian resident
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Proof of monthly income

These requirements are the same nationwide. But further eligibility for a loan will depend on:

  • Your credit score
  • Loan amount
  • Your current income

Exact requirements will vary greatly by lender.

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