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Peterbilt Truck Financing and Leasing in Red Deer, Alberta

In Red Deer, Alberta, the construction and transportation industries continue to do well. As a result, there is a traditionally steady interest among a range of businesses that are choosing to invest in Peterbilt trucks, to help sign new contracts and generate more business.
At Smarter Loans we work with local Red Deer Peterbilt truck dealers and top truck financing companies. This way, we can help you do two things at once: find a local Red Deer dealer that has the truck you are looking for, and get you pre-approved for financing. Click here to get started now.

Further down you will see some of the top financing companies that specialize in Peterbilt truck financing. If you’ve already found a Peterbilt truck in Red Deer, and are only looking for financing options, then you can click “Apply Now” next to a company of your choice. You can also pre-apply with Smarter Loans, and we’ll help you with either financing, finding a dealer, or both.

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Major Industry Sectors Serviced by Peterbilt Trucks in Red Deer, AB

Around 3,000 people work as transport truck drivers in the Red Deer region, mainly servicing the following sectors:

  • Transportation and warehousing: 58%
  • Construction: 11%
  • Support activities for mining, oil and gas: 11%

Trucks built by Peterbilt are used in all of these sectors helping companies to perform a variety of tasks related to transportation and handling of goods and materials.

Peterbilt Trucks for Transportation and Warehousing

Red Deer truck drivers working in the transportation and warehousing sector prefer Peterbilt truck models 579 and 389. The Peterbilt 579 (available from 2012 to present) and 389 (available from 2006 to present) are Class 8 heavy trucks powered by PACCAR MX or Cummins ISX engines. The key difference between them is in their styling; the 389 maintains a classic Peterbilt look while the 579 is more aerodynamic for better fuel efficiency. These trucks are used to transport goods across the province, as well as across the country and internationally.

Peterbilt Trucks for Construction

Construction customers in Red Deer use dump trucks, mixer trucks, cranes, flatbed and other types of trucks built on the Peterbilt 567 (available from 2015 to present) or 348 platforms. These vocational trucks are rugged enough to handle any jobsite.

Peterbilt Trucks for Oil and Gas

Red Deer is an important centre for oil and gas extraction in Alberta. Local companies working in the sector employ over 5,500 people, and they sell and ship their products across the world. The industry uses specialized Peterbilt oilfield heavy trucks for various crucial tasks related to oil and gas extraction. Companies in Red Deer use Peterbilt vacuum trucks, oil tank trucks, swab rig and winch trucks – based on Peterbilt models 348, 367, 357.


Truck Driver Jobs in Red Deer, AB

Many companies in Red Deer are hiring truck drivers and operators for handling and transportation of goods and materials within the region, across the country, and internationally. Here are the truck driver jobs that are in demand in Red Deer:

  • Long Haul Truck Drivers
  • Class 1 Company Truck Drivers
  • Class 1 Owner-operators
  • Class 1 Tank Truck Drivers
  • Water Truck Drivers
  • Railway Boom Truck Drivers
  • Delivery Truck Drivers


Getting a Commercial Truck Driver’s License in Red Deer, AB

To obtain a Class 1 or Class 3 commercial driver’s license in Red Deer, as with everywhere in Alberta, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a full Class 5 driver’s licence
  • Be a least 18 years old

Here are the steps to apply and get the license in Red Deer:

Step 1. Complete Mandatory Entry Level Training

Effective March, 1 2019 all new drivers looking to obtain a Class 1 license must successfully complete the Mandatory Entry Level Training. For a Class 3 license this training is recommended but it’s not mandatory.

Step 2. Take a Knowledge Test

You can take a knowledge test by going to a local Registry agent (find registry agents that operate in Red Deer). The fee for taking the test is $17, and the number of attempts is limited to one per day. If you intend to drive a vehicle equipped with air brakes you will need to pass an air brake knowledge test as well.

Step 3. Pass a Vision Test

Your local registry agent will test your vision. For a Class 1 driver’s license you will also need to provide a Driver’s Medical Report form obtained from your doctor.

Step 4: Pass a Road Test

You can schedule a road test through a registry agent or through this Alberta Road Test Scheduler.


Frequently Asked Questions About Peterbilt Trucks in Red Deer, AB

Where can I buy a Peterbilt truck in Red Deer, AB?

The main place to buy a new or used Peterbilt truck in Red Deer is at the full service Peterbilt dealer. These dedicated dealers carry the full line of Peterbilt trucks and can help you choose the perfect vehicle. There are also several pre-owned heavy truck dealers which may have Peterbilts for sale in Red Deer. In addition, these days it is possible to buy a Peterbilt via several online retailers, and have it delivered directly to your business. This is a good option if you already know exactly which truck you want.

Are there specialized Peterbilt truck service centres in Red Deer, AB?

Peterbilt service in Red Deer is offered by a number of local Peterbilt heavy truck dealerships and service centres, who will be happy to provide ongoing maintenance and parts after your purchase. Each service centre will be able to provide specialized services and parts for your Peterbilt truck, as well as expert advice about its ongoing maintenance. Such services can be ad hoc or part of special Peterbilt service plans such as TruckTech+, which includes live monitoring of the health of your truck.

What is the average price of a Peterbilt truck in Red Deer, AB?

New and used Peterbilt trucks are available in the Red Deer market at costs comparable with the rest of Canada, as the growth of online options has evened out regional variations. Depending on the exact model and modifications, new Class 8 Peterbilt trucks are available from around $185,000 and can go up to over $500,000 (models 389, 579, 567 and some others). Prices for used Peterbilt trucks vary significantly based on the model, condition and mileage – the approximate range for a 5-10 year old Class 8 Peterbilt truck (Peterbilt 389, 579) may be $25,000 – $115,000. It’s worth noting that high end Peterbilt trucks hold their value well, assuming constant maintenance, and provide years of hassle free use.

What are the top Peterbilt truck financing options in Red Deer, AB?

Peterbilt truck financing in Red Deer can often be obtained via the dealership you purchase your new Peterbilt truck from. Dealerships cooperate with a variety of financial providers to give you a range of quotes for the vehicle.
Your approval can depend on many factors, including institution type (such as bank, credit union or other financial provider), their requirements, as well as your personal circumstances (such as credit score). The range of choices means a potential range in interest rates and loan amounts.
That said, truck buyers are not limited to lender options provided by their dealers, and if for some reason your dealer’s network of lenders is unable to help with financing, there are other companies that specialize in truck financing that you can turn to. In many cases you can apply and get pre-approved for a truck loan online, from the comfort of your home, before going to a dealership.

Can I get financing for a fleet of several Peterbilt trucks in Red Deer, AB?

Yes, you can get financing for a fleet of trucks. Companies that specialize in truck financing offer a variety of loans to buyers in Red Deer and across Canada, including loans for the purchase of multiple trucks or trailers. If you are looking to expand your fleet and would like to understand what financing options are available to you in Red Deer, you can inquire with one of the local Peterbilt dealers or check online with one of the companies that offer truck financing. The types and amounts of loans that are available to you will depend on the lender you apply with and the eligibility criteria they have in place.

Can I get financing for a Peterbilt truck with bad credit in Red Deer, AB?

It is possible to get Peterbilt truck financing with bad credit, though it may mean higher than average interest rates or other changes to the loan terms. Many people find hunting for bad credit options difficult and time-consuming, but our pre-approval process means we do the hard work to match you with an appropriate lender.

How do I qualify for Peterbilt truck financing in Red Deer?

Most companies that specialize in truck financing that service Red Deer have the following basic qualification criteria (this is before any other factors come into play):

  • 18 years or older
  • Canadian resident
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Proof of monthly income

Your eligibility for a loan will also depend on:

  • Your credit score
  • Loan amount
  • Current income

Naturally, a good or excellent credit score will increase your chances of getting a loan. That said, loans for buyers with bad credit or no credit history are also available.

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