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Canada’s busy trucking industry shows no sign of slowing down, and with new drivers and trucks needed all the time, much interest is focused on the purchase of new vehicles – by both owner-operators and large businesses hoping to expand their fleet. International Trucks is one of the largest truck brands in the world and a popular choice among Canadians who need heavy-duty and medium-duty vehicles in a range of industries.

Buying a new truck is not cheap, and the majority of people will need financing to secure their purchase. At Smarter Loans, we work with local International truck dealers and some of the best truck financing companies in the country, to help you find the truck you need, and afford it. Additional trucks to consider; Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo, Freightliner, or Kenworth

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Top International Truck Financing & Leasing Providers in Canada

Interest Rate
$5,000 - Unlimited
Starting at 2.4%
2 - 10 years
$5,000 - Unlimited
Starting at 2.5%
2 - 10 years
$750 and up
Starting at 6.5%
12 - 84 Months
$20,000 - $6.25 Million
Starting at 8.95%
36 - 48 Months
$2,500 - Unlimited
Starting at 3.9% - 34.9%
3 - 240 Months
$5,000 And Up
4.9% - 24.99%
18 - 84 Months
$8,000 - $10 Million
2.9% - 19.99%
12 - 96 months
3.99% - 19.99%
12 - 72 months
Starting at 2.49%
24 - 84 Months

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International Trucks: The Basics

International Trucks, its owners and subsidiaries, have been known by a few different names over the years – International Harvester, Navistar International, Case IH. Importantly though, the heavy-duty trucking arm is known consistently as International Trucks, and trucks have been manufactured under this name since 1902. The company is based in Illinois and produces trucks in multiple locations, including the U.S. and Canada, and distributes to a worldwide audience. International trucks currently account for 11% of the North American trucking market.


International Truck Types

International trucks are available in three major categories: medium-duty, heavy-duty and severe-duty. There are currently a few different series and model types that fall within these categories, and an almost endless combination of cab and engine choices:

Series Type Available Models Engine Options Cab Options
CV Medium-Duty CV515 International 6.6 Day Cab
Crew cab
Extended Cab
MV MV607
Cummins B6.7
Cummins L9
DuraStar 4300
Cummins B6.7
Cummins L9
LoneStar Heavy- Duty 132in BBC Cummins X15 Day Cab
Day Cab w/ Roof Fairing
56" Low Roof Sleeper
56" Hi-Rise Sleeper with Roof Fairing
56" Hi-Rise Sleeper
73" Hi-Rise Sleeper
73" Sky-Rise Sleeper
LT 125in BBC International A26
Cummins X15
RH 113in BBC International A26
ProStar 113in BBC
122in BBC
Cummins ISX15
HV Severe-Duty 107in BBC
113in BBC
International A26
Cummins L9
Cummins B6.7
Day Cab
Extended Cab
Crew Cab (no sleepers)
HX HX515
International A26
Cummins X15 15L
Day Cab
WorkStar 7300
Cummins B6.7
Cummins L9
Day Cab
Extended Cab
Crew Cab

Most Popular International Models

The broad range of International trucks means that different models can be found across many industries in Canada, from construction sites to oil fields. Here are a couple of the more common models:


The ProStar is a versatile, heavy-duty truck that can be adapted to long-haul, heavy-haul, tanker and local tasks. It offers improved aerodynamics and drivetrain optimization for better fuel efficiency, a heavy-duty frame for stability, a powerful engine, hydraulic clutch, and surprisingly good manoeuvrability given its size. There are four axle configurations to choose from, and integrated safety features. All of this combines to make ProStar an obvious choice for Canadian long-haul drivers, especially those hoping to save on fuel costs.

HX Series

There are four models in the severe-duty HX range, all of which are popular choices in Canada’s construction industry. The HX trucks are commonly used for general construction, heavy-haul, mixing, winching, craning and other similarly hard-wearing tasks, and with a sturdy build and enhanced maneuverability, they are adaptable to difficult or confined sites. There are three available transmissions, two engines (the Cummins X15 and the International A26), and four different configurations to choose from, with both set-forward and set-back axles available. This series also offers the industry’s only 3.5 million RBM 0.5in huck-bolted single rail frame.


Where to Buy International Trucks in Canada

International has nearly 1,000 dealers across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Brazil, and with so many official dealerships to choose from, finding one near you should not be a problem. You can find your nearest International dealer here. These official dealerships are often the best place to start when you’re looking for a new International truck, as they will stock the full range of models, engines and customizations.

Other dealerships may have International trucks available, although their stock will vary. And there are also online marketplaces where you can find both new and used International trucks for sale. These allow you to search multiple locations to find exactly what you need, which is especially useful if you have a specific model in mind.


What to Consider When Buying an International Truck

New vs. Used

International trucks are known for being on the cheaper end of the spectrum, so many might automatically opt for buying new as an ultimately more cost-effective route than pre-owned. But while it is true that new vehicles have generally lower ongoing maintenance costs, don’t discount the many bargains that can be found in the used market. The savings you can find here might offset the higher operational costs. Do your research, and calculate your maximum affordable outgoings for repairs and maintenance. This could be the deciding factor between a new vehicle that costs more upfront, but comes with a service plan, and an initially cheaper used vehicle.

Financing Options

When contemplating a new International truck for your business, cost is probably your primary concern. Most will need financing in place before completing their purchase. Some people rely on the dealer they are buying from to access financing, but there are other options. You can search online to find the most attractive financing rates, a lender that suits you, and even to get pre-approved for a loan. But whichever route you choose, make sure you factor in your complete financial situation before committing to any loan.


Special Features of International Trucks

One of International Truck’s primary selling points is its patented Diamond Logic technology, which equips operators with 200 safety and efficiency features and an onboard system that can be programmed by the driver to suit their particular needs. This system allows for onboard diagnostics, automated safety locks, automated headlights, intelligent adaptive safety measures for hazardous conditions, and more. No other major brand offers a customizable operating system of this kind.


International Trucks FAQs


How much does an International truck cost?

The cost of an International truck varies by model, type, engine, and so on. Obviously the higher spec trucks with more customizations will cost more. New vehicles in the HX series start from around $180,000. Long-haul models, for example those in the LT range, start at around $200,000. Used vehicles are also available, in both current models and out-of-production models, and these can be found for as little as $30,000 for 10+ year old trucks. A five year old ProStar can be found for around $50,000.


How can I get financing for an International truck?

Obtaining financing starts with finding a lender whose eligibility requirements you meet. Every lender will have different requirements, though in general they relate to financial position and credit score. Once you have found a lender, you must complete their required paperwork, submit it, and then wait to be approved for your loan. An alternative to this route is to pre-apply for loan approval online; this can mean you ensure approval and gain access to the best rates through online lenders, rather than relying solely on traditional brick-and-mortar institutions.


What engines do International trucks use?

International trucks offer engines from the International range and from Cummins. The current offerings are: International A26, International 6.6, Cummins L9, Cummins X15, and Cummins B6.7.


Where are International trucks made?

International trucks are made across the world, and the company has major operations in six different countries. Canada’s vehicles are manufactured in Burlington, Ontario.


Who owns International Trucks?

Navistar International Corporation owns and runs the International brands of trucks, engines and chassis. The company is headquartered in Illinois and employs 13,000 people worldwide.


Where can I get my International truck serviced?

A great place to get your International truck serviced is at your local authorized International dealership. Official dealers will have ready access to any parts you may need. They will also have International experts available to work on your truck. You may also find service options at other truck dealers and parts suppliers, though there might sometimes be a delay if a part needs ordering in.


What are the operational costs for an International truck?

Operational costs for most truck types are fairly uniform; the range is between $150,000 and $190,000 a year, for those truckers who cover 190,000km or more per year. The breakdown is as follows, shown as a share of per mile operating costs:
Vehicle-based expenses:

Driver-based expenses:

  • 33% – Driver Wages
  • 10% – Driver Benefits


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Types of International Truck Financing & Leasing offered:

  • Highway Trucks
  • Tow Trucks
  • Semi-trailer Trucks
  • Box Trucks
  • Flatbed Trucks
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Light Duty Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Concrete Transport Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Flat Bed Trailers
  • Dry Van and Enclosed Trailers
  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Reefer Trailers
  • Lowboy Trailers
  • Step Deck Trailers
  • RGN Trailers
  • Conestoga Trailers
  • Side Kit Trailers
  • Specialized Trailers

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