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Truck drivers are in constant demand across Canada, and for those hoping to enter this market, or to increase their capacity, purchasing a new truck is of primary concern. There are quite a few truck brands to choose from and Mack Trucks is one of the largest and most popular, offering a broad range of Class 8 vehicles.

Unfortunately, buying a new truck is not cheap – most people need financing. That’s where we can help. At Smarter Loans, we work with local Mack dealers and the country’s top truck financing companies to help you find the truck you need, and finance it. Take a look at our list of lenders below who specialize in truck financing. Choose your preferred truck; Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo, Freightliner, International, or Kenworth. You can browse their rates and reviews, and even apply with them straight away if you wish, by clicking the “Apply Now” button. 

Alternatively, a home equity loan would help secure your preferred truck. Choosing the right lender for your circumstances, you can apply for loan pre-approval through us. Our experts will assess your situation and connect you with a dealer and a lender suited to your needs. We can free up your time, so you can focus on expanding your trucking business, rather than on tedious paperwork!

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$5,000 - Unlimited
Starting at 2.4%
2 - 10 years
$5,000 - Unlimited
Starting at 2.5%
2 - 10 years
$750 and up
Starting at 6.5%
12 - 84 Months
$20,000 - $6.25 Million
Starting at 8.95%
36 - 48 Months
$2,500 - Unlimited
Starting at 3.9% - 34.9%
3 - 240 Months
$5,000 And Up
4.9% - 24.99%
18 - 84 Months
$8,000 - $10 Million
2.9% - 19.99%
12 - 96 months
3.99% - 19.99%
12 - 72 months

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Mack Trucks: The Basics

Mack Trucks is an American company founded in 1900 and with a long history of manufacturing trucks, trolleys, buses and military vehicles. Mack was purchased by Volvo in 2000, but is still run as a separate entity. Headquartered in North Carolina, all of the current models are entirely manufactured in the States. A Canadian assembly plant, located in Oakville, Ontario, ran for almost 30 years before closing down in the 90s. There are seven series now in production, and these trucks focus on the heavy-duty and construction portions of the truck market.


Mack Truck Types

Mack’s available trucks have a variety of engine, cab and axle configurations to choose from, and some series offer multiple different models. The possible combinations are many, so let’s take an overview of what’s on offer:

Series Class Cab Configurations Engines Torque
Granite MHD Class 7 or 8 Day Cab Cummins L9 1150
Granite Class 8 Day Cab
36in Sleeper
Pinnacle Class 8 Day Cab
48in Flat-Top Sleeper
70in Stand Up Sleeper
MP8 1560-1860
Mack Anthem Class 8 Day Cab
48in Flat-Top Sleeper
70in Stand Up Sleeper
Cummins ISX12N
LR Class 8 Multiple Door Designs
Multiple Driver Configurations
Cummins Westport L9N Natural Gas
TerraPro Class 8 Day Cab MP7
Cummins Westport L9N Natural Gas
MD Series Models:
MD6 Low MD7
(8 wheelbase options in total)
Day Cab Cummins B6.7 560-660

Other regional markets offer other models, in addition to and sometimes instead of those listed above.


Most Popular Mack Models

Mack Trucks sold nearly 24,000 heavy-trucks worldwide in 2018, and of these, there are several particularly popular models:


The Mack Granite truck is the single best-selling heavy-duty conventional truck in the U.S., and it’s similarly popular north of the border. A staple of construction sites, this versatile and rugged vehicle can be adapted to a range of tasks, including dumping, mixing, plowing, logging, heavy-hauling, refuse collection, and can even be used as a semi-tractor. It boasts axle-forward and axle-back configurations, a tight turning circle, enhanced visibility, and proprietary safety and maneuvering technologies, all of which enable the truck to safely work in any conditions or on any terrain. Although a sleeper cab option is available, this is much more commonly seen with a daycab, as this truck is most often used for short-haul vocational purposes. The Granite’s sister truck, the Granite MHD, is also popular, as a lighter-duty version of the same.

Pinnacle & Anthem

The Pinnacle and Anthem are both options from Mack’s highway series, and both Class 8, fuel-efficient semi-tractors. The Pinnacle used to be offered in both set-forward and set-back configurations, but now is only available in the former; the set-back configuration is now sold separately as the Anthem. Both vehicles have the same cab options, and similar capacity, although the Anthem has more engine choice than its older brother. Both are popular as conventional long-hood, long-haul, on-highway trucks, reputed for their reliability and driver comfort. They are common among Canada’s larger transportation companies, where long-term durability is of key importance.


Where to Buy Mack Trucks in Canada

An official dealership is the best place to start when looking for a new Mack truck, as they will have the full range of models, engines and customizations available. However, the opportunity to visit an official Mack dealership depends on where you live in Canada; for example, there are only three official dealers in Quebec, but over a dozen in Ontario. You can see if there is a dealer near you by searching here.

If you’re unable to find a local Mack dealer, there may be other local companies with Mack trucks available for you to purchase. Truck dealers of all types can sell Macks, but you’ll probably need to call around to see what’s in stock. You can also search online; online marketplaces will allow you to search both locally and nationally, at official and unofficial dealerships, and assess the used market, so you have a better chance of finding the Mack truck you need.


What to Consider When Buying a Mack Truck

New vs. Used

Mack trucks are known for their reliability, so it’s no surprise that the used market has some solid options for savvy consumers to consider. Just remember when you’re crunching your numbers that used trucks may be cheaper at the outset, but their ongoing maintenance costs will be higher. Balance the initial costs with expected operational costs to properly assess whether new or used is the best option for you. You can assess your expected running costs using Mack’s “Know Your Costs” tool, here.

Financing Options

When searching for a new Mack truck, cost is going to be a factor. These commercial vehicles are rarely cheap! Financing is probably on your radar as the best way to afford a vehicle, regardless of whether you’re buying new or used. Many people rely on the dealer they are buying from to access financing, but you do have other options. Online lenders are increasingly common in truck purchases, and you can search for an appropriate lender and rate online, from home, before you step foot in a dealership. You can even get pre-approved for a truck loan. This is a handy option for those hoping to save money via more competitive loan terms; but however you access financing, remember to factor in your full financial situation before signing a loan, to ensure you can afford it.


Special Features of Mack Trucks

Mack Trucks offers its customers access to some proprietary technologies and features, not found with other brands. This includes:

  • Mack Connect, which offers:
    • Predictive analytics and intelligent maintenance solutions
    • Driver assist technology
    • Fleet management systems
    • Onboard fuel management technology
  • Mack integrated powertrain technology
  • Mack Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems
  • Mack Command Steer
  • Bendix Wingman Fusion 2.0
  • Sears Seating



Mack Truck FAQs


How much does a Mack truck cost?

The cost of a Mack truck will depend on the type, size, and level of specification. Base models of the Granite start at around $215,000. On-highway models, like the Pinnacle, can be purchased new from around $190,000. The more customization a vehicle has, the higher the cost will be. Used vehicles are considerably cheaper; a one year old Anthem can be found for $145,000, and older models can range from as low as $30,000. Exact pricing does depend on age, condition and model type.


How can I get financing for a Mack truck?

Getting financing starts with finding a lender. Every lender will have different eligibility requirements for borrowers to meet, which relate to financial position and credit score. Once you have found a lender with whom you qualify, you must complete their required paperwork, and wait to be approved. Many people follow this process through the lender(s) recommended by their truck dealer, but an alternative is to get a loan online. You can search lenders’ eligibility requirements and rates online, choose one that suits your needs and budget, and then apply, all completely online.


What engines do Mack trucks use?

Mack trucks offer a few different engines, from their own range and from Cummins. These include: Cummins L9, Cummins Westport L9N Natural Gas, Cummins B6.7, Cummins ISX12N,
MP7, MP8, and MP8TC.


Where are Mack trucks made?

Mack trucks are made in Pennsylvania and Virginia, and the powertrain units are all manufactured in Maryland. Sometimes assembly is outside of the U.S., but all of the vehicles are U.S.-made.


Who owns Mack Trucks?

Mack Trucks was established as an independent company, but is now owned by AB Volvo.


Where can I get my Mack truck serviced?

The best place to get your Mack truck serviced is at your local authorized dealership or affiliate. Official dealers have access to all official parts and service plans. However, if you’re not close to an official dealership, other truck dealers and part suppliers will also be able to help you, although they may have to order parts in. Call around your area to find out who has expertise with this brand.


What are the operational costs for a Mack truck?

Operational costs for most truck types are fairly uniform; the range is between $150,000 and $190,000 a year, for those truckers who cover 190,000km or more per year. The breakdown is as follows, shown as a share of per mile operating costs:
Vehicle-based expenses:

Driver-based expenses:

  • 33% – Driver Wages
  • 10% – Driver Benefits


Useful Resources

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Types of Mack Truck Financing & Leasing offered:

  • Highway Trucks
  • Tow Trucks
  • Semi-trailer Trucks
  • Box Trucks
  • Flatbed Trucks
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Light Duty Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Concrete Transport Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Flat Bed Trailers
  • Dry Van and Enclosed Trailers
  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Reefer Trailers
  • Lowboy Trailers
  • Step Deck Trailers
  • RGN Trailers
  • Conestoga Trailers
  • Side Kit Trailers
  • Specialized Trailers

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