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London, home to the University of Western Ontario, is also home to citizens that are looking to expand their lives. As the work place for so many individuals looking to take their next steps in life, there are a few options for financing around the city. London offers everything from business loans to personal loans. At Smarter Loans, we understand that if you’re looking to apply for financing, you want to work with a well-reviewed and trustworthy lending institution on terms that suit your needs. One of the most common loan solutions in London is the traditional loan, from one of the various lenders around the city. But traditional loans aren’t always the best option. With a traditional loan in London, the approval process tends to be long and complicated. Even if you are offered approval, receiving the funds for a traditional loan usually takes weeks. But there are better, more convenient solutions to explore in London

Nowadays, there are several firms offering online installment loans in London that will likely be better for your situation. These loans offer interest rates and payment terms that are easier to work with in a wider variety of situations, and consistently offer access to the borrowed funds in a matter of hours. An online loan in London offers fast and easy approval, taking away a lot of the stress associated with loan applications. To apply for the best online loan for your circumstances, it’s important to find a lender with a great reputation and the right terms for you. This is where Smarter Loans can help. Check out our comprehensive list of loan providers in London and see what each firm is currently offering. You can fill out an application on their profile pages, or submit a form here to let us help connect you with the best provider for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Loans in London

Do I qualify for a loan in London?

If you live in the Forest City and need a loan, there are some simple requirements you must meet:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old
  2. You must have proof of address showing your residency in Ontario
  3. You must have an active bank account

If the above describes you, then you’ve passed the most basic hurdles in qualifying for a loan. Now you must meet your chosen lender’s specific eligibility requirements. Every lender is different; some only work with “standard” borrowers, who need to pass a credit check and show proof of income, while others are able to work with borrowers in other situations, such as with bad credit or low/no income. To understand who will work with you, you must know your credit score, income level, and amount of existing debt.

Where can I get a loan from in London?

London’s 400,000 or so residents have a few options when it comes to finding a loan. This includes:

  • Banks & credit unions
  • Auto loan providers
  • Payday lenders
  • Online lenders
  • Vehicle or equipment specialists
  • No credit check lenders
  • Bad credit loan providers
  • Other financial service companies

Some borrowers may be able to access public loans, such as student loans, small business loans or entrepreneur loans. Check to see if you qualify for any of these programs on federal, provincial and local government websites.

What kind of loan can I get in London?

Londoners need financing for all sorts of reasons, and depending on their need, different loans are better suited than others. If you need a quick injection of cash to help manage general short to medium term expenses, then you might consider a:

  • Personal loan
  • Credit card
  • Home equity line of credit
  • Payday loan
  • Installment loan
  • Same day loan
  • Title loan
  • Debt consolidation loan

If you’re making a specific purchase, then you might be better off looking for one of the following:

  • Mortgage
  • Auto loan
  • Boat loan
  • Truck/trailer loan

Also available are a range of business loans:

  • General commercial loans
  • Invoice loans
  • Equipment loans
  • Inventory loans
  • Working capital loans
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Expansion loans
  • Marketing loans

All of the above range in cost, processing time, and eligibility requirements, so be clear about what you need, why you need it, and how quickly you need it.

How do I choose the right London loan company for me?

Choosing the right loan company starts with understanding what type of loan you need. Not every lender offers every type of loan! So step one is finding a London loan provider who offers a product that suits you. Step two is understanding your personal financial situation – your credit score, your income, your collateral, and your other debts. These factor into which companies will work with you, so narrow down your list of possibilities by comparing their requirements against your position. Now you have a list of London loan providers who can offer you what you need, and who will work with you. Step three is finalizing your choice: compare each company’s rates, terms, timeframes and reviews to find a reputable company with an affordable product that suits you.

What’s the best interest rate I can get on a loan in London?

Interest rates on loans vary according to the loan type, size, term, downpayment, and the borrower’s financial profile. In general, the best rates are reserved for those with excellent credit and high income. London’s median income is $84,000, so many in the city will qualify for competitive interest rates. Those with poor credit, a bankruptcy in their past, or no income will have to pay more for a loan.

Here’s a quick breakdown of typical rates on the most popular type of loans:

  1. Mortgages tend to have quite low rates, ranging from 2-5%, with an average of 3%.
  2. Personal loans have higher rates: the average is 9.5%, but can range from as low as 4.5% to as high as 50%.
  3. Bad credit loans have high rates, averaging 20%.
  4. Auto loans have very variable rates, ranging from 0% on new vehicles (for those with excellent credit) to as much as 30%.

This range in possible rates is why it is important to find the most suitable loan type for your need.

Can I get a loan in London if I have bad credit?

Londoners with bad credit can access financing, but they won’t be able to do so via a bank or credit union. These traditional institutions only work with borrowers with a credit score of above 600; the nationwide average is a score of 650. So if you have a score of less than 600, you’re going to need to talk to one of the many alternative lenders who work with bad credit borrowers. These alternative lenders may simply have more flexible prerequisites, or they may be dedicated companies who solely work with borrowers with low credit scores. Just bear in mind that bad credit loans cost more than standard loans.

Can I get a loan in London if I’m unemployed?

Unemployment is tough at the best of times, and for the 12% of unemployed Londoners, access to affordable financing is yet another financial hurdle to clear. Traditional lenders like banks and credit unions usually won’t work with borrowers who have no income at all; sometimes they won’t even work with borrowers who are self-employed or have unusual streams of income. However, alternative lenders are more flexible, and there are some who will work with you even if you have no source of income. They usually require some collateral, charge a higher interest rate, or have other conditions to help offset their risk.

How do I get a business loan in London?

London’s unique position on the corridor between Toronto and Detroit makes it a hub for many industries. The city is home to a thriving business community, and local companies have multiple options when it comes to financing. The most common choice is a commercial loan. These are easily accessible for businesses that can show:

  1. A business history lasting at least two years
  2. A business plan
  3. Proof of revenues, profitability, and projected future revenues (or other proof you will be able to repay the loan)
  4. Collateral (for property, equipment, invoice and vehicle loans)
  5. Credit history for the business and the business’s owners

But if your business does not meet these requirements, don’t despair – a loan may still be possible. Alternative lenders with more flexibility are probably better placed to help you when it comes to startup loans, bad credit business loans, and other niche loan types. Or, you may be eligible to receive financial aid from the federal, provincial and local government. These public programs tend to be geared towards new ventures, small businesses and minority-led businesses, but are worth checking out just in case you qualify and can get a deal.

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