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Kubota was the pioneer of the sub-compact tractor. Today Kubota tractors remain a top choice for Ontario’s agricultural production, which makes up about one-quarter of the province’s annual gross revenues. Whether they raise livestock, grain, or another crop, Ontario’s farms rely on the intelligent design and efficiency of Kubota equipment to keep powering their harvests. If you’re searching for Kubota equipment for sale in Ontario, Smarter Loans can help by connecting you with a local Kubota dealer and then help you find a trusted loan provider to make the purchase.

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Top Kubota Equipment Purchase & Financing in Ontario Providers in Canada

Interest Rate
12 - 120 Months
$5,000 - $500,000
4 - 12 months
$15,000 - $1 Million
Starting at 8%
3 - 24 Months
$5,000 - Unlimited
Starting at 2.5%
2 - 10 years
$5,000 - $500,000
Starting at 7.99%
6 - 24 Months
$5,000 - $50M
Starting at 7%
5 - 96 months
$2,500 - Unlimited
Starting at 3.9% - 34.9%
3 - 240 Months

Kubota Drives Ontario Agricultural Production


Kubota tractors are at the forefront of farms of all sizes in Ontario. The province grows more than 90% of Canada’s tobacco and soybeans and over half of the corn. Ontario also produces vegetables and livestock, such as pigs, sheep, turkeys, and chickens. Of the total landmass in Ontario, more than 12 million acres are devoted to agricultural production. The province also boasts the largest output of grapes, apples, peaches, plums, and sour cherries in the country.

Farming is Ontario’s lifeblood and a significant contributor to provincial annual revenues. Ontario accounts for about 25% of all of Canada’s more than 200,000 farms. From large factory farming on hundreds of acres to small boutique organic farms catering to the specialty market, Ontario is peppered with hundreds of big and small crop producers. There are more than 700 organic farms in the region alone and hundreds of nursery producers as well.

In many of these agricultural businesses of all sizes, you’ll see the distinctive orange of the Kubota tractor line. These tough machines can take on anything the Ontario farmer needs, whether it’s nursery work, moving hay for livestock, or any other agricultural project. From the subcompact to compact to the largest M7 Series designed for massive agricultural production, Kubota tractors are built to last.

Kubota equipment is known for its ease of operation, reliability, and power. It’s no wonder Kubota is the preferred line of equipment for so many Ontario agricultural endeavors. There are Kubota dealers in Ontario standing by to help you get started and Kubota equipment financing in Ontario to help you make your purchase.

Most Common Questions About Kubota Equipment in Ontario

What’s the best Kubota tractor for my small Ontario farm?

Even small farms have big jobs to handle. That’s why Ontario farmers choose the Kubota L Series. One of the best sellers in that line is the Standard L01. The Kubota L01 tractor is exceptionally comfortable to operate, has heavy-duty construction, and offers a variety of implements and attachments suitable for any job on your farm. Front-loaders, rotary tillers, mowers, cutters, post hole diggers, and much more are available to customize your L01 tractor—and that’s probably what makes the series so popular.


What is the price of a Kubota tractor in Ontario?

New Kubota tractors range in price depending on the horsepower, size, and specifications of the equipment. For example, the Kubota BX Compact Tractor line starts around $12,000 but at the high end the rugged Kubota L6060 is closer to $60,000. See your Kubota Ontario dealer to find out what’s right for you.


How much horsepower do Kubota machines offer?

Kubota specializes in the compact tractor line ranging from 20.9 to 62.0 horsepower, these tractors come in 2WD and 4WD, and pack a big bang for your buck. But there is also the M7 agricultural tractor line ranging from 100 to 140 horsepower.

Finding Kubota dealers in Ontario isn’t hard. Smarter Loans can help you find Kubota equipment for sale in the region at a professional dealership near you. We can also help you connect to a trusted loan provider so you can get the financing necessary to make your Kubota dream a reality.

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Types of Kubota Equipment Purchase & Financing in Ontario offered:

  • Mowers
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Tractors
  • Mini Excavators
  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Compact Track Loaders
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Track Carriers
  • Backhoes
  • K-haul Trailers
  • Round Balers
  • Field Cultivators
  • Disc Harrows
  • Box Scrapers
  • Bale Spears
  • Rakes
  • Brush Cutters

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