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Payday loans are commonly used as a short term cash boost to be paid off by the next paycheque. If your air conditioning broke down or your car’s making a funny sound, a payday loan is likely one of the solutions you’ve considered. Payday loans in Regina tend to have short term payment periods of about two weeks—or until you receive your next paycheque—and come attached with high interest rates. Though these loans may seem like the likely solution, a payday loan can be dangerous if not paid off quickly. Using a system of ‘renewals’ to make money off of the loan, payday loan lenders can force the borrower into a financial hole if the loan isn’t paid off in the agreed upon period. However, the market for loans is constantly changing as e-commerce becomes more prominent in finance. Nowadays it is easier to get approved for an online loan in Regina than the traditional alternative, and the borrower will have access to their funds in a matter of hours. If you’re looking to apply online for a small loan, there are a number of providers in Regina that might work for you. But applying for a fast loan online doesn’t have to mean spending hours screening results on a search engine. At Smarter Loans, we know that you want to get approved quickly and receive money from a reputable institution. Take a look at our pre-vetted list of providers in Regina, and check out what they’re offering. You can apply from their profile pages or fill out an application right here on Smarter Loans, and we’ll help connect you with the right institution.



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Company Expert Approved Amount Interest Rate Customer Reviews Terms
$100 - $1,500 Varies
Up to 2 months Apply now

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