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As the third largest city in British Columbia, Burnaby is home to people of almost every interest and career choice. As emergencies and unexpected bills happen to everyone, no matter their stage in life, there is a variety of payday loans in Burnaby. However, the commonness of payday loans in Brampton doesn’t mean that these loans are the best solution for everyone. Payday loans come with soaring interest rates that can easily cause a financial burden on the borrower’s wallet. At Smarter Loans we know that if you are looking for a payday loan in Brampton, you need to work with a firm that has a strong background and high reviews. But a payday loan isn’t your only solution to short term money problems, even if your credit score isn’t the best. One of the best alternative options to a payday loan in Burnaby is the online installment loan.

These loans offer you access to funds in a matter of hours, so you don’t have a stressful waiting period. Getting approved for an online loan in Burnaby is also an incredibly simple process, usually offering an application that takes only a few minutes to complete. Online loans also offer the borrower much lower interest rates than payday loans with longer payment terms, making paying off the loan far more manageable. If you’re looking for an online loan in Burnaby, Smarter Loans can help. Take a look at our comprehensive list of high quality lending institutions in Burnaby below, and find a firm that is offering terms to suit your needs. You can fill out an application directly from each lenders site, or let Smarter Loans help connect you with the right lender by submitting a form here.

Burnaby Statistics Bulletin

  • Burnaby’s primary hiring industries are professional, scientific and technical services, health care and social assistance, accommodation and food services.
  • An average resident of Burnaby is leveraged by an estimated $38,500 in consumer debt.
  • Employment rate: 60%.
  • As per the latest independent research, an average employment income per month in Burnaby is $42,000.
  • According to the latest data, Burnaby has 57,200 listed homeowners .
This data was researched in 2019 and uses various information resources, including Canada’s National Statistics Agency, etc., where the information can be as of an older date. The facts above may change as new information becomes available. We do our best to keep the information up to date.

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Payday Loans are commonly utilized for the following purposes

  • get approved right away, even with bad credit
  • get cash the same day with no credit check
  • help you even if you couldn't get a bank loan and need cash fast
  • pay for an urgent, overdue bill
  • pay for an emergency medical or auto expense

to name but a few.

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