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Kelowna is the central city in British Columbia’s Okanagan region. The rich agricultural region is known for its fruit farms and its thriving viticulture industry, with both wine growing and wine tourism as a focus in the area. According to Trade and Invest BC, “key growth industries for the Valley include information and high technology, film, viticulture, and wine production as well as aviation and health care.” Farmers, manufacturers, and the construction industry all rely on John Deere equipment to power businesses in Kelowna.

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Top John Deere Equipment Purchase & Financing in Kelowna Providers in Canada

Interest Rate
$5,000 - Unlimited
Starting at 2.5%
2 - 10 years
$750 and up
3.7% - 35%
12 - 84 Months
$20,000 - $6.25 Million
Starting at 8.95%
36 - 48 Months
$2,500 - Unlimited
Starting at 3.9% - 34.9%
3 - 240 Months
$5,000 And Up
4.9% - 24.99%
18 - 84 Months
Starting at 2.49%
24 - 84 Months
$8,000 - $10 Million
2.9% - 19.99%
12 - 96 months

Kelowna’s Agriculture Industry

Kelowna is proud of its diverse and resilient agricultural base. The Kelowna Council has endorsed a new agricultural plant to provide support for the 55% of the land base in the region that is currently zoned as agricultural. The Okanagan has long been a hub for BC agriculture, and for decades, it was known as the centre of the fruit industry in British Columbia. This was accompanied in recent years by an equally-robust wine industry. After a strong foundation in tree fruits, the region’s apple production fell and has now started to revive as demand for Okanagan wine levels off. Farmers in the Kelowna region require:


  • John Deere combines and John Deere tractors to harvest and haul food.
  • Forklifts to carry and lift materials on work sites.
  • John Deere excavators to move a wide variety of items such as feed, dirt, snow, and sand.
  • Skid-steer loaders for projects in tight spaces.

The Manufacturing Business In Kelowna

Kelowna isn’t just focused on fruit and wine production, however. Leading employers include businesses such as Kelowna Flightcraft, Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing, and numerous food product manufacturing businesses. These companies are part of the diverse Kelowna economy that is not only based on value-added production and tourism related to fruit and wine but is also focused on creating valuable products in the information and technology industries. Manufacturing in Kelowna relies on equipment such as forklifts and John Deere excavators to move both raw materials and the finished products.

Kelowna’s Construction Business is Booming

In Kelowna, the construction industry can hardly keep up with demand, both in terms of business and housing starts. In fact, the limiting factor on Kelowna’s industry is the need for more construction workers. According to the City of Kelowna, “Kelowna’s population is projected to grow at an annual rate of 1.51% through to 2030. That growth rate would translate into 45,485 new residents.” The construction industry in Kelowna has a need for a wide variety of John Deere equipment, such as excavators, backhoes, and loaders for trenching and moving materials.

Commonly Asked Questions About John Deere Equipment in Kelowna, BC:

Should I buy used John Deere equipment in Kelowna, British Columbia?

If you want to purchase John Deere equipment, but are on a tight budget, John Deere has Certified Used machines available. Your John Deere dealership thoroughly inspects these pre-owned heavy tools and they even offer warranty options to ensure the reliability of the equipment you purchase.


How much is a small John Deere tractor in Kelowna, British Columbia?

Whether you’re looking for a John Deere tractor, an excavator, or other equipment, there is a “build your equipment” feature on the John Deere website can help give you a general estimate of what your equipment will cost. For instance, tractor models range from $10,000 to $30,000, and it is possible to get financing to afford the model that you require. However, it is also important to connect with your local John Deere dealerships to inquire about any offers or specials that they may have available.

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Types of John Deere Equipment Purchase & Financing in Kelowna offered:

  • Tractors
  • Loaders
  • Cutters & Shredders
  • Harvesting Equipment
  • Hay & Forage Equipment
  • Planting Equipment
  • Seeding Equipment
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Backhoes
  • Dozers
  • Excavators
  • Skid Steers
  • Motor Graders
  • Commercial Mowers
  • Worksite Equipment
  • Tracked Feller Bunchers
  • Forwarders
  • Harvesters
  • Aeration Equipment
  • Turf Sprayers

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