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Must-Have Digital Tools For Restaurants 2020 | Interview with Nōwn POS

The Food and Hospitality industry is going through a rapid digital transformation. This video is essential for existing restaurant owners as well as any aspiring entrepreneur who wants to learn how to equip their establishment for future success.


We’ve interviewed the director of business development, Ayham Aldajane, the Director of Business Development at Nōwn, which is an innovative Point of Sale solution for the food and hospitality industry.


The topics discussed are:

– What is currently happening in the food and hospitality industry
– How are restaurant owners adapting to the current world events
– How to properly execute a business model around takeout and delivery
– Must-have digital tools for every restaurant


For more information, visit the Nōwn POS profile on Smarter Loans.

Vlad Sherbatov

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