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Merchant Growth | Interview with David Gens – Business Funding for Success

David Gens is the President & CEO at Merchant Growth, an alternative lending provider specializing in small businesses. In this interview, we talk about important things business owners need to keep in mind when looking for business financing, things to avoid and general trends we’ve noticed in the industry.

Video Contents:

00:00 – Intro

01:25 – David’s Entrepreneurial Journey & Inspiration for Merchant Growth

03:27 – Merchant Growth’s Mission

05:04 – How Do Financing Options Work?

06:12 – Merchant Opportunities Fund

07:45 – Reasons to Take On A Business Loan

09:39 – Things to Keep In Mind when Getting A Loan

10:57 – Things to Keep In Mind For Getting Qualified

12:06 – Things to Avoid

13:51 – Changes In The Industry In The Last 5 Years

16:11 – Did Demand For Capital Go Up?

16:49 – Challenges Business Owners Experience & How to Overcome Them

17:59 – Can The Borrower Experience Be Improved?

19:24 – Trends in U.S. & Canada

20:40 – Advice For New Entrepreneurs


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