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deBanked Toronto 2019

On July 25th 2019, deBanked hosted an event in Toronto dedicated to alternative financing for businesses. Filled with great speakers and industry players, the deBanked event brought together various industry leaders that are advancing the lending industry forward in Canada.


Quotes from the video:


Sean Murray, deBanked: 

DeBanked is the trade publication, we were founded in 2010 and we cover the wide, wonderful world of non-bank finance. Today is culmination of all the innovation that’s taking place in Canada more so on the small business finance side of things. We have a variety of speakers here today lined up; we have people on the sales and marketing world including Vlad Sherbatov from Smarter Loans.


Vlad Sherbatov, Smarter Loans:

I’m here to talk about sales and marketing specifically online marketing. We’re going to talk about how to get more customers online, how to lower acquisition cost and also do it at scale. A couple of years ago when we got started there wasn’t much conversation happening about alternative lending or business financing in Canada and it’s amazing now to see two years later that there is a significant event being hosted by deBanked right here in our hometown.


Christophe Choquart, IOU Financial:

deBanked is definitely a platform that’s been a big advocate of online alternative funding industry since the beginning and this creates the trust for the small business owners to really embrace that funding, which is still pretty hard to understand for anyone who doesn’t really know where to get funding for their business.


Paul Pitcher, SharpShooter Funding:

deBanked is now the biggest and pretty much the only publication that offers online and print material when it comes to small business funding programs companies and the whole community. It’s a great service and publication that Sean Murray puts together. What I do for a living is connect with small business owners all across the US and Canada and it’s nice to be around people that are trying to achieve the same goals and also trying to help you grow.


Rafael Rositsan, Smarter Loans:

We definitely need some more awareness about some of the great companies and financial products that are available in Canada so what we do at Smarter Loans is really try to raise that awareness and bring it to the end consumers – the Canadians that are going to be using these products.


Sean Murray, deBanked, with closing remarks:

What deBanked ultimately tries to do is connect, that’s why we call it “Connect” and so we’re trying to bring different people together who maybe work together or know of each other but have not had the opportunity to meet but at the same time also give them the opportunity to learn and feel inspired.

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