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Restaurants Canada Show 2020

Highlights from the Restaurants Canada Show 2020, including exclusive interviews with industry experts about the following subjects:


1. “Keys to Restaurant Marketing” with Michael Roman from Food Algorithm. Michael speaks about the importance of consistency in your marketing efforts and provides specific tactics to follow. (starts at 1:35)


2. “Buying and Financing Restaurant Equipment” with Mike Yablon from Econolease. (starts at 2:42). Mike discusses several key questions that are common among restaurant owners.

  1. Should I buy NEW or USED equipment?
  2. How much financing do I need?
  3. Key questions to ask when buying equipment for a restaurant


3. “How New Point-Of-Sale (POS) Systems are Helping Delight Customers and Increase Revenue” with Ayaham Aldajane from Nōwn. Ayaham talks about the importance of making people feel special and how a modern POS system can help you do that.


Pizza Break at 4:50 hosted by Italiana FoodTech. Thank you so much!


Footage filmed at the Restaurants Canada Show on March 2nd, 2020.

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