CHIP Home Income Plan

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If you’re like many other 55+ Canadians, much of what you own fits into two categories – the equity in your home and the money you’ve saved. Chances are, the value of your home has grown over the years and makes up a good portion of your net worth. While having a home that has built value is a positive, you typically can’t spend that value unless you sell it. And that’s something many homeowners simply do no want to do. That’s where CHIP comes in. A CHIP Reverse Mortgage lets you change the home equity and savings balance by turning some of your equity into cash. Unlike many mortgage-based financial products, you’re not obligated to make any payments until you choose to move or sell.

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CHIP Home Income Plan Reviews

Avg. Rating: 5.0 (1 review)
CHIP saved us!

We are extremely blessed to have come across the CHIP reverse mortgage. It has not only relieved our anxiety but also gave us peace of mind during a tough time.


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